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What Is Chickenfoot?

Chickenfoot is CHAD SMITH, SAMMY HAGAR, MICHAEL ANTHONY & JOE SATRIANI. No drama – all rock. Let’s just clear the air for those who think this is Van Hagar reincarnated- If you think that then you’re dismissing the distinguished talents of Joe Satriani, the genius guitarist who has been calling his own shots and selling out venues on his own and as part of his G3 tour for years, and Chad Smith who needs no introduction here. We know that Van Halen continues to operate a couple hearts short of a flush and that Sammy and Michael were dismissed by Eddie Van Halen for reasons nobody knows but him. Like all epic shifts in Van Halen it played out in the press like two tweens fighting over who was better- Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana. Thus began the great debates of our time: Sammy or Dave? Mike or Wolfie? Well, if you’re a Sammy and Mike fan then there are good times on the horizon.Chickenfoot was born out of friendships forged in Cabo San Lucas where several members like to spend their time. They recorded an amazing album in the last few months that will be released on June 7th. The band performed the new album live for the first time last night at a private event in Anaheim, CA. They had the place rocking! Sammy said, “These songs are like our children and we hope you like them.” It’s great to hear Sammy & Mike harmonize again and fans of Satch will not be let down- there is plenty of guitar shreddry to wet your appetite. The glue that holds it all together is Chad Smith. He brings his fat, huge groove to the songs and lends a modern sound and his youthful energy to the band. Like always, you can tell Chad is having a blast playing with his heroes. Red Hot Chili Peppers fans need not worry, Chad makes it clear that he will return to the Peppers in the fall to write a new album. He altered his cymbal set up a little for this gig which includes a 22″ AA Rock Ride, 19″ AA Medium Crash, 20″ AA Rock Crash, 12″ AAX Splash, 18″ AA Chinese all in brilliant and a pair of good ol’ 14″ AA Medium hi-hats in natural finish. Fans can catch Chickenfoot on tour all summer with plans to hit Europe and N. America. It is rumored that Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple fame may open some shows and that Chad may pull double duty each night on the kit. That is not confirmed yet, but sounds good to us! Keep an eye out for further details and a little taste of things to come at http://www.chickenfoot.us/

Report & Photography: Chris Stankee


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