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Thunder Duo Release Thunder Duo With Dom Famularo Dvd

Live DVD from Popular Drummer/Percussionist Duo Reveals Star Potential

Thunder Duo with Dom Famularo is the new DVD from percussionist Kornel Horvath and drummer Gabor Dornyei, who are collectively known as Thunder Duo. This film, shot before an enthusiastic audience at the recent SABIAN Day event in Budapest, sees the pair performing a repertoire that includes audience favorites including ‘Hang Samba’ and ‘Cuba Libre’. The 84-minute program also features Famularo – ‘Drumming’s Global Ambassabor’ – in a snare drum duet with Dornyei as well as a drum solo and a number called ‘Have Fun’, both featuring him with the Duo.

Commented Famularo: “Thunder Duo is incredible. I play around the globe and this is the first time I’ve encountered such a unique pairing of percussionist and drummer. These guys are from Hungary, so they start with a very different perspective, but they’ve also studied the music of the world, from Indian, African and South American rhythms, to contemporary funk and fusion grooves, so they are 110% hip to everything that’s happening. They are fun, exciting, and great. So is this DVD.

Added Dornyei, whose funky fusion of grooves and chops are, according to Famularo, earning him a reputation as one of the hottest new drummers in Europe: “Thunder Duo is all about creating an experience for the listener. Kornel and I have very different histories – he is the master percussionist who is combining traditional rhythms with exciting new sounds and techniques, while I’m a drummer who is into pop, funk and fusion grooves. But when we play together we create something much bigger… we are two people creating a totally new space with rhythms and grooves.

A Hunnia Records & Film production, Thunder Duo with Dom Famularo is available from www.thunderduo.com


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