It is with deep, deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Robert "RZ" Zildjian, our beloved founder and leader. A tireless and dynamic force within the drum industry, he inspired each one of us in the Sabian family to work harder, to reach farther, to make a difference - and he led us by example.

His professional story is well known. Having been dealt a major career setback at an age where most men would have opted for retirement, RZ instead chose to re-invent the cymbal business with his own hand-crafted brand, a brand that would forever change the face and sound of popular music. With his bare hands he shaped the Sabian cymbal brand into his life's story - and by extension we became his family.

We mourn his passing, and he will be forever in our hearts. But we are better people for having known RZ, and we are richer for having worked alongside him. We draw comfort from the knowledge that his spirit will live on in the music made by drummers the world over.

Rest in peace, RZ.

Rest in peace Robert, I love your brand, and will keep playing Sabian until it's my turn to go. - Bretton Melanson
I am honored to play Sabian cymbals, endorsed or not. Rest in peace RZ. - Simen Naess
What an amazing legacy! I am honored to have played a piece of it. Bless your family. - Chris Sowerby-Thomas
Big thank you to Mr. Robert Zildjian for all you have done for the drumming community. You will forever be remembered. Rest in paradise good sir. You have earned your wings. To the family of Mr. Robert Zildjian I send my condolences. - Kenneth E. Faulcon Jr.
My deepest and most sincere condolences to Mr. Robert Zildjian family and the entire staff at Sabian. Rest in peace Robert, your legacy surely will continue on. - Jorge Ginorio-(Sabian Artist/Educator).
It's sad to hear of his passing...he truly was one of the last great men at his art. And changed my life when I bought my first Sabian 16 years ago. My heart is with his family as they have lost a great man - Austin Grasty
The Drum Community will always be grateful for what you have given us-Thank you - joshua
I had the privilege to meet this wonderfull and hard working man when I was invited to do a report at the Sabain factory for Batteur Magazine. The brand was still young at that time, but Robert Zildjian had a great background, and a great team to work with, and a wonderfull family to support his new departure. I am still enjoying my Sabian cymbals, the one I purchased when they were produced in the begining of the 80's. Sure I will think of this very sweet man when I play them. My condolence to the Zildjian family. Repose en paix Bob. - Christophe Rossi
this guy was sick - matthias
What a great man and an amazing legacy. The Sabian cymbal company is truely something else. The world will be a lesser place without him. Please, rest in peace RZ. - Aaron Munoz
I have always been drawn toward Sabian simpily because whenever I get a new cymbal I feel apart of a family and know that each cymbal I play has been sculpted by the people of Sabian which are products of Robert's great work. May he live on in all of our music. - The average drummer
Robert – Thanks to you for your vision, your compassion and determination. You will never be forgotten and have left this world an amazing and wonderful legacy… My sincere condolences to your family.. - Tommy Sutherland
Our deepest condolences to the Zildjian family and the entire Sabian community on the loss of an unforgettable contributor to our drumming industry. Thank you RZ for your passion, vision and support. RIP - Dave & Ryan Hamilton and the staff at Just Drums
RIP, thanks for everything you have done. - Brandon Glorioso
RIP RZ and thank you all at Sabian for everything that you do. - Billy Canty
Thank you Robert for rising above the average and giving hundreds of thousands of kids the tools needed to approach their dreams. - Henry C.
Greatly part of the SABIAN team as to show the world hard effort in hard working people such as MR.ROBERT ZILDJIAN as he also founded a manufactury in my native province New-Brunswick in Meductic, NB we have great honnors to be sponsored by SABIAN and have our artist play your symbals in this devine world of sound, and that is why we choose SABIAN ''Because Sound REALLY Matters'' R.I.P ''RZ" MAY YOUR SOUNDS BE HEARD TROUGHT ARE HEARTS FOREVER A.DUGUAY CEO PROMOTIVATIONNEER OWNER - Dear SABIAN TEAM
a very sad loss,we will not forget him - tim c
Thank you for everything! - J. Karpinchick
The sound of your cymbals is amazing, and your craftsmanship is unmatched. Thank you! - Anthony
Thanks for the bright and warm sound of your cymbals. - Pavel Korolchuk
I Just wanna thanks RZ for everything he's done for the modern music...R.I.P. - F.Trento
RIP - Brian Matthews
I have played sabian cymbals the whole of my career, and that sound that I and so many admire is much in part to RZ so for that, I offer my sincerest thanks, and deepest condolences at his passing - Matthew
I send my support to the sabian community in mourning of Robert zildjian - Jeremy
For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity. - Robert Such
Praying for the family and friends. - Brandon Bentley
RIP Mr Zildjian. We pray for peace and comfort for family and friends. - Lester
He made the best cymbals in the world! He was a great role model to all drummers and he changed the face of drumming history forever! R.I.P Robert Zildjian! - Zach
You did it the right way ! You made us better. - Mark ward
He made the best cymbals in the world He will be dearly missed RIP Robert Zildjian all his hard work and craftsmanship won't be forgotten - Tyler
ill miss him... rip - john
RIP Mr Zildjian. A armenian descendant to be proud of - N. Antonov
It's always difficult to express emotions associated with loss, especially when those emotions are so intrinsically reminiscent of personal and defining moments in our lives… when family members, loved ones, associates, admirers and supporters are suffering from the departure of a man who had such an empowering impact around him and who has been an inspiration for a multitude. It's hard to look at a man such as Mr. Zildjian without contemplating the undefinable nature of his legacy. But in such circumstances, it's the family man who will be greatly missed, as his unique vision has been so vividly alive that it will be carried by all the kids in the world, who, just like me, have been attracted by the singularity of a mysterious but yet beautiful way to make noise and to be heard. In that matter, we can thank you, for we will all forever remain those very same kids. My warmest condolences to his wife, children, close friends and everyone who lost an inspirational figure in Mr. Zildjian Charles "Moose" Allicie Your Favorite Enemies - Charles "Moose" Allicie, Your Favorite Enemies
Our thoughts and prayers are with Zildjian family. Bob was a great man and he always made welcome new employees and made each and every one feel like they belonged to the Sabian family. He always had a joke or two to tell. You certainly will be sadly missed, Bob, may you Rest In Peace. - Ralph & Wanda Porter
Life of Mr. Zildjian is the most incredible history about cymbal makers around the globe. I’m very proud to have meeting him, shake his hand and play his cymbals. Cymbal makers industry won’t be the same without him. Long life to SABIAN cymbals and Robert heritage !!! - Humberto R4v3N Ramirez
RIP Mr. Robert - Sason
Thank you very much Mr. Robert. - Paul M.
Praying for the family. - Alex Grady
I met Mr. Zildjian and his amazing wife last year..and even tho he had a cold, he was in great spirits and fun humor. He will be sadly missed. I am so proud to be affiliated with Sabian and my prayers and wishes go out to his family and members of the Sabian family... - Chris McIsaac
My deepest condolences on the passing of Bob, May he rest in one almighty God - Pikian - Indonesia
One of the greatest honors of my life was to have met and been given a personal tour of Zildijian by Robert. A true gentleman of the music industry. To have been allowed to pick my Sabians from that very first shipment to Aldens was a memory I'll tresure forever. My deepest condolences to the family of a truely fantastic man. - Dave Gayton
Bob, thank you for sharing your stories about your time serving our country in World War 2, the early days of setting up the international distribution for your first cymbal company and what it took to establish SABIAN. I always appreciated your honesty and of course your sarcastic humor. You will be missed. - Rick Drumm
Bob's immeasurable spirit and energy brought people around the world together and he succeeded in establishing a great company, nurturing a wonderful team and leading the way with his vision. Most of us can only dream of doing half of what Bob accomplished. Deepest condolences to Willi, Andy, Billy and Sally, the entire Sabian family and everyone that was touched by Bob's magic over the years. - Andy Schlosser
Thank you for producing such a great instrument and I send my thoughts at this time to everyone at the company. Andrew Cherashore - To all at Sabian,
When I was playing steady gigs, my cymbals of choice were always Sabian and nothing else. They had a unique sound all their own and when I start up again, it'll be Sabians in my kit. Rest in peace Mr. Zildjian, your legacy of great sound will be reverberated the world over for generations and my condolences to the Zildjian family at this sorrowful time. - Dennis Swan
These cymbals have been the best I have ever played, nothing can beat the Sabian sound. My sincerest condolences to the Zildjian family. - TJ Kissel
the drums are all very sad,,, and my guitar now weeps. - the world is sadder
I am very sad to hear about the passing of Robert Zildjian and my condolences go out to Sally, Bill, Andy and everybody of the Zildjian Family. I have fallen in love with Sabian cymbals from the very first time I played them back at Jack's Drum shop, and have played them ever since. Thank you Robert, for creating the wonderful Sabian sound! Rest in peace! - Robert Mark
Although I haven't been playing Sabian cymbals for too long, I have to say that they are some of the best cymbals I have ever played. Thank you Robert, for the great cymbals. R.I.P - Chris Roarty
Rest in Peace Mr. Zildjian. Drummers everywhere will miss you. Thanks for the great sounds you added to our world. - David Armstrong
Rest In peace friend .We will never forget about you . - Aleksander Kardyka
I have known RZ for over 25 years and it was an honor to be a friend of his ! RZ and Willy always treated me like family , he was one of a kind !!! My heart and prayers go out to the whole family at this time... we lost a true Legend !!! he will be greatly missed !!! Ill never forget some of the best times of my life where on the early days of the dealer trips going to sabian , those I will never forget !!! Marco of Nazareth walked across the water !!! R.I.P. !!! we love you and miss you !!! Marco and Carol Soccoli - marco soccoli
I have played the trip- top ride And he I have one sabian cymbal and I love it and and my heart goes out their families for the grief of their uncle and father. - Colin
Only recently I sold my other cymbals and switched to Sabian. Thank you for your life-long dedication to creating new sounds and vibes. And for helping me finding my sound. - Mike Marklove
Rest In piece friend .We will never forget about you. - Alexander Kardyka
My thoughts are out to all of the family of the Sabian company in this terrible loss. RIP RZ. You may be gone, but your sound carries on forever. - Austin Lanterman
I can not even say how painful it is to hear that such an amazing man as Robert Zildjian passed away.... - Artem Lisitsyn
I have only recently started playing Sabian cymbals, but have instantly fallen in love with them. I hate to know that the brilliant man who brought all of this to life is now gone, but he leaves behind a huge legacy which will live on forever. God be with his family and rest his soul. - Andrew Bennett
My prayers are with the entire Sabian Family. I've played Sabian all my life and one of my dreams was to meet Mr. Persistence in Person along with his family, Mark Love, the Vault Team, etc. Yes, I was planning to visit the factory next Year. Bob story was a true inspiration in persistence, tenacity, and to never give up. He will be forever missed. God rest his warrior soul! - JOE FISHMAN RUIZ
Michael - Prayers with great respect.
