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Tim Davies Big Band Releases New Origin Records Album “dialmentia”

Los Angeles based composer, drummer and band leader Tim Davies’ music seamlessly blends swing, rock, hip hop and contemporary techniques into something that is truly unique: this is not your fathers big band! From the didjeridu on the opening track Counting To Infinity, the rap on Hanging By A Thread to the cello on Elegy, this album is full of surprises. Seven of the nine tracks are Davies’ originals, the other two are arranged in his signature style. What also makes Davies’ big band music unique is that it is programmatic: many pieces tell a story. One can follow along and hear his frustration at dialing wrong numbers in Dialmentia and his shock when he found out how much his wife wanted to spend in Katie’s New Handbag. Leading from the drums, Davies drives the band like a classic steam engine one minute and a finely tuned race car the next. Ever since he was given a cassette of Australia’s Daly Wilson Big Band at age 12, Davies had the dream to write for and play drums in his own big band. That dream was realized in 1998 when he formed his first big band in Melbourne, Australia. Although the band only had a short run before he moved to the US, it made quite an impact. Since 2000 Davies has led a big band in Los Angeles featuring top session and touring players. Davies music is now played all over the world. He has been a guest conductor and performer with big bands in Australia, America and Europe and is often commissioned.When not writing or playing big band music, Davies can be found working as an arranger, orchestrator and conductor in Hollywood. Recent credits include: the TV shows Pushing Daisies (arr/orch/cond) and Glee (arr), the games GI Joe (orch/cond) and Prototype (orch/cond) and the films Death Race (orch/cond) and Cirque du Freak (cond).


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