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Unbound Artist Spotlight: Anderson Quintero

What makes Anderson Quintero Unbound isn’t what makes other Sabian artists Unbound. And that’s the point. He has his own voice. Plays his own thing. Fuses his own flavor, his technical prowess, and his cultural past to create a sound distinctly his own.

There’s no brashness to Anderson. No middle fingers. No ‘stick-it to the man’ personality. He’s all smiles. All good. All day.

His humble demeanor gives an appearance of a quiet session drummer, but don’t mistake his kindness for softness. Dude’s a beast.

To roll out the brand new AAX line, Anderson recorded grooves for over 100 AAX cymbals, and kicked out two banging performances in a two-day studio session. All with professional skill and efficiency.

Check out the supercut of Anderson “The Beast” Quintero playing every Sabian AAX Cymbal in the new line here:

In that very sense, he embodies the don’t hold back, boundary pushing persona of SABIAN Unbound. (Not to mention his in-your-face cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression”. Have you seen it??)

He also plays with a “can’t box me in” style that ranges a multitude of genres, including pop, rock, folk, ethnic, latin, and jazz. His ability to change pace with ease is showcased in his transition from the hard-hitting “Manic Depression” to his jazzy performance of “Perpetual Walk,” an original from his band, RHA Trio. In one moment he plays with fire and the next he takes you on a smooth ride down a noisy downtown street.

Anderson was born into a legacy of Venezuelan percussionists, which includes his father, Venezuelan drummer Luisito Quintero. At age seven he joined the world’s only children’s salsa orchestra, Salserin, where he developed a stat sheet that covered 20 countries and five recorded musical productions.

From there he continued traveling the world while playing with groups from Venezuelan rock bands to international stars like Nuyorican salsero Willie Colon, garnering three Grammy nominations and one Grammy Award along his journey.

These days Anderson lives in Miami, where he performs with RHA Trio while continuing to show up and show out on stages around the world.


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