I have great respect for Mr. Zildjian and his company. I've played Sabian cymbals for over 25 years and have always admired this man's dedication to the art of cymbal-making. My deepest condolences. - Stan
Robert Zildjian was a true maverick. He ventured out and made a wonderful line of cymbals. He created a new scope for the drummers of the world to look into and discover their own sound. Thank you... My deepest condolences to the Zildjian family and everyone who had the honor of being around him... - Lilo Hernandez
rip rz - jd
My deepest condolences to your family. I have been part of the Zildjian then to the Sabian cymbal family for 40+ years. As I have said to many...Sabian is the sound of Quality...his legacey will out live us. God Bless. - Garth Noyes
"YOUR" sound will live on........ - Carlos McInerney
RZ was a great leader and innovator. Thankfully Sabian is in the able hands of the team he led and inspired. His legacy will continue to be seen, heard, and felt in every cymbal they make. - John Anning, The Alliance Of Independent Music Merchants
I am deeply saddened to hear of this great loss for the drumming community. I have always been impressed with the Artistry, the Ingenuity, and the attention to the needs of drummers of which Sabian has always been at the forefront. In no small way, I'm certain due to the influence of Mr. Robert Zildjian. Thank you sir, for the inspiration! We will always be grateful. - LEO Salas
I'm truly saddened by the passing of Bob. He was not only a visionary in the cymbal industry, he also was a really great person. I have fond memories of sitting with him and Vic Firth at the Marshfield depot opening and listening to them talk about hunting and fishing adventures they had gone on, also a passion of mine. A wonderful supporter of drummers everywhere, he will be missed. Andy, Billy and Sally, please except my deapest condolences . - David Calarco
My Deepest and sincere condolences goes to the family of Mr. Robert Zildjian. May his Legacy continue to live on for generations to come !!! - Daniel Curry
My deepest condelences. Robert Zildjian was a great man. He will be missed. - Joe Arenberg
Words can not describe the depth of sadness I felt at the passing of Robert Zildjian. I was fortunate enough to enjoy the warmth of his company, wisdom, humour and generosity on countless occasions over the years. He has been a true inspiration for so many and his legacy will stay with each and one of us. My sincere and deepest condolences to all the Sabian family. I shall miss him dreadfully and be forever grateful and inspired to have know him. - Daniella Ganeva, UK
Deepest condolences to Zildjian family. Rest in Peace Robert Zildjian. - Phil in Kyoto
Our deepest condulences to the Sabian family . drums & percussion magazine - Heinz Kronberger
God please bless & comfort the family of this great man! We thank you that he lived to love and create one of the greatest things on earth! He made the world a better place for drummers! - Brent Easton
Last night I stared at the starry sky of Brittany and a very precious celestial body winked at me. Its milky face and twinkly eye, its waggish smile and daring cheekbone was sparkling up in the twilight. A tear rolled on my cheek. A godfather left. A friend fled. God bless Bob 4ever. - Matthieu FOUBERT
RIP, Robert. Sabian cymbals are what convinced me to get serious in my drumming. HHX for life!! - Emerson McGregor
A great inspiration, a great innovator and great man has left us. We are all the better for having him in our lives. Anyone who has ever touched a stick to a Sabian cymbal owes this man more than we will ever know. Our deepest regrets and sympathies to the Sabian family, which I feel honored to be a part of. Benjamin Boyce, The American University of Iraq - Benjamin Boyce
A great loss for the world of drummers. Rest in peace R.Z. from Jnai drummer. - Rui Cimbron
And also in the name of the German members of the Sabian Comunity, just a big THANK YOU for inspiring our all drumming and lifes, for the revolution in cymbal design and for all you've done to the world of drums. We all give our prayers to the family and to him and hope that the Sabian Cymbal Company will continue the great progress and cymbal programm Robert Zildjian worked on. Rest in peace! - Johannes Funk
I really like looking through an article that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment! - Renea Gatto
Thank you Bob, you have truly blessed Percussionist's around the world with your drive, passion and supreme product. You will never be forgotten! RIP . - Dale Harrison
To The Zildjian Family. It is with sadness I send my sincere condolences on the passing of Bob. It was during a couple of recent fishing trips I was able to get to know Bob and Willy and with fondness I remember Bob's unique way of expressing himself. You always knew what he was thinking and where you stood. He was a man of character and principle and a force to be reckoned with creating an empire of "quality and quantity". Bob used his ability to create positive change in not only his company but in the personal ives of his employees. He understood the true throught process behind motivation and saw the value each person contributed. His very presence commanded respect, and in the most memorable way he could say anything, at anytime and we all sat around waiting to hear more. Rest in peace Robert (Bob) Zildjian - Dave Corey
Thanks for all your work !! Sabian Cymbals is your legacy, and we proud to be part of this amazing team ! Prayers for Zildjian family ! - Caio Pelegrini
We're so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you all. Love Zaven & Janet Zildjian -
R.I.P love you:( - Savion Obey Ebron
Prayers go out to the Zildjian family. RIP. - Claudio
Our deepest sympathies to the family. Bob will always be one of the most respected members of the profession. A true First Class professional in every way, just like SABIAN. - Gary Cook
Some people are larger than life and Bob was one of them. We are all richer for having known him. Sincere condolences to Willie and all the family. - Suzanne Thompson
R.I.P Robert - Szymon
The passing of Robert Zildjian surely leaves those of us who have devoted our lives to the art of percussion performance with a profound sense of loss. Memories of his infectious enthusiasm and heart-warming smile will remain and continue to inspire. - Bill Cahn
Peace and blessings to Robert Zildjian and his family. We have all been touched as music lovers through his passion for cymbals and life accomplishments. - Stephen Jacobs
My sincere condolences to all the family at this sad time with the news of Robert’s passing. Such a wonderful man and we’ll all miss his great sense of humour - Gary Mann
Our deepest sympathies - John johnston
Ive played Sabian Cymbals all my Life, a fantastic product made by fantastic people, rest in peace RZ ~8^( - Chris Watts
I´ve been playing Sabian Cymbals since I was at primary school, and still continue to do so. Thanks Mr. RZ for creating such "out of this world" products and for showing the whole world that age is not a barrier to reinvent oneself and start a all new, thanks for everything you´ll be deeply missed. - Luis Arango, Medellin - Colombia
it is my deepest sarrow of the passing of bob z he is and allways will be the best cymbal maker in the world .I will continue buy and play sabian cymbals i will never for get him and his legacy .He will be missed. Sincerly bob s from buffalo Ny. - BOB SZAFRANEK FROM BUFFALO NY
Thanks for the loyalty throughout the years of making such a great product for drummers around the world. The work you have done in creating such great cymbals will never be forgotten. Let alone the passion you had in doing what you love to become a reality. Sabian Cymbals have such a great sound it's what I look forward to after being away at college for the week, to come back home and play my drums with great sounding cymbals. Knowing that the creator of them just doesn't want money, but wants to see drummers happy with what they're hitting. The Zildjian Family will be in my prayers, as well for the Sabian Team in finding a new man to take the torch Robert held since the 80's. God Bless. - Matthew Parsons
Thank you Robert Zildjian for inspiring me every time I sit behind and play my drums. As every time I lay a stick onto my cymbals, it brings a smile to my face and others around me, as I'm sure you did to with your innovative and creative thinking. Thank you for inspiring other great musicians making incredible music today, and for passing down that eternily great sound onto further generations. All I can say is, thank you ! My deepest condolences to the Zildjian family. Rest in peace. - Ben Argyle
I was a kid in a candy store a few summers ago when I went for a tour of the factory. I've been using Sabians for over 15 years and it was amazing on many levels to see how the cymbals were created. It's truly an art. Thank you Mr. Zildjian for bringing your legacy to Canada. My condolences to the entire Zildjian family. - Bryan E
Rest in Peace Mr. Robert. Thank you for not giving up and for giving us the best cymbals anywhere. From México, Alejandro - Alejandro Juárez
I have been playing Sabian cymbals since I was a teenager,now I am in my 40's I still play Sabian,Thank you Mr Robert Zildjian for making my "sound",may you rest in peace and I am Glad you in a better place,GOD is Great!!!...One love. - Michael Crevier
Rest in Peace, Robert. Thank you for making countless cymbal innovations and being a quality cymbal maker!!! - Andrew Konkey
RIP RZ Thanks for the fond memories from NAMM 2012 - Joe Hardy
Condolences to the Zildjian family. Bob was a true gentleman and an inspiration to all at Dynamic Music Graeme Stamford - Graeme Stamford
Thank you for all the awesome cymbals, you will be greatly missed. - Chris Smilek
To the entire Zildjian family and the Sabian company: Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy Robert's talents and contributions to the music industry. He will truly be missed yet celebrated in song(s) everyday. - Lee-Bro
Bob was a true innovator, it's a cliche, but he really did re-invent the cymbal business. My deepest condolences to relatives and the Sabian family. He will not be forgotten. - Ben
My you bless the angels with all your talent, drive and initiatives Mr. Zildjian. Your legacy will live forever. Our hearts go out to your family. - Mark Valois
Bob thanks for all of the time you gave to me through the years. My first set of Sabian cymbals you arranged for me and they had to come via Sonor into the USA. I will always you greeting me as, The kid with the Jesus hair. Joe Hibbs - To Bob
My condolences for all Sabian Family and all family relatives. - Joel JR
Simply some of the best sounding stuff out there. Thanks for everything! - Matt Pea
My heartfelt condolences go out to the Zildjian family. Like many others, I was saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Robert Zildjian. I had the pleasure of meeting Bob when he was honored with an Honorary Degree at The University of New Brunswick in Saint John; and I still remember his excellent speech to our graduates. Mr. Zildjian will be remembered by many! - Dr. Robert MacKinnon
Many years ago in the early 1980s I was teaching at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario Canada and we held our first Day of Percussion. It was a terrible day with an ice storm so severe it was fit for only experienced skaters. But my friend Bob and his dear wife come out to support the Ontario PAS and stayed the whole day meeting people and sharing his love of music and those of us who work this industry. In particular I remember Bob's wife being so supportive to him and his mentorship of us all. I have never forgotten this and will speak of it often. There are many who will remember such stories ....let's keep them alive! With warm regards to the family. Michael Wood Stratford Ontario Canada. - Michael Wood
Thank you - Alan Alanis
What a legacy! His design will keep on driving the pocket of the music biz. - Todd Falkowsky
For over 30 years Bob always treated me with respect and friendship. The times he heard me play with the Boston Symphony he took the time to compliment me, despite the fact that I was not an endorser. He was not only a giant in the music world, but a real down-to-earth "mensch" to boot. Thanks for your friendship Bob, may you rest in peace. - Neil Grover
Rest in peace Mr. RZ and Condolences to the Zildjian Family. The whole drumming community owes so much to you. - Alfred Dela Cruz
Rest in peace to our dearest Mr Zildjian, Sabian will live on forever - Christopher
Rest In Peace, the 'father' of Sabian.. i records lots of drum tracks with Sabian. - Richard Mutter
Love You Sabian!! - Michael C Verrecchia Jr
Thanks for you're wonderful work and contribution. - Brian Grindle
Rest in peace, dear father of Sabian, and thank u for what you did for all of us... - Andrew (Russia)
The first set of cymbals I ever owned was a B8 set. Honestly I've never even looked at a different company. You guys make the Best cymbals, from your B8 to your HHX line. I am terribly sorry this happened. - Blake Swan
I am deeply sorry for you loss. - Blake Swan
Sabian B8 cymbals were the first set of cymbals I purchased 12 years ago when I began drumming - and wouldn't even consider using another cymbal company. Thank you, Mr. Zildjian - for giving us these amazing cymbals and their wonderful sounds!! Rest In Peace... - Kyle Schneider
Thank you for creating the sounds/cymbals that you did. I have used Sabian cymbals since I began my drumming life 15 years ago, and will continue to use them. Your memory, dedication, creativity and work will live on in the sounds of the cymbals that you have created with drummers all across the globe. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert in 2008, and I am glad that I was able to. Rest in peace. - Mike Luciani
Thank you for creating such a wonderful family of instruments. You are now immortal as your legacy is heard in every Sabian cymbal from now until the end of time. Rest in peace. - Terry
It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Robert Zildjian, who was my mentor and champion for so many years. It was he who arranged my first clinic and inspired me to author "The Art of Playing the Cymbals" in 1963 that became a classic method book. When the Wall Street Journal wrote of the dispute between the Zildjian brothers, I was mentioned along with Buddy Rich as a lover of Zildjian cymbals. The career I have enjoyed for so many years would not have been possible without Robert Zildjian. I owed him a debt I was never able to repay. He will long be remembered by me and many in the percussion industry. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family. - Sam Denov
This man's legacy lies in the cymbals his company makes; they were the first ones I ever played and the only ones I ever want to play. RIP - Manny Cowdrey-Cuberos
My condolences to the family and I look forward to enjoying another tour of the factory in NB. - Rick Hill
Rest in Peace Robert and thank you for letting me be part of the wonderful Sabian family. God Bless - Tito Rodriguez,Jr
I didn’t know Bob well – we only met a few times – but he was a model for anyone who owns a business in the music industry. How do you push through the toughest circumstances and resistance and become a huge success against all odds and predictions? Bob Zildjian was an inspiration to anyone who knows the story of his success. My heartfelt condolences to the family. LHS - Leigh Howard Stevens
Thanks for the amazing cymbals RZ! - Harry Garvey
Beats in our hearts - Geri
Rest in Peace Robert, thanks for the most amazing cymbal company ever. May your legacy live on forever... - Robin
Rest in Peace where the music always plays. - Ricky Roberts
I'm shocked. I know we all must pass some day, but Zildjian seemed to somehow be impervious. But I must thank him for his philosophy. When I started on my now 25-year long career as a drummer I discovered Sabian. And I'll admit, it was the pricing of the cymbals that hooked me, since I was starting out with very little money. But it was the craftsmanship and durability (can't tell you how many A. Zildjians I broke early on) and customer-friendly policy that kept me a die-hard fan of Sabian's products all of these years since. Sabian would be a company I would be proud to endorse (or be endorsed by) were I ever to achieve that level of commercial recognition. The company is what every company should strive to be. And we as consumers have Robert to thank for that. R.I.P. - Wraith (Damnation Winds)
Rest in peace, Robert Zildjian. Your work has been very much appreciated, and will be recognized for years to come. - Kyle Trummel
Maybe God is now playing Sabian Cymbals in his band with this awesome guy, Thanks RZ for all! - RJMSCR
RIP Robert. Have enjoyed your cymbals for many years and hope to continue to do so. - Duncan
Thank you for the cymbals. P.S. I bet God would like a holy china just for kicks. - Delshallpawn
R.I.P Very Intelligent Man Ozone Crash Holy China Evolution Crash Raw Bell Ride May He Rest In Peace - Abraham Oyebola
the best cymbals - jf
Even after his 80th birthday, Bob came to Australia with Willi ostensibly for a holiday. Most of the time however was spent visiting dealers & drummers & happily giving advice & sharing his knowledge & experience & continually encouraging all to strive for excellence. It was a great honour to have him down under & he will be remembered always. - Bruce Howieson
What an inspiration to excellence! From working in my parents music store to my work in the recording studio era of Los Angeles, Zildjian and then Sabian were and continue to be the standard that all cymbals are judged against. If i asked why the cymbals sounded soooo good . . . it was undoubtedly Zildjian. The Zildjian Family started my love affair with Armenian culture that I still pursue and embrace. What a fabulous legacy. We are better for Robert having blessed us with his long and productive life, family values and work ethic. Well done! - Michael Boddicker
Some of the best cymbals I own came from the Vault Tour he helped create. Sad day indeed. - Joe T
Even though I don't play Sabian cymbals anymore, I will always have a special place in my heart for them. My very first kit had a set B8's and I will never forget the joy learning on that setup. Rest in Peace. - Ryan M
Bob Zildjian was a leader among the percussion community. His contribution reached out to all of us. He will be missed but never forgotten. - John H. Beck
RIP Mr. Zildjian you started an era. You are a LEADER and without you the huge drum family would not be as it is today. You are a hero. THANK YOU - Aris Messios
Willie, Sally and John,Andy and Debbie and Bill, I was saddenned to hear of Bob's passing. He was truly a unique gentleman who touched so many people in so many ways, me included. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and the entire family of Sabian - T Richardson
God bless you Robert. Rest in peace. - David I. Walsh
Bob was a good friend to so many of us for many years. As a young player more than 45 years ago, he offered me encouragement and friendship. So many years later and countless visits too, he still made time to talk drums and music. Bob was the real deal and a visionary in the world of cymbals. Apart from being a gentle man, he was a gentleman. I appreciate every visit I ever had with him and his family and his wonderful advise has made me a better player and business man. All who knew Bob are better for having known him. He will be missed but he has left a wonderful legacy.WS - Wayne Smith
I have been playing Sabian Cymbals since 1982...I played them at The North Sea Jazz Festival...the care and attention given by Mr. Zildjian is what has made the company so great,I and a million drummers around the world will miss his spirit... - mario''machito'' grillo
Condolence - Pino
I've been a Sabian player for 15+ years and truly appreciate the man behind a great company. Robert's innovation and creativity is the reason I play his cymbals to this day. My thoughts and prayers go out to Robert Zildjians family. Rest In Peace, RZ! And Thank You! - Ralph Reda
My heart goes out to the Zildjian Family in there loss of Robert RZ Zildjian he was a great man and a great cymbal maker - Lyle Reddy
Condolences to Mr. Zildjian's family. - Scott Rowsome
good bye Robert, when ever I hit a sabian, ill remember you! - fergal mullen
Family of Brother Robert, Had the pleasure of meeting him many many years ago in Quincy. I am sure that a seat has been prepared for you in the Celestial Lodge to join all who have done good work right next to your good friend Bro Charlie Smith. - HSDS
Dear Sally: So sorry to hear about you father. He was a great man and will be dealy missed. Regards Pat - Pat Karnes
Desde que vi y escuche un Sabian supe que me acompañarían en mi camino , leyendo sobre como se fundo la misma me sorprendí y al escucharlos supe que era una cosa seria . Hace 25 años que uso Sabian y siempre contento con las innovaciones . Gracias RZ que en paz descanses y mi mas sentido pésame a la familia . - Javier Fraccione
My condolences, may God bless the wonderful Zildjian family. - Hartoonian R.
