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SABIAN Series Comparison

11 Unique Series, Infinite Possibilities.

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HHX: Modern and Dark

With HHX, we opened up a brave new world of sound possibility by taking dark, musically rich tone, and making it cut. So no matter what kind of music you play, HHX makes it easy to get your dark mojo working. Are you ready to unleash your dark?


STYLE: Modern | SOUND: Dark | METAL: B20 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

AAX: Modern and Bright

When you think AAX, think of a cymbal you can play all day long on modern or mainstream music – with a range as wide as Bruno Mars to Meshuggah. Definitely check out the brand new Thin and Medium crashes – They sound like HEAVEN.


STYLE: Modern | SOUND: Bright | METAL: B20 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

AA: Vintage and Bright

From classic rock to old school punk rock and hip-hop– that’s AA. Tight, controlled, but LOUD AF when you hit it hard. If that’s your sound, start with 14″ Rock Hats and a 20″ Rock Ride and build from there.


STYLE: Vintage | SOUND: Bright | METAL: B20  | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

HH: Vintage and Dark

HH are dark, moody and complex. Heavily hand hammered, they’re very traditional, but still love to get dirty. HH Vanguard are truly exceptional and a great introduction to the HH family.


STYLE: Vintage | SOUND: Dark | METAL: B20 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

FRX: Frequency Reduced

It doesn’t matter how hard you hit them, FRX are never too loud for the mics onstage or the crowd in the room. If you’re constantly being asked to hold back on gigs, FRX may be for you. They’re not practice cymbals – They’re B20 bronze and they sound AMAZING.


STYLE: Modern | SOUND: Mixed | METAL: B20 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

XSR: Brilliant

Unprecedented sound and performance at a budget price. But there’s nothing “budget” about the B20 bronze we use to make them. It’s the exact same metal as our most expensive cymbals.


STYLE: Vintage | SOUND: Dark | METAL: B20 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant


Crescent: Old World Craftsmanship

Steeped in the heritage of Turkish craftsmanship, Crescent was renowned for producing boutique handcrafted cymbals for discerning musicians. Proud to continue our commitment to old-world excellence, SABIAN Crescent will retain a sharp focus on crafting traditional instruments with the reliability, durability and quality for which SABIAN is renowned. Introducing Crescent by SABIAN – a brand new series of cymbals that are thin, dark, complex and always musical.

Artisan: Masterpiece

Artisan is all about traditional dark, rich tone – they virtually sizzle with it. The crashes are dark and dirty. The rides sizzle with heat. The hats are sublime. And Artisan Elite may just be the finest, most complex cymbals we’ve ever made.


STYLE: Masterpiece | SOUND: Dark | METAL: B20 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

Paragon: Powerful

Designed by Neil Peart – Need we say more? Paragon gives you explosive power in the crashes, warm articulation in the rides, and rich clarity in the hats. And OH, that 19″ China – There’s nothing else like it.


STYLE: Vintage | SOUND: Bright | METAL: B20 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

B8X: Bright and Focused

Being a beginner doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor sound. B8X cymbals are hammered for more projection and complexity than any other B8 – so you’ll get noticed on stage. And the O-Zone crashes work in *ANY* set up – they’re THAT good.


STYLE: Modern | SOUND: Bright | METAL: B8 | FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

SBR: The Best Brass

Yes, these are brass cymbals. No, they don’t suck. SBR cymbals are hammered and lathed. That makes them the absolute best brass for beginners, because they’re fun to play. So if you’re just starting out – START HERE.

STYLE: Modern | SOUND: Bright | METAL: Brass | FINISH: Natural

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SABIAN was founded on the principle of giving drummers more choice in cymbals and sounds. We create the best cymbals in the world so you can create the best sounds, and each cymbal we design has its own soul and personality, each as unique as you are. But we know there are times when an off-the-shelf cymbal just won’t cut it. We can help with that too.


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