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Todd Sucherman Update

Todd Sucherman is all the rage these days having performed late last year at the Modern Drummer Festival and gracing the cover of that very magazine at the same time. He’s released a highly informative and entertaining DVD titled Methods & Mechanics For Useful Musical Drumming. The production of this DVD is a new benchmark for quality in sound and setting. Todd’s performance is masterful. A fluid motion with power on reserve is tough for anyone playing traditional grip in a rock setting. Todd is a role model for musical application of near flawless technique. He has been playing in Styx since 1996 rockin’ the classic hits Fooling Yourself, Miss America, Blue Collar Man, Renegade, Too Much Time on My Hands, Best of Times, Grand Illusion, Lorelei, Lady and Come Sail Away to name only a few. These songs gave Styx the honor of being the first band in rock ‘n roll history to have 4 consecutive triple platinum records. The follow up to the hugely successful album Paradise Theater was Kilroy Was Here and saw the band take a new direction. Fans didn’t know how to take the huge stage production with costumed band members speaking dialogue. Some saw it as more Broadway than Rock ‘n Roll. Conflict arose in the band and solo projects were pursued. So goes Rock ‘n Roll… There were the reunions and big tours, more albums and more success. The band has sounded amazing since Todd joined. No he didn’t record all those hits in the 70


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