My deepest condolences to the Zildjian family. Playing the drums is one of my best past times and i'm very proud to play Sabian cymbals. A true innovator who will always be remembered, a legacy that never will be forgotten. - Ronnie Pena
My heart is saddened to hear the loss of one of the great visionaries of the percussion industry. He was truly an inspiration to me. Whenever we saw each other he would always have a piece of sage advice, and invariably, an hysterical comment regarding life itself (or my choice of footwear!). I, along with countless others, shall miss him greatly. My heartfelt sympathies to Andy, Sally, Billy and all of the Sabian group. - Jim Phiffer
Thanks to your vision, I have found a voice to express myself through. We will meet again, but not yet. So I will not say goodbye. Instead I will say good journey Uncle Bob. - Kenny Taz Andrew
We know that in times like these, no words are enough, however, we send our condolences on the passing. Peace and Good to his remains. Sincerely. - - - - - - - Sabemos que en momentos como éstos, ninguna palabra es suficiente, sin embargo, os enviamos nuestras condolencias por el fallecimiento. Paz y Bien a sus restos mortales. Sinceramente. - Conjunto Rock Los Vikingos-Autobiografia
My condolences to the Zildjian family. I met Mr. Zildjian when I was a teenager attending my first Day of Percussion in London, ON. I recall him being very kind, approachable and genuine. I was a little star struck. My very first set of cymbals were the 1st generation B8's that I still have to this day. They hold incredible sentimental value as they were part of the inspiration that started me on the path to become a professional musician. I still use Sabians to this day. I'm proud that Sabian is an internationally recognized Canadian company. Thank you Mr. Zildjian. You did a good thing. - Julian Jeun, Windsor, ON
I am so very sorry for your loss. Mr. Robert Zildjian was a great man, a true innovator. He was one of the best in the cymbal industry. I hope his legacy lives on. - Andrew G
I am so sorry for your loss. I have been to the Sabian factory three times and have seen first hand the truly incredible company that Mr. Zildjian built. I have seen the hard work that all the employees perform on a daily basis. Not only are they hard workers but also very nice and generous people. Every time I visited, people took the time to answer questions and offer advise and anyways with a smile. I am a no name beginner summer and yet Mark Love to the time to help me find the right cymbal I was looking for. And the cymbals are of the highest quality. Mr. Zildjian you will truly be missed but your legacy will live on! - KC
A true innovator! Playing drums would not be half the fun it is today without his contributions! Condolences to the family. May he rest in peace. - A. Muijrers
Condolences to the whole Sabian family. I've been playing drums my whole life and playing Sabian as long. Growing up in Houlton, Maine 30 minutes from the Sabian factory I always felt like they were, sort of, my "hometown team" and that's why I started playing them, and never stopped. In high school I was even lucky enough to get to tour the factory and vault in Meductic as Sabian were sponsors of our Percussion Ensemble and even worked for the company for a short time at their "Camber" warehouse in Houlton. Sabian has been, and will definitely continue to be, a big part of my musical life. Thanks, Bob! - Geoff Williams
Having assisted my father negotiating the sales of the Turkish K. Zildjian trademark to the American Avedis Zildjian company, I have known Bob since the early sixties. He was a real gentleman, a very pleasant person to deal with. May he rest in peace. My sincere condolences to his family. - Albert Covo
A great man; he will be sorely missed and will always be remembered whenever a Sabian is played. He was a huge help to me over the years for which I will be forever thankful. On behalf of all of us here at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, may I offer the family out heartfelt sympathy. Thanks Bob, for everything! - Nicholas Ormrod
This is truly a sad time, Of course I didnt know him personally but I have been a drummer all my life and have always had and will always have Zildjian Cymbals on my kits.. - Scott Iavarone
Bob and Willi were the consummate team. Never have we worked for a couple we displayed more commitment and love for one another, their family, and their passion...SABIAN CYMBAL COMPANY. We will miss you Bob and may God continue to bless you Willi, the kids and grandkids, and the rest of the family at Sabian! All our love and respect; Morse and Doak Builders Inc. - Bryan Hayward
When I bought my first set of real cymbals back in 1990 I chose Sabian and I still choose Sabian today. Great man, great loss, my condolences. - Steve C
On behalf of HELIX I would like to send my condolences to the Zildjian family. Very sorry about your loss. Brian Vollmer - Brian Vollmer
Music literally wouldn't possibly be as amazing without you, most of us are basically listening to the essence of you whenever we hear a band play music with your equipment. Thank you for all you do & making music great. Rock on in the afterlife! \m/ - Imrano Static
I very Love sabian . Robert Zildjan rip - Evgeny Belousow
Bob was a wonderful man who inspired all of us, he was a great example to follow. Your work and simpathy will keep forever in the menory of every one who knew you. We all will miss you so much. Thanks Bob Adela y Alfonso. - Adela Tejada y Alfonso Prado
His contributions to the world of drums, cymbals and music will never be forgotten... Rest in peace. - Klaas
Our Nation will never forget Zildjians ! Armenians lost a great person . - Sergei Gasparian
My condolences to Mrs Zildjian, Sally, Bill, Andy and all of Mr Zildjian's (Bob's) family. He was a wonderful man and he always made me feel like I was a part of his family. I am honored to represent him and be a part of his Sabian family. What an awsome man to name his company after his kids. How cool is that? Thank you Mr Bob Zildjian, Tony TC Coleman - Tony TC Coleman
Missed the leader,but his inspiration will alive forever - Apollos
As a Sabian user for many years your inspiration has been profound and your leadership in innovation will be felt for many years to come. RIP RZ God bless you. My thoughts are with your family and all those at Sabian - Ron Innes
RIP Robert. My condolences to the Zildijan family and the Sabian company. - Adrian Vaksdal
Gone, but never forgotten...the beat goes on. - W. Carson Hooley
R.I.P Robert Zildjian - Donny Valentijn
May you never ever be forgotten the drum world will miss your inspiration, innovation and charisma dearly bless your dear family of time of sorry and may you endeavour to peacefulness and happiness Mr Robert Zildjian we miss and love all the work you have done for all our drumming community from here down under Australia we truly love you, your family and put all differences aside we all love both Sabian & Zildjian Cymbal Companies. May you rest in piece and never to suffer again Kind Love from your beloved fan Frank Lamacchia Melbourne Australia Mr Robert Zildjian RIP - Frank Lamacchia
I AM EXYREMELY SAD AND NO WORDS COULD DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS! His spirit will live on around my drumkit and in the music made by drummers around the world. We will think of him everytime we hit a cymbale. THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR LIVES MUCH EASIER MISTER ROBERT! My deep condolences to the Zildjian family and the SABIAN crew. - Sogn Gjallarhorn
From one very grateful customer - RIP Robert. A very sad day. - Dave Robinson (Sheffield Uk)
Thankyou for making it possible for all of us to create better music. - Curtis Adachi
Rest in peace Mr. Robert Zildjian!! - Jamison Ross
My condolences to the Zildjian family and all the crew at SABIAN. Bob and company touched the lives of drummers in so many ways. Here is one example for me. I had the pleasure of spending time with Sally and the Zildjian family and it was such a great pleasure! For example I was buzzing down West Broadway with Sally in her Volkswagon ragtop and we were starving. I just wanted to get a burger but I ended up with a "Falafel". What the *&^% is a Falafel? Well it was pretty good I can tell you! One night at the Royal Towers I took Sally to see a band where she met Bob Ego who became her future husband. How much fun was it for me to go club hopping with Sally Zildjian and to introduce her to my drummer friends! Talk about a double take I got every time I introduced her to one of you guys! Sally WHO !? That was so much fun but today my heart goes out to anyone who has lost their dad (as have I) tonight to Sally, Billy, Andy and Mrs. Willi Zildjian. Thank you for helping myself and all my friends sound and feel amazing every time we connect with your percussive metals !!!! Drums are fabulous but your cymbals are just frickin EXPLOSIVE ! Thank you. Bob Zildjian was such a cool guy. You would have liked him because I know you are totally connected to your family as was he. The family history is ancient and complicated but the Canadian connection was just something as simple as a hunting retreat. What a wonderful man and he opened the doors to so many Canadian musicians. I guess if I could be brief about his influence I would just say Bob Zildjian breached the boundaries of politics in the manufacturing of musical instruments. He created international awareness and respect for Canada as a source of the highest quality musically percussive metals. Mr. Zildjian gave work and refuge for Turkish immigrants when Uncle Sam refused them. He brought life into the suffering economy of New Brunswick and specifically the previously unheard of town "Meductic". There is so much to say about Bob Zildjian. He will truly be remembered as a "symbol" of many things. Maybe now people will come to understand that he renamed "Zildjian" to "SABIAN" because of his love for Sally, Billy and Andy. I treasure the few times I met him and Willi and having the opportunity to hang out with his family. I simply can't say enough about how the Zildjian family treats friends, family and myself as a former dealer. I hope Bob looks down upon us and enjoys his legacy! - Wayne Maglio
My condolences to the Zildjian Family. I thank God for you RZ. Your gifts to the drummers all over the world are priceless. My gratitude to you for the times that i spent with you, I'll never forget. Peace Be Still. RIP - Gerry Brown
Our Thoughts and Prayers to the Zildjian Family and the Sabian Family/ Staff. May God Bless You All! A very special "Thank You" to Mr. Robert Zildjian! - Odie de la Fuente
It is with heavy heart that we have lost such an inspiring man and respected ambassador to the music world. Our condolences go out to the Sabian and Zildjian families. - Lone Star Percussion
RIP Mr. Robert Zildjian < Sabian Cymbal Founder> I have loved and enjoyed your products for many years and Still am a loyal Sabian user with my current band Acoustic Train from Woodstock NB keep up the great work & tradition of RZ, Sabian crew Very sorry Zildjian family & Co & all others for your loss your in our thoughts and prayers, God Bless, PPedersen - Paul Pedersen
Certain names are, for us musician, something special. This weekend I'll play my HH medium ride dedicating its nice sound to Mr. Robert. I express my deepest condolences and respect to the family and to the whole Sabian crew. - Alessandro Rossini
My thoughts are with the Zildjian family immediate and extended. Robert fielded the call when asked where are my Zildjian Cymbals and Gong that were drop shipped in the early '70s. Your legacy will live on. - Jack Warner
Thank you for changing the way drummers all around the world hear cymbals....your vision help to shape not only the cymbal industry but the drum will be missed but never forgotten RIP - Ryan P
RIP Robert. Thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument. I am proud to be able to play them. Condolences to your family. Your life will live on through the music created with your cymbals. - Nick Saya
Thank you Mr. Zildjian for the wonderful cymbals to make my drumming sound bigger and better. My condolences to the Zildjian family. May you rest in peace. - Travis B.
Condolences to SABIAN And Zildjian. In our memories ever - Rolo
Deepest sympathy to the family of Mr. RZ Zildjian. May God bless you with peace in this time of sorrow. Thank you RZ for creating such a great company. - J. Ursh
Sending thoughts of luck and thath! - yacko
RIP Mr Zildjian. Condolences the Zildjian and SABIAN family. May your spirit live on through the music you've brought us all. - Michael Love
Thank you Mr. Robert Zildjian for your amazing craft work that you perfected to call your own. My thoughts, condolences and prayers are with Willi, Sally, Andy, Bill and all the Zildjian family. God bless. - Christopher Garcia Jr
My condolences goes out to Mr. Robert Zildjian and his family.Thank you for your contribution to the drumming world your legacy will live on forever. - Darryl White
He was a great visionary and an inspiration to us all. He will never be forgotten. Thanks for all. R.I.P. - Julius Petrus
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sabian company and the Zildjian family. - The staff of Perc Up
My deepest condolences to the Sabian family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you brought to this world Mr. Zildjian. RIP - Gintas Janusonis
As a young boy used to dream about having Zildjian cymbals but I was a little reluctant to buy 'em because of their price. I then came across Sabian over the internet and bought 'em instead since that time I have never looked back. Having delivered the best quality cymbals at the most decent prices I feel proud to be an owner of Sabian cymbals. I feel privileged to use RZ's cymbals who everyday somewhere in the world are delivering the best sounds. As a part of those Musicians I'd like to thank Robert Zildjian from the bottom of my heart! - Arjun Mathur, India
The Sabian family will certainly miss R.Z. My thoughts and prayers are with Willi, Sally, Andy, Bill and all the Zildjian family. God bless. - lorenzo
He is indeed an unforgettable character, inventor and inspiring to world of musicians. We lost a sincere and devoted friend, may his legacy stays on for ever. - Arin Avanessian
Bob, you will be missed! The drum World won't be the same . - Johnny Vee
Unforgettable corrector, inventor and inspiring to world of musicians. We lost a sincere and devoted friend, may his legacy stays on for ever. - Arin Avanessian
Rest in peace. Thx for the best out there. - Rini
Rest in peace. Thank you for the wonderful cymbals! - Taras
A few people created such a legacy as he did. - Cesar Maciel
Thank you Robert Zildjian for creating such an amazing array of quality cymbals. I have played your instruments proudly for the last 15 years. I look forward to doing so until I stop playing. Warmest regards - Pierre Tremblay, Ottawa, Canada
Robert Zildjian brought the art of cymbals to a new level. His focus on "artist feedback" in making cymbals vs. how they were/are made traditionally proved Mr. Zildjian the pioneer, the proof that something old can be made new again. We as musicians/drummers/percussionists are better for Mr. Zildjians efforts in the music industry and will only continue to improve and inspire. God Speed Mr. Zildjian, may your legacy live on in the products it produces, in the people whose ears are filled with its wonderous sound. It is aural gold, more pure and true than the physical gold the original alchemist was trying to make, and it is forever. - Chris Dembeyiotis
Thank you for allowing me the honor of your friendship and opportunity to be one of your most enthusiastic dealers. Each time we set foot in your booth at a NAMM show you were always genuinely glad to see us. You set the bar high not only as a CEO, but as a gentleman.We will never forget you and we'll keep your memory alive each time we hear or play a Sabian cymbal. Our deepest and sincerest sympathies go out to the entire Zildjian family. Robert & Janet Fiandaca Louisville, Kentucky - Robert & Janet Fiandaca
Bob’s presence will certainly be missed at SABIAN. Our condolences and prayers to Willi, and the rest of the Zildjian family. - Lewis & Donna Furrow
Thank you for my first set of real cymbals, they changed my life, and you along with them. Condolences to the Zildjian family and friends. Rest In Peace, Robert "RZ" Zildjian. - Peter Louis
RIP por nos proporcionar uma grande qualidade de pratos com excelentes sons. Valeu! - Danilo Zan
My prayers are with the Zildjian family and friends during this difficult time. - Arti Dixson
My blessings and prayers go out to all of the Zildjian family and close friends. May you all celebrate his life and legacy in this time of mourning. - Danny Cass
A mastermind, who brought the world the best cymbals, will be truly missed. Thank you RZ, for bringing innovation of the cymbal to a whole new level. Thank you for Sabian. My thoughts are with the Zildijan family and all who are a part of the Sabian Co. Let the genius live on through our music as we play the best cymbals in the world. - Paul Campbell
Remembering and celebrating a life as full and as interesting as the company and the instruments he created. Perhaps even more than this, the openness and down-to-earth honesty he brought to this industry are what make me smile and remember him with fondness. I wish I had the opportunity to tell him what an inspiration he has been to me. - Ronn Dunnett
My condolences to the Sabian family.....RIP. - Brian Koch
"Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!" Psalm 150:5 - DJ Burel
I was so sorry to learn the news. My thoughts are with the Zildjian family, the entire Sabian team, and everyone else who was touched by Robert Zildjian's vision and determination. May he rest in peace. - Andy Doerschuk
You will be missed! Apart of the best cymbal making family in the world! - JJ
I met Rob at a NAMM show and right of the bat he knew who i was which was really SHOCKING to me since he meets so many people! haha but i must say talking with him that amount of time we did and talking about the different sounds what he thought of certain cymbals and why his cymbals are different from others etc. was so awesome! The tone of his voice of how passionate he was about his products and how warm he would be and telling me to take a chance an try something else. I'll never forget that day. Truly was a blessings and I'm so thankful to have met him when i did. My heart goes out to the Zildjian family and all who knew him. Thank you Rob for your kind words and making the world a better place. You will be missed. - Christian Pepin
Rest in Peace and thanks for all Bob! - Guglielmo
Such a nice man when I met him a long time ago in London. We talked cymbals but we also talked about where I was from (Sudbury, Ontario) and he was more concerned about my story than his! That's a great man. You leave a wonderful legacy, Mr. Z. Hope we live up to it and serve you well! - Michael Dumont
It was with great sorry that I heard the news of Bob's passing this morning. I felt very honored to be a part of the Sabian family and to have known Bob over all these years. He will be missed by all who ever had the pleasure of knowing him. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. Most sincerely, BEN MILLER - Ben Miller
You will be missed! - Dean Cheevers
You were a great innovator and I know that the entire drum fam is thankful for you. RIP Mr. Z. May God's strenght be with your family. - Gabriel
Thank you for your support on the Rock and Roll history. Rest in peace. - Antonio J. Sierra.
