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Sully Erna On Criss Angel’s Mindfreak

SABIAN artist, and Godsmack frontman Sully Erna contacted SABIAN late last year about a favor for his friend, magician Criss Angel. Like Sully, Criss is a drummer with talents beyond the skins. Criss was talking about a new kit and Sully knew that it would have to be unique and mindblowing. He offered to look into it for Criss using his contacts at Yamaha, Vic Firth, Toca and SABIAN. SABIAN applied some custom graphics to the cymbals using Criss’ logo. Each instrument on the kit has some custom quality and an incredible paint job on the bass drum head. Sully surprised Criss for his birthday with the kit during an episode of Criss Angel Mindfreak which will air in season 4 this summer on A&E.Criss commented, “I’m in love with the drum kit and all of the elements that make it me. Sully is an amazing person whose friendship shows no boundries. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”"Criss Angel Mindfreak" is on the A&E Network. Each episode captivates audiences with several extraordinary elements: reality, focusing on Angel’s street demonstrations and the way people are mentally affected; surreality, a look into Angel’s mind’s eye as he contemplates his upcoming feats; and behind-the-scene glimpses-a candid and captivating look into Criss’ secret world and the trials and tribulations Criss and his team face from the moment he conceives of impossible, death-defying stunts to the actual performances of those stunts. Check your local listings for Criss Angel Mindfreak airtimes.www.GODSMACK.comhttp://www.aetv.com/criss_angel/


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