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Tim Davies – Artist Update

2010 was busy for Davies and so far 2011 is looking even more so. After conducting one of the biggest hits of the year, Despicable Me, and the score that knocked Avatar off the top of the box office, Dear John, Davies moved onto a big project for Sony, Infamous 2. He orchestrated, wrote symphonic sound design, played percussion then conducted the orchestra at Skywalker Ranch. The project lasted many months and also featured fellow drummers Brain, Jonathan Mayer and Stanton Moore and his band Galactic. A clip about the score can be found here. He also found time to do some arrangements for Sex and the City 2, including the horns and strings for Liza Minnelli’s version of Single Ladies and some charts for Cee Lo Green’s solo album.

2011 has so far been spent orchestrating the score for the next game in Warner Bros. Batman series- Batman: Arkham City. Davies was recently at AIR studiosin London to conduct the orchestra. Next he is off to Abbey Road to conduct the score for Resistance 3. In between these gigs he orchestrates and conducts each week for the TV shows The Event (NBC) and No Ordinary Family (ABC). You can read about how the music for The Event is put together here.

Davies still finds some time to write for and perform with the Tim Davies Big Band. The band will be playing at the Los Angeles Jazz Institutes Big Band Olympicsin May. In August he will be back in Australia for some performances and will be the head jazz adjudicator at the Melbourne Schools Band Festival.

More info on his work for Film, TV and Games can be found here- www.Timusic.net
More info and music from the Big Band can be found here- www.TimDaviesBigBand.com


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