I met Bob in 2005 on a trip to Sabian in Canada. He was a wonderful man who everyone loved. He inspired all of us, including me. Thanks Bob, your work will live forever. We all will miss you. - - Lance Rhoads
Thanks to you I,m still playing my 20 inch K ride that I purchased in 1959 it has the greatest sound next to the 18 sizzle . I have other drummers ask where did you get that sound. Your Zildjian line are the best, Jack Zerkie - Thank You MR Z.
I have used Sabian cymbal for sometime. And I believe that Robert had a lot to do with just how they sounded. He was a hard and dedicated person to his company. Instead of retiring he stayed as a working man, were most American CEOs would be on the beach, flying their private jets, but not Robert, I am sure he took vacations as we all do, but he always returned to the grounds of working, and making thing better for us drummers. Rest In Peace Robert its well deserved. And may God bless the entire Sabian family. - John DeRosa
Rest in Peace Robert. - Shawn
I couldnt have become the drummer I am today without you Bob! Thank you RD,AB - Dylan Cave
I had the good fortune of growing up in Norwell next to the Zildjian family. Mr. ZIldjian was very kind to my family and helped us through some tough times. He nicknamed me trouble because of the mischief I got into. My thoughts and prayers are with Billy, Sally, my friend Andy and the entire Zildjian family. Rest in peace Sir! - Pat "trouble" Sterling
My father worked for Zildjians in the 60s/70s. He thought very highly of Robert. My mother greatly appreciated how they took care of her with my dads passing. My condolences to the family. - Charles Barton
Your great heritage will live forever. Thanks for all Bob. - Paolo Scarnati
It is with great sadness that I learn of the the passing of Robert Zildjian. My prayers are with his family and friends at this time. His passion and love of sound--evident through Sabian cymbals--will continue through all who play such remarkable instruments. - David Collier
A true gent who inspired me many years ago by simply listening to him talk. I will never forget the Canadian Club drink at his place over looking the lake. Totally inspired and I am so glad I had the honour of meeting you. Thank you so much RIP Andy X - Andy Anderson Drum Shop UK
Bob will be missed and not forgotten. His contribution to the music industry is an inspiration to us all. My deepest sympathies to his wonderful family. - Bob Kasha
RZ poured his heart and soul into Sabian--even with his passing, his memory will live on every time a stick or brush graces one of his cymbals. You'll be missed by drummers at all ages and levels of experience. Thank you for what you've given us. - Dillon
My deepest sympathies. To Family and friends he will be greatly missed from Northumberland Designated Driver Service. - Scott Wilson
My deepest sympathies. I never had the chance to meet Robert but I have been influenced by his passion and vision with Sabian! Thanks for everything. What an inspiration! - Stephane Chamberland
Sabian has been my favorite cymbals ever since I started drumming. RZ has been an inspiration. He will be missed. - Noah Bruce
My deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones on your great loss. He will not be forgotten. - Tracey Isabelle
My condolences to your family for your loss. Bob's legacy will never fade. - Russ Wiles
My deepest sympathy to Roberts' whole family. A great loss to the musical family. - Phillip Injeian
Thanks for your work and amazing creations. The arts and music are missing you already. Condolences to the Zildjian family. - Alec
Thank you for believing in my son Jose Joyette-Hadaway, Very nice human being, God Bless you, R.I.P. - Lenny Hadaway
Robert a true master of Percussion, The Zildjian family needs no introduction. I'm fully confident that Christ has most certainly called home one of His gifted children. May the Joy and peace of Christ be with His family. - Jit Pereira
A great product backed by a fabulous staff always ready to support the industry and education of future drummers through all your clinic backing - Qualities like this can only come from the top - Thank you Robert RIP - Peter Greco
Robert Zildjian has made a defining contribution to the musical society with his strong tradition and business ethics that made his company strong. His tradition and love for the business will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to all of his family grieving for him right now. - Alex Xu
Hands down the best cymbals to ever be made. Mr. Zildjian was a true innovator for the modern world of music and his contributions to this ever growing company will last forever. - Mike Classi
Condolences to Zildjian family. - Keith Sim
My deepest condolences to the Zildjian family. Robert was a great man and an inspiration to us all. God Bless. - Bart Robley
It saddens me to hear of a the loss of such a great man and creator of such wonderful cymbals. My heart goes out to the family, friends and those who were close to him. - Mark Lanham
Thank you for such excellent cymbals. Rest in peace. - Ismael Pereyra
Thank you Bob (and Willi) for being such a gracious hosts to those of us lucky enough to have visited you in Meductic. Bob, your work greatly influenced my life and the lives of so many others - thank you. To the family: the world is sorry for your loss, please take care of yourselves and continue to share Bob's story for years to come. - R Corey Taylor
Thank you for your inspirational life and gift of music. Rest in peace. - Isabelle Hernandez
A great man is and will be missed. To the family and other friends my prayers are with you at this time. God has a new addition to his great band in the sky! - Dave Pickett
A true visionary and honorable man who made a great impact on all around him. - LaFayette Parish
RIP I remember my 1st Zildjan top hat. I was so proud - Audrey Mantel
What the others have said. Thank you sir, through your products a lot of dreams have been reached. I feel sure I'll be lucky enough to meet you in Heaven's band one day. May God bless his family during your great loss. - Ed Harris
E Saganov - A true loss to the musical community
Thank you for everything you have done for all music. You will be missed - Eddie Monster
See you soon - Bonzo Bonham
Thank you Rob. RIP - Alessio
My deepest condolences and my sincere gratitude for allowing thousands of people to realize their dream, playing the cymbals that you made,and Sabian will contonue to make - Biagio Francia
with shared loss and love - T eD Johnson
RIP you great man. - Richard Clemson
Condolences to the Sabian and Zildjian family. Mr. Zildjian, You have brought much "joy through sound" to the community. Thank you for everlasting support for educational and percussive events. GlobalDrumDay in nyc began with the brotherhood of Sabian artists. The next 2013 GlobalDrumDay event will be dedicated to you. Sabian lives on. - Vin Scialla
R.I.P. Some of my favorite drummers play Sabian cymbals. My condolences to his friends and family. - David S.
You founded and built a great company. I can't even imagine the amount of hard work and effect that went into doing so. So please, rest easy, you've made a grand contribution to an industry and an art that so many of us love and found a passion for. - Emi Agbo
Our thoughts and prayers are with Sabian Cymbals family during this difficult time. With heartfelt condolences; - Bosphorus Cymbals Co.
New Brunswick has lost a true visionary. Thank you Bob Zildjian for your love of our Province and the people who live and work here. You believed in the people from rural New Brunswick and provided opportunities that they would never have experienced but for you. You have inspired us to see the good in others and may we follow your example of offering a word of encouragement and a helping hand whenever we can. - Hilery T. Hargrove
God's peace and strength be with the family at this difficult time. - Jules Follett
Another great loss - Mike S.
What a life to celebrate! Bob made a huge contribution to the world of Percussion. We are very pleased to have met and spent some time with this nice, remarkable man. Our condolences to WIlli, the family and everyone at Sabian. - Michael and Christeen Skinner
While I never personally knew RZ, I have used Sabian cymbals for years and have always found the history of RZ and his family very interesting. It's very sad to lose a great man like this, may he rest in peace and never be forgotten. - Kyle Quirk
Thank you for your efforts and rest in peace! - André Namur
My condolences to Andy and everyone in the Sabian family. - Johnny Kelly
Thank you for bringing so much to drummers and music. May you live on through every crash of every one of your cymbals. - Marty Strong
Thank you Robert!! - Dino Crnkovich
A great man and a real legend. Rest in eternal peace - S. Sib
To Andy, all the family, and employees of Sabian, my deepest sympathies for the loss of such a great Man! - Scott Peaker
Condolences to your family - Kristy Field-Thompson
Thanks for making the world sound a little better. Cheers - Drevpile
I will never forget the time that you took me to the local lumberjack competition. As much of an industry pioneer and icon that you were, you still had such a joy for the simple things in life. We had such a good time sitting on the bleachers and watching the lumberjacks - it really did inspire me - never loose sight of the little things, especially in your own community. You did so much for everybody around you. We are all eternally grateful. - Scott Feehan
I bought a basic set of your cymbals to replace some cheap unbranded ones and have never changed brand since. Drumming motivates me to get out of bed in the mornings and you had a large part to play for that but all I can say in return is thank you and send my deepest condolences to your family, you helped make the world sound a whole lot better. May you rest in peace. - Samuel Heys
Thank you for your passion and professionalism. RIP - Jonathan Ramey
Robert Zildjian epitomized the saying, "Find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life." In the world of music, your work will continue to ring out its joyful emphasis with the artistry of the ages. Thank you, Robert. - John Sitaras
You will never be forgotten. May you you rest in eternal peace. - Harrell Broome
I have been always a fan of your products from the first time I have learned to play the drums. Thank you for the contribution in this world. Let history always remember you. May you rest in peace. - Ian Nuñez
RIP Mr. Zildjian. Thank you. - Derek
Sorry for the loss. Though our drummer is JUST moving to SABIAN, he has been a fan of Bob and his work for a very long time. - the Leg Lamps
Bob, you were the great man in the music industry. You will be missed. You gave me an opportuntity to serve in the music industry and shared your personal experience in both life and work that I will not forget. R.I.P. - Jonathon Yip
So terribly sorry. I have great memories of my times at the factory and my relationships with my friends in the family. Keep crashing those plates. - Morris "Arnie" Lang
RY / Holland - Rest in peace
The first ones i tried, the last and only cymbals I will own - Zildjian all the way. Rest in peace, we'll keep the beat going for you. - Robert LT
Thanks for everything. You will be missed. - Dom Williams
Dear Zildjian Family, This beautiful picture of Bob expresses so well his love of life, family and his work. It has been an honor to know and treasure him and his family. He is already sadly missed by his Bermuda friends. - Anne Kast
RIP Mr. Zildjian. Thanks for making such a great line of cymbals so anyone can afford to learn how to play. - Owen Baxter
Thank you Mr. Zildjian for your hospitality, and your overwhelming music contribution to the world. I will always remember your kind spirit. Go in peace. - Chris Arpad
RIP Mr. Zildjian. Your vision of what cymbals look and sound like were the sole reasons i chose Sabian over everything else. my thoughts and prayers are with you, the Sabian family, as well as the whole Zildjian family,and percussion world.. You will be missed dearly Respectfully, Saadi Yusufzai - Saadi Yusufzai
Extremely sad news to hear of the passing of Robert Zildjian founder of SABIAN cymbals yesterday. My father passed away on the day Arbiter Group plc (UK) got the distribution for SABIAN in 1992. I met Bob shortly after and he welcomed me to the SABIAN family and found his passionate, inspiring, determinate nature together with his generous wisdom and fighting spirit, he enriched my business life during my time with SABIAN. My thoughts and condolences are with the SABIAN family at the company at this time. With a deep respect, I thank you for the laughs and the good times. Rest in peace RZ, your memory lives on. - Jerome Marcus
Cymbals are so cool and in school when the band plays the at the "cherry on top." - Seth
Goodbye to a great and gentle man. I knew that thunderstorm had a brighter note last night as you brought the joy of creating your unique sound to the heavens above. I know my sound will always reflect your joyous achievements- thank you. - Merrilee
When i first started playing drums, all i could talk about was zildjian " that was the only company i knew at the time" then one day i was in a music store, and they had a sabian ride cymbal. it was the only ride cymbal they had so my mother bought it for me. to my great surprise, it was the best cymbal i ever heard. and further down the road i started getting more sabians. i was in love with their sound, projection and clarity . sabian is the only brand i use. thank you Robert Zildjian for reinventing dark and trashy, and bright and focused. May your legacy and your creativity be remembered. God bless - Derrick Peters
Rest in Peace Bob! Thank you for so many memories! You are going to be missed! - Dan Quisenberry
When I was working at the wholesalecompany in The Netherlands with Harry Derlagen I always met Bob at the Frankfurter Musik Messe. He had a great vision and although I'm a guitarplayer and singer, I will certainly use Sabian cymbals in my studio!!! He will never be forgotten. - Peter Damm (The Brooklyn Brothers)
R.I.P. to the man that made not only an incredible product but gave it an incredible sound. You sir are a true visionary and will be missed not only by your staff, but by loads of fans and drummers around the world. I as a drummer salute you RZ! - Dominic Robbins
RIP Mr. Z. You've enabled so many of us to make music. Every crash, lick and groove played on this day shall collectively form a choir of prayer and song to speed you on your journey. - mrc
R.I.P. and, Thank you Mr Zildjian. You changed the sound of cymbals forever and for the better. - Andy, Scotland
Rest in Peace Sir Robert Zildjian, You will be missed, Thanks for all,, You're a Great Leader.. Sabian Cymbals changed my Life and My Sabian Cymbals inspires me in every single day of my life,, RIP RZ - Elijah Viadan
I had the delightful pleasure to meet with Bob and Willi several times. Their love for family, friends and especially for each other was unmistakenably reflective in ther personalities. Thank you for touching my life. The world has lost a great man. My condolences to Willi and the family. Much love. - Denise Sargent
R.I.P. Mr. Z. - Kyle Bauer
Your name will forever live on in the music from your wonderful Cymbals RIP RZ - Paul Stanton
You will be missed, my first cymbals were sabians, they changed my life in all honesty. Say hello to avedis for us. - Oliver from Australia
The news made me very sad. I never had the honor of meeting R.Z. but the energy that emerges from all the work he done for music by Sabian made it clear and palpable the greatness, the humility and the immense passion that led this man to infuse all his energies in a very ambitious project that has proved immediately successful. I met some friends of Sabian and I felt immediately made the cozy atmosphere of serenity and sincerity that made me feel immediately part of a wonderful family. And it was immediately clear that the imprinting of this way of dealing with the artists and with all the fans came from a very special man. Thanks Robert for having sent us all the passion and perseverance to believe in something. Your enormous amount of work, especially in this time in history, will serve as an example for the new generations. A beautiful example and a powerful message of life. Thank you very much Robert! In addition, I extend my more sincere and heartfelt condolences to the entire family confident that they can help you in the long endure his absence. R.I.P. Robert - Filippo Lattanzi
Mr. Robert, thanks for all. Rest in peace. - Lug from Italy
The Mondavi's got back together. So should the Zildjian's! Rest in Peace RZ. - Confucius
