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Kyung-Sub Lim


GROUP:  Jangmi-Yeogwan

Kyung-Sub Lim is the drummer for Korean Rock/Pop band ‘Jangmi-Yeogwan’ (which translates as ‘Rose Motel’).

Formed in 2011 they came to fame via Korea’s TV program called ‘Survival TOP Band’ in 2012. On this program, their mixture of Rock, Korean pop and Bossa-nova style music was a great hit with the public. Since then they have focused on live tours, music festivals and TV music programs.

They have already released two full-length album (2013 / 2016) and two EP records including four single releases.


Survival TOP Band (Band was ranked in the final eight groups)

Green Plugged / Busan / Pentaport ROCK Festival

Participate in numerous TV commercial music productions and film O.S.T works.


Mcdonald TV commercial

First Full-Length record / First EP release

Green-Plugged Festival

Cable Music Channel ‘M.NET’ program ‘Age of Band’ season 4 Winner

City of ULSAN Rock Festival

JISAN World Rock Festival

Over 10 times showing of TV programs and gig


First nationwide tour ‘There is no vacant room’

Rainbow Island Music Festival

Sound Holic Festival

Smartphone Action RPG game ‘Action Hero’ TV commercial Shooting

City of DAEGU ‘Chicken & Beer’ Festival

Pentaport Rock Festival

EDIYA Rock Festival

Let’s Rock Festival

City of Jecheon Int’l Music Film Festival


City of CHUNCHEON, TOP band Festival

Sound Holic Festival

MTV Korea ‘the Stage’

Let’s Rock Festival

KBS band competition ‘TOP BAND Season 3”

Hyundai Card curated concert ‘2016 countdown Indie Heroes”


2nd official album ‘Oktapbang’

Starring on various prime time TV shows including SBS Popular Korean Pop, KBS Sketch Book, KBS Open Concert

Jeonju ultimate music festival 2016’

MBC DMZ Peace Concert

SBS Power FM radio concert ‘Power 20’

Green Plugged Festival 2016’

2016’ SBS Awards Festival


KBS program ‘Immortal Great Pop songs’ – 3rd appearance

EP ‘Rose Motel – Marriage Statement Song’

City of Chuncheon Band Festival 2017

Solo concert in city of Yeosu

SBS – MTV the Stage : Rock Star Music Label

KBS branch of JEJU island open anniversary concert

2017’ Pentaport Rock Festival in city of in-cheon

City of Busan ‘1 Asia Festival’


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