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Top 10 Players’ Choice Models Announced

Last night the HHX Groove Control Crash and HHX Groove Control Ride were eliminated from the Players’ Choice competition as they received the least amount of votes during the first round. The 10 remaining models include:

AAX Sound Control Crash
HH Glass Crash
AAX Aero Crash
HHX Aero Crash
AAX Air Splash
AAX Stadium Ride
HHX Zen China
HHX Compression Hats
HHX Click Hats
Vault Stacked Hats

Visit the Players’ Choice website often to watch top drummers play and talk about the cymbals to help you decide which cymbals should get your vote.
You can vote for your favourite 4 cymbals once per day by simply clicking on the VOTE icon below each cymbal. New videos will be added regularly so check back often to support your favourites. You can also recruit your friends and campaign for your choices.

Voting started on October 17th and will end on January 9th – the next round of voting ends on November 14th, when the top 9 cymbals will be announced.

Visit and vote today!


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