Most of my life, every since I can barely remenber. I've listened to gigging musicians playing Ziljian cymbals and always loved the pure tonalistic sound that they emminated when struck. Started playing them in jr. high school and on to current day! While in high school, I played a studio gig on a kit which was equipped with sabian cymbals WOW! The uniquely different sound they had, just totally overwelmed me. Just as there are major & minor scales, sharp & flat notes, and black & white keys on the pianos we play. In perspective, collectively there is Only the Zildjian Families Finest Creations. I Totally Love Their Sound Forever. My Sincere Condolences to Rober Zildjian's Family & to his Legacy: SABIAN CYMBAL Co. Robert, As you Crash your way into Heaven, make a Big Splash of sweet tonal Bliss, as you Ride On the Wings of Angels! Amen - Rick Woods
R.I.P. you amazing man. - Matt
Thank you - Robert Wayne
Rust in peace god of cymbals yolo - los tit's
R.I.P. to the great Sabian founder...I have been using Sabian cymbals for 7 years and found a great mentor in the art of cymbal making...May his great legacy be carried on by this wonderful company he created!!! - Radu Andrei
R.I.P. Thanks For creating the great Sabian Sound - Kevin Grondelaers
R.I.P Thanks for your contribution and influence to musical industry. You are a legend!! - Annie
My last to weeks I've been checking the website to clarify which 8 cymbal pieces to get, and now I suddenly see this?! What a burden! R.I.P sir, God Bless! - Sebastian Micu
I have found out with deep sorrow about the passing of Mr.Robert Zildjian, a great great man who came from a family that literally changed the soundtrack of everyone`s life starting for the first time in 1600, and than one more time, with the same impact, in the modern era. Sabian and Zildjian are indeed two different brands, but with the same soul. And although great quality cymbalmaking will go on with probably wonderful results, nobody and nothing will ever be able to replace the hands and soul of the last true cymbalmaker. He will always be remembered and his, and his family spirit will forever live on in our hearts and our cymbals. May he rest peace. - Stefan Benedict
R.I.P - Drumxound Germany
See you soon ;) - Dub
I hope you are at peace - Greg
A true giant of the industry and a Gentleman Rest in peace Bob. - John Rogers
Thank you for contributing to my dream to drum. - Ariana Mapua
Rest in peace sir and thank you for the wonderful cymbals. - Anthony Benson
Rest in peace, Mr. Zildjian. Deepest sympathies to everyone dear and near to him. A gem of a human being who never retired until his last breath. Love and Respect. - Sampat Rabani
Truly someone who will be remembered forever. Rest in peace. - Carlos I
It's wordless... My sincere condolences. Rest in peace. - Dmitry
Rest in peace. - Jolof
What you did, with your life - how you reacted against setbacks - will remain inspiring for everyone. You learned us to believe in ourselves, our goals, our strenghts, just like you did. So, thank you Mr Zildjian, you were, and will always, be a great leader. And we will keep your spirit alive. Rest in Peace, dear Robert Ziljian. - Tim Mertez
Rest in peace - Deryck
Thank you for making the sounds in my head possible. - Carter Hill
May you rest with angels in heaven. Your work here on this earth is done. - Alex Saldivar
We are so sorry that the Wold has lost such an amazing man. He is going to be a legend forever. Rest in Peace, dear Robert Ziljian. - Ton-Line Company
R.I.P. Mr. Robert Zildjian.... Tonight I remember feeling welcomed in your home. Your we're generous and you listened to the young and really knew how to make a guy feel "listened too". You facilitated AMAZING musical instruments to the world! You told very funny jokes!!! Your legacy remains... Safe passage Dear Sir! (My condolences to his wife Willi, and of course his children Andy, Sally and Billy) Sabian rules... - Todd Spielmacher
Even though I have never met Robert Zildjian, I feel as if a friend of mine has left me. I feel as if you hadn't done what you have done for the Drum/Music Industry, I myself, as well as many others, amateur to professional, wouldn't be the drummers that we are without your vision that created these outstanding cymbals. You had an idea, You sought to make it a reality, and You made it into some of the most amazing cymbals that this world has ever seen. Rest in Peace, Bob. - Emile Concepcion
Sabians were my first cymbals in 1991; I had no clue that you were a relatively new company, they sounded great and the catalog looked equal/better than the rest. Still my choice. A roll of my 18" HH thin crash in your honor, and may Jesus who knows both ends of life bring you, family and company alike, His peace and comfort now. Others have said, I'll repeat, Psalm 150:5 Praise Him with AAX crashes, praise Him with HH rides. Thank you all for your part in my music. - K-Y Su
RIP, old pal. We're gonna miss ya. - Adam O'Reilly
We were very sad to hear that Mr. Robert Zildjian has passed away. We send our deepest condolences, to his family, freinds and all in SABIAN. We will miss Bob. Rest In Peace. - Jung, In Suk (IL HUNG)
Thank you for what you have done to the drum industry. You inspired us. Thank You Rest in peace, RZ - Jessada Chitrakorn
Thank you for pushing through and making the impossible happen, founding Sabian and creating a wonderful line of cymbals for all drummers to use. Sabian was the first brand of cybmals I ever used, and will always treasure. Infact, my brother and I always have at least a Sabian cymbal in our arsenal, because we love them alot! Because of their sound, consistency and innovation. With out you, even though I've never met you, I wouldn't have loved durms as much! Rest in peace sir and thank you for sharing your craft to the world - Ed
Thank you Robert Zildjian for making music better and for the great design for drumming.. - Ben Clevenger
Thank you for all you have created and inspired. You crafted products that allow us drummers to truly express ourselves musically. May you forever play the "Great Gig in the Sky" We will always be greatful for your foresight to innovation. And with that, we create our expressions. Thank you! \m/ \m/ - Tony Franco
You've been an inspiration to not only all your artists but all the real artists - your employees - who innovate and produce some of the finest cymbals that I proudly say I have on my kit, production and prototypes. It's the love that goes into them which sets them apart from the rest. If only more companies in more industries had a leader like you. So, good on you mate. You've done this world a great service and left behind a legacy like no other, which I can only hope will carry on for many years and generations to come. Safe travels, good sir. Next time it thunders on Earth, be sure to hit a big crash cymbal for us so we know you're still keeping an eye on your troops. :) - Tony Antoniou
Your customers always came first, and there are few people who ever have such an influence on an entire group of performers. Your products are a testimony to your dedication to your craft and every single time a cymbal crashes it is the beautiful sound of your passion! Thank you for all of your work and innovations, you will be truly missed!! Every time my cymbals crash, it will be in honor to you. - Timothy Updike
Even that at some point you were part of Zildjian's Company you decided to make the change! I am really amazed how your dreams and goals were accomplished. We as drummers thank you for such great cymbals you created we will remember you! Robert Zildjian R.I.P. - Isai Solis Garcia
Thank you for your great cymbals sir! RIP - Raymon Cadaguman
Thank you for all that you have done for drummers! We stand behind the band but we are the front of the performance! Rest in peace! \m/ - Dustin Clark
You know how to CRASH a party my friend, thank you for all the wonderful noise you helped me make. You made many people and Armenians around the world proud. I hope the world will finally recognize that ZILJIAN /SABIAN SYMBOLS are ARMENIAN owned not Turkish. Getseh Hayutyun ! Yev Tashnagtsutyun... - Daniel (Berjmaster) Bedrosian
To a class act. To one of few that genuinely cared about their craft, customers, and legacy. You left a great one, and you will be missed dearly. - Cam
May your legacy always live on. Thank you for building a company with the musicians in mind and always striving to push the boundaries of cymbal innovation. You'll be truly missed but we'll carry your spirit on with all our musical endeavors. Long live the leader of cymbal innovation. - Beazl - Cost Of Desire
Great cymbals......Great man. - Mike Murphy
Godspeed brother and rock on !!!!!! - redassbaboon
I am terrible to hear this terrible news, but I know that his legacy will live on through the drummers of today and we will not let him down. - Liam
Mr. Zildjian, You founded a cymbal company that believes in the musicians that play them. I am very proud of being a part of the SABIAN family for more than ten years. We met once around the time Armand died. In times of family strife, I never forget what you told me. I expressed my condolences to you. You told me that despite everything that had ever happened between you, he was still your brother and that you missed him. You are king amongst men. Rest in peace and thank you very very much. - Flavio Monopoli
Thank you for help creating the best cymbal company ever! We will miss you! - K.D.
Thank you for giving me a crisp loud crash on 1, and for imagining innovating and creating. RIP. - Jimmy
My thoughts go out to Robert's family, friends and colleges. Sabian has always delivered top quality products and service and this is truly a big lose to the music community. - Justin. F
My prayers to the Zildjian family. Sabian has always been my favorite cymbal in my 23 years of playing. Thank you for your product, your service, and most of all your heart to satisfy customers though out this world. - Leroy "Biggie" Rich
I was not a huge Zildjian cymbal fan but I am a big fan of the Sabian's. Thank you for creating them and may you have the knowledge that you live on forever in the sound of music!!! - Mark T
Thank you for providing me with my first cymbals, as well as my Dad with his cymbals. You've inspired me to peruse a career in Classical Percussion Performance, and I promise to honor your memory with my career. God bless you, and God Bless the Zildjian family. Rest in peace sir. - Samuel Eisenberg
Thanks for your big contributions Louie Belson and I and many conversations of the Quality product and the best of sounds. RIP - Larry A.
Thank you for your hard work and innovations. - Brian S.
I've been drumming for 9 years and im 16 and the only brand for me is Sabian you will be greatly missed in the drumming world my deepest condolences Thanks - Brad
Saddened to hear of this loss... I've been playing B8's for nearly 20 years because they sounded great and were affordable. Never met the man but feel like I just lost a piece of myself also. What an impact he made!! My condolences for the family and out of respect I will now go play in celebration of him....RIP, sir. - Patrick Johnson
I was quite sad to hear that Mr. Zildjian has passed. I wish the whole family of Zildjian and all their friends and workers my deepest condolences. I would not normally want to pass business telephone numbers at such a time of grievance, but, I want to give both The Sabian Company and The Zildjian Company my telephone number here in case they need to contact me about any of the magnificent cymbal business(es) that he made better than anyone. My telephone number is: (440) 218-9855. Please call about any wishes or bequeaths. And, again, I do give my most deep condolences about his death. He is a man that I held in personal high regard for making the very finest cymbals, and, he was a fine man also. I ask that you resurrect him, if no one else did. Other than that, may his soul rest in eternal peace. Sincerely, Marcus Shouha (Wesley) and family - Marcus Shouha (Wesley)
The drumming world, and the music retail business lost one of the best today. RZ, you have given us so much, and you made fun. Our love and respect go out to all of the SABIAN family. - Steve & Stefanie Hilstein, Founders of The Drum Circuit
Thanks buddy - Nick
A brilliant story. Respects to the family, rest in peace. - Ryan Berg
Thanks For Giving Us All The Great Sounds Bud, You Will Be Dearly Missed!!! Dead Rabbits For Life!!! - Nick D
My sincere condolences. Rest in peace. - Ed Choi
Robert started a great dynasty with this wonderful line of cymbals. If you got my idol Phil Collins to switch for the rest of his career, you did something right. But your cymbals are just plain nice. Robert did this, and I am thankful!!! G'd speed you, Robert Zildjian!!! - Douglas Rogers
My condolences to the family Zildjian and Sabian. Thanks Robert for be highly influential in this world! thanks for the support and great humility as a person. - Enzo Bacino - SABIAN Artist
I'm in tears as I write this I was so proud and happy at his big move to the Canada plant to start Sabian in the early 80s it was a turly a brave move He was a true Pioneer. A Innovater in changing and bettering the sound and art of cymbal make. God Bless you my friend and all my prayers to the Zildjian family James Lavar Hough San Diego Ca - James Hough
Thanks to this great man, the crashes of my cymbals sound perfect for any occasion. Thank you good sir. May you rest in peace. This day is a sad one. - Jeff Wright, Tx
Rest in peace Mr. Robert Zildjian, the leader of the nicest group of people from the most innovative and hardest-working company I have ever had the privilege of working with in the music industry. - David Glover
The sad reality of getting older is loosing people you admire and deeply respect. Rest Well, Bob. Hoping the entire Sabian family finds peace and acceptance and can carry on the great legacy. Much love to Billy, Sally and my dear friend Andy. Sincerely- - Dendy Jarrett
Rob. Fue un hombre que penso en grande, sorprendentes platillos, increible sonido. Un ejemplo de que no debemos rendirnos y ser mejores cada. bendiciones Sabian & Zildjian Family - RIP "RZ" - Jhuliam Ramonez
My condolences to the Zildjian family and the Sabian family. Asdvadz hokin loussavore. - Annie Basmadjian
I've played Sabian my whole life, and RZ has always impressed me by putting out such a high quality cymbal. The world lost a great man. - J.D. Walker
RZ was one very wonderful guy. Talk about a guy who followed his passion!! When I visited the Sabian factory I was so impressed at the quality of every person who worked there. After we spent a little time around RZ it was clear that he was the inspiration for this extremely high bar. He was a great no nonsense guy with a great sense of humor. He was very good at making everyone feel at home and made damn sure everyone had a great time. When he started telling stories he immediately captivated everyone's attention. At the risk of sounding corny I know he will still be heard every time someone hits one of his beautiful cymbals. - Donn Bennett
In 1999 i fell in love with sabian cymbals when i bought a HH 17" rock crash and ive never looked bac with the AAXplosion crashes surrounding my it. Thank GOD for a cymbal pioneer like Mr. Robert Zildjian changing my life forever in cymbal land. I never met him of course but down here in the state of Georgia i feel i have connected with him through his cymbal innovations. Rest In Peace sir,and prayers go to his family,friends and co-workers. - Brian Griggs
A great man has been lifted from this earth. We all grieve but he left us one of the greatest companies making the best cymbals, and we should all be thankful for that. He dedicated his life to it and he can rest in peace knowing that his legacy will continue. Thank you Mr. Zildjian for your hard work. - Nathan Liu
A sad but inevitable end. My deepest condolences to the family. Let it be known that today a great cymbal company founder has left the mortal world and has passed on to a better one. His legacy will live forever. - Eduardo Castillo
Things like this are always hard to write but RZ created one of the biggest companies in music sabian has always been my favorite cymbals through music we are all brothers and sisters and we lost a brother today may his memory live on through those closest to RZ and all of us - Gage Kraska
My deepest condolences to Willi, Sally,Bill, Andy, Grandchildred and other Family members. As well as, to the SABIAN Family in Meductic. - Larry Franquez - Guam
A groundbreaker who created an incredible company, whose great products AND customer service continue to speak volumes. A man who truly envisioned and practiced that blend of innovation AND tradition. RIP and may the family members take comfort. - Richard V.
