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Xsr Fast Stax Offers Volume And Sizzle At A Smart Price

Crafted from professional B20 Bronze, the XSR Fast Stax offers an aggressive new effects option for drummers looking to create their own sound. Like all cymbals in the XSR line, the 16” Fast Stax delivers unprecedented sound and performance at a price designed to fit your cymbal budget.

Designed with a thin 13″ X-Celerator top over a high-profile, wide-lipped 16″ Chinese bottom, the Fast Stax delivers virtually unlimited pop and attack. The X-Celerator “Air Wave” edge works by eliminating airlock for increased volume, and the extra-wide lip of the 16″ Chinese is shaped to fit the 13″ top snugly, for maximum clarity and attack. Without airlock, the XSR Fast Stax retains sizzle and volume, never getting too tight. For more control, simply clamp down the cymbal felt.

SABIAN is committed to creating the widest, most innovative range of sounds on the planet, giving drummers more choice in creating their sound. The XSR Fast Stax is the latest cymbal to deliver on that promise.

Learn more here: sabian.com/createyoursound


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