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Travis Smith (trivium) And Daniel Erlandsson (arch Enemy) On The Black Crusade Tour At Brixton Academy, London, U.k.

Travis Smith (Trivium) and Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy) hit The Black Crusade Tour with other metal bands Shadows Fall, Dragonforce and Machine Head held at the Brixton Academy (London). Daniel Erlandsson takes on the speed and energy of this Swedish metal quintet. Fronted by female vocalist Angela Gossow with her signature demonic vocals she drives the audience into a frenzy of mosh circles as they blast through their rousing set. Daniel is surrounded by a palette of cymbal colours as his cymbals take on a cross of AA, AAX and HHX from splashes to chinas. Travis Smith (Trivium) is part of the U.S. metal prodigy to the heavyweights of metal and as they hit the stage they are welcomed to a sea of devil horns. The crowd is roused to fever pitch as the band work this audience to break the no crowd surfing rules as Trivium’s brand of metal energy sweep the auditorium. Travis Smith projects his cymbal sound with a balanced set of cymbals again covering the cast range from SABIAN. Both Daniel and Travis choose the distinctive sound of 22" HH Power Bell Ride – unmissable within their cymbal set-ups.

For more information: Travis Smith (Trivium) – www.trivium.org Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy) – www.archenemy.net


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