Sadly I have not yet made my pilgrimage to the Sabian factory. After reading Mr. Zildjians biography, you can tell there was a wonderful man behind these wonderful cymbals. Prayers and best Wishes to the Zildjian family and also to the family of workers at the Sabian factory. - Kale Walker
Desde Venezuela. quiero agradecerte por haber fundado esta gran casa de platillos. SABIAN. seras recordado como una persona autentica que a pesar de luchar contra tu propio hermano. supiste salir adelante desde cero y demostrar que los mejores vienen desde abajo. !!!! tengo el rocktagon crash AA de 18". mi favorito y te lo debo a ti. R.I.P Sr Roberto (español) ZILDJIAN - Ronald Del Aguila
Bob was one of those guys, and we could always use more of them, who has made M.I. a great place to be. He will be missed. - Chris Gleason
I will always cherish my trip to Sabian. You made us laugh at dinner. You made us thankful to be drummers. My thoughts and prayers to all of your family and friends. You will be missed, but, may your legacy ride on forever and ever........... - Mark Petrocelli
Robert Zildjian's name will live on amongst the Music community and millions of users of his product. To this day I walk into music stores and do the "blind" test and sabian's continue to be the most pleasant on the ear. - Spike Genalo
My sinerest condolances to Robert's Family and a big thank you fur believing in my Friend Nort Hargrove. You make Fantastic ,Quality products. God Bless. - Alden Henderson
I am deeply saddened by the passing of Robert Zildjian. I will never forget his kindness the one time I visited the Sabian factory in 2005 to write a story for Classic Drummer magazine. Bob and his lovely wife, Willie, took me, along with Wayne Blanchard, out for dinner to his favorite German restaurant. I made sure I sat next to Bob in order to catch every one of his stories about his brother, Armand, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, and many others. At one point, Bob revealed his feelings clearly, when he said, "They threw me out of the family." I found that extremely sad. Even though Bob had made Sabian a huge success, the loss of his family ties was still very troubling to him. Let's hope the Zildjian family can finally put aside their differences. I also saw Bob twice at NAMM in '06 and '07, and he was always gracious. May you rest in peace, Bob. I am privileged to have known you. - Bob Cianci-Jourhnalist & Author
Oh, how lucky I was to have known Bob Zildjian. I have some of the best memories of him. We would laugh so hard we'd cry! He may have made great cymbals but I think his greatest accomplishment was his three children. I'm thinking of all of you. I am so very sorry. Amy - Amy Sands McClellan
Thank you very much for your effort to bring the joy to the drummer. Our heartfelt condolence to your family. - Great Wall Company, China
I can remember being 14 years old and hearing stories of 'the vault' and how cymbal artists were toiling with their tools hand hammering darkness into unfinished cymbals made of the famed 'Sabian Bronze'. Sir, your legacy and legend will live on long past the very last recordings of acoustic instruments. Today, engineers strive to electronically re-create the impossible sounds and emotions that you helped to make famous. Thank you so much for everything. Rest in peace sir. - Kareem Elhawary
ThBefore I even picked up a drumstick, I had chose to play Sabian Cymbals. I love the sound of Sabian Cymbals, paired with the durability. My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Zildijan, another legend is now lost from the world. - Drew Bond
My first Sabians where a starter set of B8's and I haven't looked back Thank you. - Daire Sweeney
Blue Man Group Las Vegas wish to express our sincere condolences to Roberts family and everyone at Sabian. Your spirit lives on in the music you help us create. - Mike Hall/Blue Man Group Vegas
As I was learning the drums in the early 80's, bounced from set to set with brand Z cymbals that I was never happy with the sounds or their affinity for cracking, when it came time to buy my own cymbals I bought Sabians for their durability, sound and especially the inventiveness and out of the box thinking that sabian had that really separated and elevated them above the staleness that was the norm in the business at the time. It's 25 years later and I am still playing sabian as under RZ's leadership they continue to innovate and have forced the other companies to up their game. RIP Robert Zildjian. - Christopher Woods
You took something that was already excellent and made it even better! Thanks for giving drummers around the world another voice in-which to express themselves. See you on the other side! - Michael Elliott
P.S Say Hi to Jimmy for all of us! - Dennis Soto
Mr. Zildjian, Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to perfection! since i started drumming 8 years ago I have prefered nothing but Sabian cymbals because they are perfect. a true innovator you are sir. thank you again! Much love and respect to you and your family, - Dennis Soto
We drummers here in the Philippines expresses our condolences to RZ and the whole Sabian Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you - Marco Katigbak
Since I bought Mike Portnoy's Max Satck cymbals they changed my way of drumming forever and thus had to switch my entire cymbal lineup to Sabian. Great musical products, extraordinary business man. May his legacy continue forever... - Eduardo Dudo
For rethinking the modern cymbal ,i thank you. For inspiring me with new cymbal sounds,I and all drummers thank you. To all the Zildjian family, my heartfelt condolences. Art Valdez , San Pedro , California - Art Valdez
My condolences to Mr. Zildjian's family and to the Sabian family. I have played Sabian Cymbals for many years and they have never let me down. The man may be gone, but his legacy lives on. - Mark Robart
Thanks for all the sounds you've created, continue to create more for the angels of heaven. Enzo Liberto, Italy. - Enzo Liberto
Best wishes to all the loved ones of Robert. May he rest in peace and live forever in your hearts. I met him once when he visited New Zealand in the early 1970`s. - Ian Hull-Brown, Golden Horn, Wellington, New Zealand.
R.I.P Bob Zildjian. Bob died on 28 march at the respectable age of 89. It was my pleasure to have met Bob several times in Canada and in Holland and during the music trade fairs in Frankfurt and Anaheim. I also have the experienced of the cymbal switch from brand Z to the Sabian brand in 1981. ... We as the early Z cymbal distributor in Netherlands went with Bob to the Sabian brand. Thank you Bob for the great cymbals and I remember you as a person with a great sense of humor who was also clever and honest. Wish you all the strength , Willy, and children Sally, Billy and Andy and the rest of the family and friends. Harry and Liesbeth Derlagen - Harry Derlagen
I was just logging on to Sabian's website & just now found out the bad news. Although I do not have any personal stories of Robert Zildjian, I can say & atest to the well known fact, that you, Sir, are & forever will be a Legendary icon for as long as there is drummers around the world that continue to play the music we all individually love & share together; for if it wasn't for the Zildjian family, none of us would be playing those familiar 'pies' we have all come to love & cherish. You have finally come home & may God Bless you & your family ! Thank you, Josh Murrietta. - Josh Murrietta, Anaheim Hills, California
It's truly a sad day in meductic. For those of us that have had the pleasure of working along side Bob to make his vision and all our dreams come true. We will miss you. - Mark and Dorothy Love
all the time i go played on your Sabian, i thought to you!!! thank you M. Zildjian - Nicolas Tremblay
My first set was a Sabian... Today I'm playing Sabian. They're just the only cymbals capable to give me what I want to heard, in each beat. Thank you for giving us the BEST cymbals. R I P Mister Robert Zildjian. S. CZX from Paris FR. - Stéphane CZX
Thank you on behalf of every drummer I've ever worked with. Good Night Robert. - Eddie Gamble
Thank you for giving the world Sabian! - Tony Nistico
I can't thank you enough Robert Zildjian to create the world's greatest Cymbal company. His voice will be heard with every SABIAN Cymbal been hit around the world, my support to Zildjian's family from Costa Rica! - Juan Carlos Coto
Thank you Robert Zildjan for giving me the sound i need to perform, i love your cymbals, thnk you to let us play with your creation and it will be played long as the world will life!!!! My deepest condolences to the family. R.i.p. Robert. Grtz Sammy from the Netherlands! .\../ - sammy de fretes
No hay palabras con las que pueda expresar lo agradecido que estoy coon Robert Zildjian por haber creado la mejor compania de platillos del planeta, su voz sera etername nte escuchada con cada uno de los platillos SABIAN que suena en todo el mundo, paz a sus restos y apoyo a la familia Zildjian desde Costa Rica. - Juan Carlos Coto
Thank you RZ for a wonderful cymbal sound, you will be remembered in every performance. - Mike "Mick" McNeil
im a younger drummer but ive always loved zildjian cymbals. you will be missed dearly by the drumming community,youve made drumming what it is today and i give thanks to you. My heart goes out to the family. Thank you so much for everything youve innovated. Gage - Gage Holland
My deepest condolences to the Zildjian family. Thank you for all, RZ. Rest in peace., God bless You! - Sallaberry
descanse en paz!!!, Don Roberto.. desde Ponce, Puerto Rico. - Pilop Lopez
R.I.P. Robert. I never knew him but Sabian Cymbals help me become the drummer I am today. Respect. - Nocktis WCS
My sincerest condolences to the whole Zildjian family. Thank you for making the best cymbals around. - Luke Helker
I have never used any other brand, you had the vision to create the perfect product and sound R.I.P - Damon Edhouse
My deepest condolences to the Sabian/Zildjian family. An icon in the cymbal business that will be missed but never forgotten. PS - I love my Sabian cymbals! - David Lopez
Hombres de vision son quienes definen y redefinen el camino para que otros puedan continuar con sus propias ambiciones y sueños, Descanse en Paz Robert Zildjian - Dibu Rome
R.I.P RZ, Thank you for bringing us the greatest cymbal company out there! May your legacy forever live on. - Jeremy
You leave a beautiful legacy, Sleep well. - Craig Sclare
R.I.P. a noble legend with a legendary product. - Benjamin Heldorf
All of us at Sabian have lost a major major influence on our lives. Although we all knew it was coming, it was a shock just the same when we heard the news. It’s really difficult to convey what an affect RZ had on the lives of the people at Sabian. He had such a clear vision of what he wanted Sabian to be. Just imagine…. a man in his late 50’s starting a cymbal company, after so many years of dedication to his namesake company. The early days were tough beyond belief. But slowly but surely, Bob built this company up from nothing, to become a world leader in a relatively short period of time. It was his vision and tenacity, not to mention at great personal and financial sacrifice, that got us to where we are today. No question. I can still see him walking through the factory and the offices making his rounds, making sure he talked to everyone. Always ribbing, joking and motivating them in his own special way. Bob had a pet name for just about everyone. Point is, he made everyone in the whole Sabian family feel like part of HIS family. Bob was many things to all of us who knew him. Most of all, he was someone who genuinely cared about his company and the people in it. Not only that, he cared for the community. Every year at the Sabian Christmas party, he would be presented with a note that showed how much money the Sabian employees raised in support of a local needy family and the Salvation Army. It was so moving to see the expression on his face every year when that happened. It made him so happy. Tough on the outside, butter on the inside. That was Bob. We’ll miss him dearly. We’ll go on and we’ll fulfill his vision. We promise. - Sabian Employee
Thoughts and prayers go out to The Zildjian family as well as the Sabian family. Such a great loss to a great innovator of the modern era. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace. - Mike Catone
My deepest condolences to the entire Zildjian and Sabian family. Bob was an icon in the cymbal business and also proud of his "new" roots in New Brunswick. He will be missed. PS I love my Sabian Cymbals. - Lew Jourard
Bob Zildjian was not only kind to me but 1 of our greatest innovators! His creativity in making Sabian Cymbals is one of the greatest gifts to my drum sound. I will respectfully thank him for his vision in building the Sabian brand each and every time I perform. My condolences to the Family! - Billy Kilson
My sincerest condolences to family and friends. Thank you for for everything you have done. - Jakov Runje
So sorry to hear of Bobs passing, my first Pro cymbal was a Sabian, - Mike Drew
Steve Weiss & The Steve Weiss Music Family Are Sending Our Deepest Sympathy & Thoughts & Prayers - Lisa Weiss
Thank you, Mr. Zildjian for all of your hard work and patience with the creation of the best cymbals in the world. Being a Zildjian to Sabian convert, I love the care and respect Sabian has ALWAYS given people like me. Thank you for your time ame and your love for the drumming world. You will be missed. I have a distinct feeling that God has a special place for you in Heaven, and I hope to meet you one blessed day. My most sincere condolences to your family. All of my thanks and love. May you rest in peace knowing that players' lives are better because of you. - Thomas C. Fulbright,III
I am deeply saddened today with the news of the passing of Mr. Robert Zildjian. I've always held the SABIAN family in high esteem. My first cymbals were made by Robert in the early 70's. They were Rogers SS by AZCO of Canada and came in a complete set of Rogers drums (Holiday kit-Fullerton era), with all the hardware and everything down to a drum throne. sticks, and drum key. My father purchased them in the Panama Canal free trade zone and brought them to Costa Rica were he worked for the American Embassy. I am absolutely certain those fine cymbals were what kept my interest in percussion evolving. If my father would have purchased cheap cymbals I'd be playing the Tuba today. Thanks Bob! Over the years it would be exciting to hear stories through the grapevine in those pre-instant news, pre-Internet days, of the family hammering cymbals next to the river in Canada at the cymbal foundry. In my collection I have the autographed splash that was given out by Robert to attendees at the grand opening of the new facility in Meductic. Robert Zildjian was a driving force and inspiration in my life, both personally and professionally. My thoughts and prayers are with Willi, Andy, and the whole family. My deepest sympathy for your loss. - William Victor Salas
An honorable man with a remarkable product. Rest in Peace Mr. Zildjian, drummers all over the world owe you a debt of gratitude. - Matt Leone
Rest in peace mr Robert, you are great and you make too much sound dreams come true, condolences to the Robert´s family and all in SABIAN - Carlos Guevara, (HÉKURA)
Rest in peace. We extend our deepest condolences to family and friends. Zildjian will forever be history. - Joshua V. (VH)
Solo gracias - Samuel Vco
Rest In Peace. My Condolences to family and friends. Sabian: The best - Isra Gmz (Aslaf)
Sabian cymbals were the first I ever played, and they changed and shaped, inspired and drove my desire to get better every time I sat behind a kit. Beyond company lines, Robert Zildjian was a great pioneer, and the music industry as a whole, not just Sabian, will miss him. Cheers my friend. - Terrence K
Always heard great stories about you from James Blades, who was my percussion teacher and my mother's teacher before me. Fiercely proud to have used have played your cymbals throughout my professional career. - Stephen Gilchrist
