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The Revolver Golden Gods Awards

The Revolver Golden Gods Awards took place in downtown Los Angeles on April 8t at Club Nokia. Organized to showcase all things metal this year brought out the stars and featured performances by SABIAN artists Brent Fitz who recently joined Slash’s new band and Gene Hoglan with Fear Factory for their first appearance in LA. The event was taped to be televised on VH1 Classic on May 22nd. Congratulations to Sean Kinney and Alice In Chains for winning the Album Of The Year award for Black Gives Way To Blue and another for Comeback Of The Year. The Best Drummer award was presented by Vinnie Paul to the family of our friend Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan who tragically passed away just last December.

SABIAN’s Chris Stankee was at the event and says, “It was great to hang out with Brent Fitz before the show and try out some new custom sized 15” Paragon hi hats that he used for the performance. If my 16 year old self could have seen me hanging out with Brent, Slash’s band, Lemmy, Rob Halford, Dave Mustaine, Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor and Chris Jericho he probably would have freaked out! Lot’s of SABIAN artists came out for the event including Roy Mayorga with Stone Sour, Rich Russo with Andrew W.K. (who hosted the event with Jericho), Dallas Cowboy and Free Reign drummer Cory Proctor, Vinny Appice from Heaven & Hell who I’ll always be grateful to for introducing me to Ronnie James Dio who appears in fine health by the way after battling cancer. He was honored with the Best Vocalist award too. Slash’s new band sounds amazing and was a star studded affair with guests like Lemmy from Motorhead, Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother and Myles Kenney from Alter Bridge. Fear Factory’s set with Gene Hoglan was the most intense set of the night. Gene just kills and he has a new dvd out that you can check out at Happy Shredding!


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