Dan Moore



Dan Moore embraces many musical styles, performing with new acquaintances and old friends from around the globe. An originative artist, Moore is known for the panoptic marimba technique he has developed, combining bass lines, melodies, harmonies, and free-wheeling improvised solos into self-contained musical realizations.

He performs throughout the U.S. and in interesting corners of the world - the International Percussion Festival at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music; the International Marimba Festival in Chiapas, Mexico; the International Percussion Festival in Patagonia, Argentina; conservatories in The People's Republic of China; Valletta, Malta; and Stockholm, Sweden. In these travels he collects folk melodies and indigenous sounds and adapts them to his very personal approach to the marimba and vibraphone, creating what reviewers have described as "sensitive and respectful renditions of familiar works" and "affectionate and finely limned traditional themes."

Moore has long blended electronic and acoustic elements in his performances. His solo CD Now, Here, This is a collection of original compositions and treatments of standard and non-standard tunes featuring the MIDI marimba - a custom-built Yamaha marimba that he developed, as well as vibes, bells, malletKAT, drumKAT, Zendrum, Yamaha Cocktail kit, and a variety of ethnic percussion instruments.

Moore and long-time friends drummer Matt Wilson, composer and banjo player Paul Elwood, and the late wizard of the clarinet Robert Paredes have a recording project aptly titled Misfit Toys. He also has ongoing projects with Swedish mallet artist Anders



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