Sabian was my ifirst choice 25 years ago and its still my choice.....RIP Bob...... - Dom Restagno
God bless! Your spirit lives on! - JP
Rest in peace dear Robert. Being a pro guitarist for 30 years i've had the pleasure of spending countless hours with many of the greatest drummers of our time...your work painted beautiful colors to all of our work and we thank you deeply for that. - Tommy Denander
Praying for the Zildjian family - Ron
It has been a crushing year in music. Mr. Zidjan has assuredly found peace. May the Zildjan family also find peace at this trying time. Deepest Condolences. - Hue Nery
My Condolences to all at Sabian for the major lost of Robert! he will be surely missed by all! I'm sure he's in a much better place and that makes me fell better, but again, what a major lost especially to me for sure! Thank you Robert for all you have done for me and many others over the years and may God bless your fine soul now and forever! RIP Robert Ralph Hardimon - Ralph Hardimon
My deepest condolences to the whole Sabian family, RZ will be missed, dispite his death, he has created a name that will stand the test of time and will forever be the greatest cymbals in the world. And I am proud to own and play Sabian Cymbals and I have been since I was 10 years old. It is the brand i grew up on.Thank you RZ and all if your work, we will miss you and I will miss you - SJ Cerundolo
Our thoughts are with the family. The world lost a pioneer and legend in the music industry. Bob's accomplishments are unparalleled and will never be surpassed. - Tim Coughlin
Rest In Peace - Leonardo Zayas
Dear everyone at Sabian, I have been playing your cymbals since I was 14 years old. Over the years, I've grown to develop a strong feeling and passion for Sabian and now, after all these years, I would never go and get a cymbal from another company. The passing of Robert Zildjian is a tragedy for all the drummers out there, no matter what their choice is. My thoughts are with him and his family and everyone at Sabian! I hope that in the years ahead, you will follow on to his dreams and mission and that you will keep making such a great work, as you have so far. Requiescat In Pace, Robert. Jakub from the Czech Republic, Europe. - Jakub
I had the honor of working for RZ representing Sabian when they first hit the market, but more importantly, I had the privilege of spending time with him in conversation, at drum clinics, and some memorable after clinic dinners! My condolences to his family. - Dan Loan
Sad to hear you Rob passed away. Our deepest sympathy for Willi, Andy Sally and Bill and all Sabian family. "He doesn't go away, he walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near...still missed and very dear". - Xavier Ledesma's Family - Miproarsa Ecuador Distributor
Robert was a truly gifted man. May he be remembered forever by the cymbals he made. I enjoy playing these cymbals very much and it is nice knowing the story behind this as well. - Branson Mecredy
The world of drumming would have never reached the advancements it has today without your innovation and guidance. Thank you for the beautiful work of art that is Sabian Cymbals. I have a very old B8 china that takes your head off and sounds almost like a top-of-the-line cymbal! Sabians are like a fine wine... Getting better with age! Rest In Peace, Bob. You will be sorely missed. - Mauricio Abbadie (Mexico)
Rest in peace myth. - João
Rest in peace. - Dan Kemmet
Your cymbals will live on to provide the perfect sound for drummer around the world. You will never be forgotten and now that you're in God's hands you can look down upon us and see your hand-crafted Sabians making the drum world a better sound to live. RIP Robert. - Terry Silva Sr
Heres to a productive life! Your cymbals were and still are the best! RIP brother. - Chris Trupp
So sad... I'm a proud owner of all Sabian cymbals. They are an extension of my mind, and I have to thanks Robert for this pleasure to hear and play. He had a life full of adventures, a life full of success. A life and a company to be proud of, and a lot of musician that are proud to play Sabian. He will be missed, truly missed. Next time i'll play his cymbals, i'll play them in his loving memory, with a tear running down my face and a smile upon. Thanks, thanks, thanks. - Giordano Rossato
Your legacy will leave on through us all. Rest In Peace and know that drumming will forever live on. Thanks for creating a great company...SABIAN!!! - Drummers United (U.S.A.)
Another great man has gone on before. Thanks for creating such great products and inspiring us to keep drumming alive. R.I.P. - DeCarlos
Rest in peace RZ, may God richly bless you and your family. Thank you for your dedicated, hard work to build such a great company. Since buying my first Sabian crash 15 years ago, Sabian cymbals are the only ones that consistently sound "just right" to my ears. Thanks again. - Erik Paul (UT)
You have forever left your mark on rock 'n' roll. You leave behind a legacy. My condolences to family, friends, employees, and all drummer world wide. - Greg
My sincerest condolences on the passing of "RZ"..His inspiration and Innovation ruled the Drum world...He will be sadly missed.... - Ted Balazs
Thanks for finding the missing piece of joy of playing. Thanks for your work. Condolences to the family. - Vlad Vajnar
Your generosity helped shape my career in music. I'll continue to carry my SABIAN cymbals with pride. Thanks for everything you contributed. - Art Mullin
On behalf of all of us at Daddy's Junky Music Stores, it is with sincere regret that we learn of the passing of Bob. He was a friend of ours, always quick to help, always with a good word. I forever treasured speaking with him at NAMM shows. Bob at times would accompany a Sabian artist to one of our clinics and the stories during dinner were memorable to say the least. Our tiny industry is indebted to Bob and his contributions. We will certainly miss him. - Lew DiTommaso
RIP RZ. I never knew you but I have your great spirit zipped up in my cymbal bag. Condolenses to your family, though they must be very proud. - T.Heaney
It was a pleasure meeting RZ and talking cymbals while on the 5 Star Shop tour in 2011. Thanks to the Zildjian family for their hospitality! - Chris Weaver (CO)
You have always been an inspiration to me. Your dedication to sound and cymbals will be forever remembered, not just by one, but by millions and millions of people. You were the one who made sound what it truly is today. Rest in peace. - Alex Poole
My deepest sympathies - Hans Rosenberg
Your work will live forever. As long as someone listens to music, you will be there. So long, and thank you for your passion and inspiration. My feelings to the family and friends. - Carlos Tavares (CT)
Thank you for such legendary products and thank you for choosing to produce them here in New-Brunswick. - Gabriel Lang
Condolences to the family. He was an inspiration to us all. - Mitchell Gemmell
Than You for Your passion, for cymbals. We will remember you with every hit into a cymbal... - Pawe? K?dzierawski
Thank you for giving us your knowledge, with it the music industry was changed forever. May you continue on with the journey of eternal life and we here back on Earth will continue our appreciation of your effort to make music better. - Alfred Fonacier III
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Robert Zildjian was a great man, who created a great company. He did so much for music. And he will be missed. The drumming world has truly lost a legend. - Tucker Simonton
The industry has lost another True Legend. I had the great honour of distributing Sabian in the UK for many years and they were without doubt the finest years of my life. Thank you Bob and God bless you. - Darran Bramley
Thank you for all your great work. You and your work will always be remembered and appreciated. Rest in peace, Robert. - Mariël Nabring
So sad to hear this. My condolences to the family and all the folks at Sabian. I know he will be dearly missed! I was only around RZ three times but he made me feel like I was part of the family. Such a kind and generous man. And a wonderful host! - Brandon Renfro Campbells Morrell Music
My first interaction with Bob Zildjian was when I was just a kid in high school, and only dreaming of being a professional drummer. He had no reason return my letters and respond to me, yet he took the time to talk with me and answer all my questions about Sabian Cymbals. This, along with his desire and success at making the best cymbals in the world, led me to become a part of the Sabian family, and I couldn't be prouder of all that he has done for the drummers of the world, and the cymbal business overall. Whether he was intensely debating an idea, searching for input on new sounds, or sharing a funny story about days gone by, I always looked forward to spending time with him whenever I had the opportunity. My thoughts go out to his family, whom I am lucky enough to call my friends... and to the entire Sabian family... employees and artists alike. As he said... "Sabian is the family... the family is Sabian." And he lived his life true to those words. I will do my part to continue your legacy here, Bob, and keep the Sabian family going strong. - Larry Lelli, SABIAN artist
R.I.P. Thanks for making amazing cymbals for us drummers for decades and more high quality cymbals for decades to come - Billeh Cook
We will always remember our visit to the Sabian Factory. It was more than discovering the "process" which was amazing - it was meeting the "people"! That's what made Robert Zildjian special. Everyone was family! The Music Industry has lost a very special person! - Pete Gamber and Family
RIP Robert. Your legacy will forever live on in the hearts and on the drum kits of drummers - David Weinstein
I'm deeply saddened by this news. My most sincere condolences to family and friends. I had the privilege of meeting Bob during a factory tour while on my trip to NB back in the summer of 2010. He was a true gentleman. - Eric Bonatti
I have played nothing but Sabian and will continue to do so. Mr. Zildjian THANK YOU for everything. Rest in Peace. - Mike Kobylski, Arrival - The Journey Tribute
To the Zildjian family we are very sorry for your loss our Prayers are with you. To a great man Mr.Robert Zildjian R.I.P. - Sil Cultraro ( Silver Drums Custom Drums).
R.I.P. RZ, so many wonderful memories visiting with you and your Sabian family in Meductic. I so enjoyed our conversations over the years! Our Best to the Zildjian Family. - Ilse & Rudi DeGaspari
Rest in Peace Mr. Zildjian. Thank you for you Military service and your marvelous cymbals. - Tony Peric
Sabian artists, fans, friends & family worldwide will keep his memory & spirit alive through music for eternity! He's moved the O-Zone to a higher place. - Al Webster
We as an Industry were Blessed to be part of Bob's legacy, as we mourn his passing. - Don's Music Land,Ltd
One of my most cherished memories... I got the opportunity to hang out with Bob Zildjian at his house in Meductic, Canada, after touring the factory. We sipped whiskey while looking at old photos together. The stories he told me were nothing short of amazing. We then walked out on the deck on the back of his house, facing the St. Johns River. It was so beautiful, so peaceful. Then I did it...I turned to Bob and asked, "So what happened between you and your brother?". By the way, this wasn't a normal question that you would ask this man. It was an extremely touchy subject, but I just had to know. Judging by the size of his eyes, I could tell that I caught him off guard. But instead of telling me that it was none of my business, or that he didn't want to talk about it, or kicking me out of his house, he opened up. Instead of being shocked that I asked that question, I think he was more shocked that I cared to understand what happened, and how he came to have such a wonderful company with incredible employees and amazing products. He told me the story, and I've been a loyal Sabian player ever since. Because of his humblness and humility, paired with his amazing employees, it made me feel like I was a part of something. I'm supporting a family. A family of people who make amazing products that they're proud to stand behind. And a man who had a vision, and created the best cymbals I've ever laid a stick to. Rest in Peace Robert Zildjian. Thanks for the incredible memories... - Dan Smyth
I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Zildjian, or Bob as he was better known amongst the SABIAN family. There is a magic within this family and even though I've only been with the company a few years, I grew up playing SABIAN cymbals. There has always been something special about their sound that connects with us. Since being welcomed into the family, I can honestly say it is truly that: a family! I feel as though I've lost someone close to me. My heart weighs heavily for Robert's family and for everyone else feeling the loss of such a great man. He has been quoted as saying he wanted to create the BEST cymbals in the world, and I feel he has done that and so much more. Not only for drummers, but for the world of music as well. Rest In Peace Bob, and thank you for blessing us with your vision & your gifts. Christopher - Christopher Williams, SABIAN artist
Very sorry for your loss, Sabian Family. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Zildjian only once in August of 2011. He's one of the nicest men I've ever met. Truly a one-of-a-kind. - Tim Gee
I didn't know Bob, but I know Sally, and I know his grandchildren, and most impactfully I know his legacy. Bob was a great man, loved by many and respected by all, he believed in working hard, putting family first, and giving back to his community. He will be missed. Big hugs to Sally, Bess, Harry, Mina and Walter! And to the staff at Sabian, I know you have lost a fearless leader, I have missed making his egg salad sandwiches! - Julie Wiliams, Kaneohe, HI
My condolences go out to the Zildjian family, Cari Lynn - Cari Lynn
Sorry to hear the news today.well Bob your cymbals ring on as always. Still the best cymbals.Thanks Bob and enjoy the heavenly gig - Steve Urwin
Our deepest sympathy to Bob's family and the dedicated staff at Sabian. - Simon Carimbocas & staff of Simon's Musical Supplies Ltd.
At a dealer meeting in Meductic, Bob said with his typical aplomb: "We're not doing brain surgery here, we're just selling cymbals." What a simple concept, yet so difficult to live by; though, it seemed that RZ embodied that. I hope he knew the impact his attitude and inestimable achievements had on the music industry and the individuals in it. - Rob Birenbaum
Kevyet mullat! Yläkerran bändi pysyy nyt symbaaleissa. - pasi r.
My heartfelt condolences to you Willi, Andy, Sally, Bill, and to all of the immediate and extended family of Bob Zildjian. I’ve always been honored that you have allowed me to be a part of that special extended family. I believe that the true measure of one’s life is what they leave behind for us in the way of knowledge, inspiration and especially love. Bob left us an abundance of all 3. It’s a fact that Bob made this world a better place in so many ways. He really made a difference. His accomplishments came from the real love he had for all of us. Of course he created the company that makes the best cymbals in the world but even more than that, he inspired all those who knew him to be their best. Rest in Peace Bob. - Andy Weis
My heart goes out to Bobs Family and the team at Sabian. I was lucky enough to be be a guest at Sabian back in 2004 and Bob was like a grandfather figure to a drummer from downunder . I think of Bob every time I play my artisans Bob helped me make. He had amazing ears and skill. Thanks Bob it was a honour knowing you. Simon Ert Sydney Australia. - Simon Ert
Our sincere condolences to Bob's family, his friends, his colleagues and those who knew him... He will be missed by all...RIP RZ... - Bill Longley, M.E.S. Music Equipment Sales Ltd.
