Damian Corniola



Damian Corniola has been touted as Australia's nova in the wings. He has studied with and been influenced by many international drumming legends and has successfully welded their drumset wizardry into his own individual, powerful and eclectic style.

Damian was christened into the world of drums at 15 months and at the tender age of 4, performed with The Drumtek Junior Ensemble at the 1993 Ultimate Drummer's Day. He went on to astound attendees at the Australian International Music Show in 1994, 1995 and 1997 with exhilarating displays of independence, groove and maturity beyond his years. At 10, Damian released the top-selling, instructional video, Inspirations - a world 1st. He signed to Sabian and Vater drumsticks as the youngest endorsee in Australia and opened for Dennis Chambers at a major drum clinic in Melbourne and embarked on his first national clinic tour supporting renowned drummer/educator, Darryn Farrugia.

Damian's extraordinary fusion of odd time meters, polyrhythmic interpretation and double bass ascendancy led him to win Australia's Best Up & Coming Drummer Competition Junior title in 1997, Intermediate title in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and at the tender age of 16 won the open category. He still holds the record of being the youngest drummer in OZ to win the open competition at 16 and all three prestigious national categories.

Damian was the recipient of a 4 year music scholarship to Ivanhoe Grammar, and at the age of 14, turned professional.

Damian has performed in Argentina and China as a feature artist at The Mendoza Drum Festival, Music China, Sabian Live and China's first Drum Festival in Shanghai . Throughout his career he has also performed many master classes in schools throughout Australia.

Tecktonik - "Drum & Trance" Is one of Damian's new creations as he continues to push the boundaries with a combining and blending of acoustic and electronic drums. He will debut his solo 'triggering trance techniques' to the world at Cape Breton Drum festival on 23 - 24 May 2009 and Australian audiences will also get to see this amazing one man show at this years AUDW (Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend ) - Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of July.

Damian Endorsees DW Drums, SABIAN Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads and Roland.



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