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The Big Gig: Big-picture Thinking For Success

Zoro Takes Readers From Stage To Page, On An Inspirational Journey of Achievement

Internationally renowned rock musician Zoro transports fame from the stage onto the page in his highly anticipated, just-released book The Big Gig: Big-Picture Thinking for Success. This one-of-a-kind insider’s guide to vocational, personal and spiritual aspects of achievement is now available from Alfred Publications to readers worldwide.

The Big Gig is written from the unique perspective of Zoro’s 30-plus-year career sitting on the drummer’s throne commanding some of the most famous stages in the world of rock and R&B music. Zoro’s touring and recording top-hits list charts super power Lenny Kravitz to the incomparable Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons to the legendary New Edition, along with countless other world-renowned acts.

Channeling music industry savvy and his years of experience at the top of his profession, Zoro artfully offers readers of The Big Gig keys to purposeful living, keeping it real and following your vision without losing yourself. As an on-trend bonus, every chapter in the 440-page book includes a video interview with Zoro, accessible via QR code (traditional web URLs are also provided). As an added interactive incentive, readers can assess themselves with The Big Gig Quiz, a 50-question test to help determine if they have what it takes to score their own big gig.

Follow this link http://4wrd.it/A.BG7 to view the QR code interview with Zoro on The Art of Interpretation: Mastering The Language of Music (Chapter 7).

The Big Gig isn’t limited to those pursuing a career in music. Yes, it provides an intriguing and comprehensive method for independent musicians who want to break into the highly competitive music industry. But of even wider-scale importance, The Big Gig is a metaphor for the big picture of life. Throughout the book’s 22 chapters, it’s obvious the man known as the Minister of Groove is richly gifted as a motivational life coach on the subject of success.

Zoro is prolific in his passion for his craft. He previously authored the No. 1 award-winning and best-selling book and DVD package The Commandments of R&B Drumming (with The Commandments of R&B Drumming Play Along Book and CD). His third book, The Commandments of Early Rhythm & Blues, is another award-gathering musicians’ manual.

According to masters of the music business, Zoro has earned the credibility to inspire readers to aspire higher.

Grammy-winning recording artist Lenny Kravitz writes in his foreword to The Big Gig: “Zoro’s heart, discipline and passion are what propelled him to greatness. … His music and life lessons are about using your God-given talents to the maximum.”

Multi-award winning producer and music icon Quincy Jones says of the book: “The Big Gig is a blueprint for a successful life. You will be inspired beyond your imagination!”

And Davey Johnstone, musical director and guitarist for Elton John, weighs in: “Because of his success and longevity as a player, author, educator, clinician and motivational speaker, Zoro is the only one I can think of who is legitimately qualified to cover the broad scope of this book with total authority. Zoro does an extraordinary job of merging the art of performing with the art of commerce and gives a blueprint for connecting heart, soul, mind and body to your craft and life’s purpose.”

View Zoro’s welcome to the book on this video trailer:

The Big Gig: Big-Picture Thinking for Success (00-37750) is now available for $19.99 at select U.S. booksellers and music retailers. Personalized autographed copies are available at


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