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What Is The Vault Crossover Ride All About?

What do you know about the Vault Crossover Ride? Have you heard it yet? So many players tell us how much they like its ‘versatility without compromise’ performance that we thought you might like to know more about this latest addition to the Vault collection.The Crossover Ride was originally inspired by a request from long-time SABIAN endorser, Garey Williams. A tremendous player from Seattle, Garey is a drummer who moves between styles with ease, whether jazz, fusion, pop or rock and has the technique and feel to excel in all. He also loves cymbals. Responding to Garey’s request was SABIAN master product specialist Mark Love. "This request interested me because it was coming from Garey, a drummer who really understands music, playing and sound," said Mark. "The result is a great example of how successful innovation needn’t result in esoteric and way-out sounds. The Crossover Ride is definitely a cymbal that delivers across a wide range of style without compromise."For further insight on the Crossover Ride we put some questions to Garey. The Crossover Ride name implies versatility, a multiple-use aspect. What inspired you to pursue this concept? Was it your experience playing different styles of music, and if so what styles do you play and what are the sensitivities you associate with those styles?I play many styles of music: Rock, Funk, R&B, Jazz, World and a fusion of all these. I was seeking a ride that would be able to ‘cross over’ all these genres. This ride needed to be thin enough to produce a clear, musical and broad tone at low volumes, but also have clear stick definition at louder volumes without sounding like I was riding on a crash cymbal. The tone needed to have a vintage, jazzy quality but with the clarity of a modern cymbal so it would sound good for Rock and R&B. It also needed a bell possessing a clear, woody tone that would work well for Funk and Latin bell patterns. How does the Crossover Ride address those sensitivities and what will a drummer feel and hear when playing this ride?I prefer the rich and slightly more complex tone of hand hammered cymbals yet I also like the silver colored shimmer often associated with machine hammered cymbals. With the Crossover Ride drummers will hear the complex vintage tone combined with a soft feel, modern shimmer, clear bell and controlled crash. This is a very musical sounding and versatile ride that many drummers will appreciate. When you first described the concept to SABIAN, do you recall what you said


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