I'm sad to hear the news. I had the pleasure of meeting RZ years ago. He was a true gentlemen and was interested in what my story was when he learned I was an endorser. He truly made me feel like part of the family. I'm honored to play his dream, in cymbal form. The best cymbals in the world. My thoughts go out to his family and hope they find peace in the happiness he brought to everyone in the drumming community. - Neil Garthly - SABIAN Artist
Thanks for the memories. A name that helped change music history. Where would us drummers be without the Zildjian name, no matter if its Zildjian or Sabian. Best 21" cymbal I've ever played. Dry ride. Thanks... - Stewart Ray. Center Stage Music
There are so many ways you will be missed. Father, brother, manufacturer, innovator. My sincerest condolences to all people this wonderful man's life has touched. - Chris Roberts
We are deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Robert Zildjian. His contribution to musicians around the world will be remembered. - Seymour Duncan Pickups
Thank you for making the cymbal the modern musical instrument that it is today. - Mike Henry Hugo Helmer Music
I'm just glad that we did shake hands in the end, years ago. And you know I will keep my promise: no matter how much I learned while writing the book, I will never ever start making cymbals. Rest in peace - and let the music be with you! - Hugo Pinksterboer - The Cymbal Book
We have never met, but I heard your voice every time I play. Thank you for your vision and legacy RZ. My condolences to RZ’s entire family and his SABIAN family. - Colin Graham
We are so sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Zildjian. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the staff at Sabian and the Ziljdian family, not only blood, but the people he helped feel apart of the Sabian family all over the world. Have a peaceful journey Mr. Z. - Josh Touchton- Ddrum Division Manager
Robert "RZ" Zildjian will be greatly missed, I send my greatest condolences to his family friends, partners and everyone who got to know him. He gave the sound and the quality. May he rest in peace. - Ashley "Ash" Ysewyn
R.I.P. Bob, I have used Sabina B8 cymbals for years. Thanks for Your creativity. - Jim Werner
Thank you for changing the way drummers see cymbals. You set the standard high and always made Sabian work harder. R.I.P. - Steven Lobkovich
Am ture visionary, who overcame obstacles that would have made many others give up. Her's to his Legecy. - Jim BIGKIT Gilliland
My condolences to RZ’s family and to everyone at Sabian. What a terrific man and industry leader. A huge loss to us all - Norman Drexel, KMCmusic
I am sorry to hear of Mr. Zildjian's passing. SABIAN will be his legacy for untold generations. My condolences and profound sympathy to his family and friends. Rest in peace RZ. - Ron Gerber
RIP Robert thank you for your contribution to my life while you were here! Thank YOU!! A song dedicated to you! from me. Thank You! - Chris "Sifu" Blake
Robert Zildjian was the coolest guy ever and made the best the cymbals in the world! RIP - Henry Graham
Our condolences to the family !! BOB will ALWAYS be remembered for the gentle way he treated everyone!! We and our market will surely miss him a lot !!! We wish that God supports and protects you all !!! Again - we`ll miss him !!! RIP BOB - Juliano Waldman
The name Robert Zildjian was and will always be a legendary presence in the history of percussion. My sincerest condolences to the Zildjian family. - Rubén P. Alvarez
Thanks for your passion and leadership Bob. You did the job very well wich your ancestors started. I feel unnamable sadness. I give my sympathy and condolences to Bob's family and all Sabian members. Rest in Peace Bob. - Süleyman Özkan
Jeff Towers-bad habits die hard, axe music calgary - thanks you for the sounds and the vison to be different!
R.I.P Robert, you've changed the world of drums forever - Ben Turton
Condolences to everyone in Robert Zildjian's immediate family as well as to all in his extended Sabian family... - Peter Erskine
My condolences to the whole Sabian family! - John Speas
Bob was one of the smartest, warmest and funniest people I've ever known. He welcomed me in 1987 as the first DCI member of the Sabian family. His insight and generosity will be sorely missed. Thank you, Bob, for everything that you have done for kids in music, for players young and old, and, especially for me personally. With thanks and love, Dennis DeLucia - Dennis DeLucia
Our deepest condolences go out to Mr. Zildjian's family. - Boyde Benfield / Tropical Music of Puerto Rico
RIP Mr. Zildjian. Your cymbals have been a mainstay in my kit setup for a long long time. Very sad day... Thanks for making a difference for us drummers! - Jerry Stark
-Deepest condolences - Jerry B Vague
Stix Nickson - Drummersonly Drum Shop - My deepest condoleinces
Su aporte a la música mundial vivirá en cada uno de los percusionistas. - Diego Pacheco
Thank you for your passion and innovation. You changed my playing forever. You will be greatly missed. - Josh Clark
Your brilliance will shine forever. My heart breaks for your family. - Steve Johnson
RIP 'RZ!' You will be missed. A legend and an honour to have known you. I am proud to be involved in the distribution of your amazing brand. My thoughts are with Willie and the whole family at this time. X - Jay Lewington
Thank you for contributing beautiful sounds to this world and (undoubtedly) the next. - Danny S.
My condolences to his family and friends. the sabian cymbals he made will be a inspiration to many drummers in the future and i hope he will rest in peace. Condolences from the north of Norway (scandinavia)! - Eilif Finnseth
Rest in peace Bob Zildjian, you were the one who made this company rock, from original hand hammering to the innovative models we still see today, AA AAX and plenty more. Drummers around the world have the opportunity to play with a fine piece of art. Your company became what it is today with your mission,concept and style of creating unique musical instruments. without you Sabian wouldn't be Sabian today. I remember my first Sabian cymbal was an AA metal X crash 19" with the raw bell. It was loud and full of power, after that I really started trying out your cymbals. So many to choose from, there was a particular sound for every player. One of the main reasons I got into the music industry. I really wish I got you meet you someday. I know Andy and the crew will carry on the legacy. Best wishes and condolences to the Zildjian family. Joseph Mugan - Joseph Mugan- Mugan Music Group
Very sad to hear of the passing of Bob Zildjian. My condolences to his family and all at Sabian. - Bruce Barber
It is with sadness I learnt of Bobs passing. He was a great innovator and inspiration to all of us. I send my sympathies and condolences to Bobs wife and children and to the Sabian folks, I know he will missed by many. I am proud to be part of the Sabian family. Thank you Bob, may your spirit continue to inspire. - jack dejohnette
RIP - “RZ" Zildjian is now on the other side of the Garden - Praising Him upon the loud cymbals: praise Him upon the high sounding cymbals! (KJV) - Steve Crabtree
r.i.p - Dan Mandel
On the several occasions I met Bob over the years ,he always made me feel like one of the family. Such a gentleman. I'll never forget those visits to Meductic. - Paul Wincer, Poole Percussion UK
I was truly sadden to hear of Bobs passing, may he rest in peace. We always enjoyed his conversation and sense of humor, he will be missed. Our prayers go out to Willie and the entire Zildjian family. - Luis & Sandra Rodriguez
Thank you for your contribution to the world of music. You will forever be remembered in the industry and in all of our hearts. Condolences to the Family. - Michael Almeida
Forever saddened by the loss of such an iconic innovative and inspiring human being. Sabian has and will forever be my voice when it comes to cymbals. A voice created by one man's dream and vision. God bless Robert Zildjian. Rest in peace. - Daniel R. Aube
My deepest sympathy, thanks for your contribution to music - Greg Greer
My deepest symphathies to the family of Robert Zildjian. Thank you for Sabian and your artistic legacy of beautiful instruments and sounds. - Wade Culbreath
Rz was an incredible innovator in sound. A true gift to all drummers. Thank you, endlessly - Robbo Cardosi
Thank you Bob, it has been an honor playing your fine products for the last ten years! Rest in Peace. - John Stacy
R.I.P, you're an artist. - May
My deepest sympathy to the Zildjian/Sabian Family. Bob Zilldjian was a great friend to a young drummer starting out in the music business with a new company and a lot to learn. Bob was the first to recognize our potential and supported us through thick and thin. I will miss him dearly, but I will never forget him. Sincerely, Bobby Wantuch - Bobby Wantuch
It is with great sincerity that we say goodbye to a revolutionary musical universe. He left a legacy for us all drummers! R.I.P - Matheus Sousa - Drummer - Brasília - Brazil
RIP Robert. A true pioneer and innovator. You will be sorely missed - Jon Pool
I have been informed that the end of life has happened to my good friend, Bob Zildjian. His passing has moved me deeply. Bob was very much a part of my life from the days as a professional drummer and drum shop owner, and throughout my manufacturing experience, up to this day. I owe to Bob and all of the Zildjian's a debt of gratitude for their generosity in teaching me the how, who, and why of the export market. I know that Bob will be missed by all of us who had the opportunity to get to know him. My deepest and sincerest sympathies to his wife, Willi, and his children Andy, Billy and Sally. History has indeed passed on. Remo D Belli Founder/CEO Remo, Inc. - Remo D. Belli
Sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I have very fond memories of Bob and the Sabian family from the 80's & 90's - both as a retailer, and as a player. Bob had a way of inviting you into the fold - making you feel special, when in truth, HE was the special one. RIP Bob...and Love to the family and all at Sabian - Adrian Eden
R.I.P. Bob, and thank you for providing me with the greatest cymbals made today throughout my musical carrer. You will be missed. - Tim Walker
I respect what you have done huge contribution in the industry, even though I shook your hand only two times. Thank YOU! Yu Bo from Central Music - China Beijing - Yu Bo
"Praise him upon the loud cymbals, praise him upon the high sounding cymbals." : Psalm 150:5 - Walter HYPE Hall
God bless you RZ! - Chad Rager
R.I.P , and thank you - Tim Sippel
So sad to hear about Bob's passing. My warmest condolences go out to his family. He was an inspirational man to me and I still talk about the day I met him at the London Wembley Music Show 17 years ago when I first became a proud Sabian endorsee. I still and always will have the two 24" prototype rides he organised for me on that day and just last week, I played one of them on consecutive sold out shows at the City Hall here in Newcastle. Bob you will never be forgotten! All my respect, Franco Zuccaroli - Franco Zuccaroli
I only used Sabian cymbals as a player and even had one custom built for me. Truly a loss, I got to meet Robert at NAMM shows when I started working in my father music store. Now I am feeling a little older. - Robert Fisher - SaintFishy's
May you rest in peace, knowing that you changed the sound of drums, and music globally. - Tommyf
I'm very sad for this. Thanks Mr. Robert for all great moments. Sabian Cymbals is a life style to me. Thanks for this. My condolences to the Zildjian family. God bless your soul. - Jorge Anielo - Drummer - São Paulo - Brazil
Canada and cymbal makers around the world have lost a giant. Our deepest condolences to everyone at Sabian on this loss, Robert and the company he founded and gave birth to have been a model and inspiration to us and will continue to do so for a long, long time. - Andy Morris
Know that you have changed the way the world sounds in all the great ways. Rest peacefully. - Drin
RIP, respect and thanks - Tom Hartbeck- 4 Intuition
I never met you but would like to say thank you for your creation. You will go down as a legend and your spirit will live on in the sound of Sabian cymbal's. RIP - Charlie Skelhorn
A legend in the music industry; my sincere condolences to the Zildjian family, his employees and his legion of friends. R.I.P. Mr. Zildjian - Rick Nelson
From a proud Armenian to another,May you Rest In Peace Robert dy dy !!! - Raffi K (Amazing Drums/Facebook)
Thank you for decades of exceptionality. Rest easy, sir. - Roger McGallian
RIP, Master. And Thanks - Silvano Silver SASSONE
My condolences to the family. Robert, your Legacy will live on. Thank You. Rest in Peace. - Robert Menegoni - Percussionist / Tech w BNL
SASSONE - Silvano
Respects to the man and condolences to family and friends. - Rick Donmoyer
May God rest your soul....but I know your spirit will always be with us. Thank you. - Charles H. Gamble
My condolences to the family, Rest Peacefully. - Rob Williamson
Good day, I am sorry this story, but because I woke up and it was the first thing I read. The truth that moves me too, see the work I had put on this area, and I was struck by the firm: SABIAN, whether by name your children, I do not know, well anyway, my first course knew was an AA, that still I have, and I am very sorry indeed, much strength, all my support to SABIAN, rest in peace. - Luciano Comparada
Gracias Robert por dejarnos tu gran legado!! tu alma vibra y sigue sonando con nosotros.. - Yoel Garcia, VZLA.
The only one thing tha we must do for those who passed away, is keep living, people at Sabian must continue with the legacy of this incredible men, you must go on, RIP Mr.Robert Zildjian, you will be present in the drummers life forever. - Jairo Pérez-Session Drummer-Colombia
So sad to hear. We met Robert on a factory tour years ago. He invited us into his home and treated us like family. I have been using Sabian cymbals since 1986 - loving every one of them!! We have lost one of the "old school" guys - so sad. Condolences to the Zildjian family and everyone at Sabian on this hard, difficult day. Rest in Peace. - Scott Apted - Gear Music - Oakville Ontario Canada
R.I.P. - Chase Glomstad
Robert, you will be sadly missed by the drumming community, but your voice will always live on each time one of your cymbals are struck. Rest in peace. - Tony Jeffries
Robert ,you will always be with us. Our thoughts and prayers to the Zildjian family. - walfredo de los Reyes sr and fam.
thanks to his artistry and dedication he created a legacy that will endure leaving the world and those in it with our lives enriched because of his contribution to musicthank you RZ WE LOVE YOU AND REMEMBER YOU - BARRY JETER
Thank you RZ for being such a leader within the music industry but for being the great down to earth man that you were. I will forever remember the many great times we had at PASIC conventions and the distinct Boston accent when you said "Marvin." RIP and my prayers are with the entire Sabian family. Your legacy will continue through the great product and standards you have set. Every time, I play I'll continue that legacy. - Marvin Sparks
RIP RZ! I don’t know how many of your cymbals have gone through my hands in my 25 years career in our music shop, they all are great cymbals! Thanks for all you did for the music industry. - Koen Vergouwen / the Netherlands
The Berg family wishes to extend our deepest condolences to Willi, And, Bill, Sally and the entire Sabian family. Bob was truly a great man and the music industry is a better place because of his dedication and energy. Irwin Berg - Irwin Berg
Used all Sabian cymbals for years,... haven't ever found a pair of hats that I like more than my 14'' HHeq. Thanks for that. Rest in Peace. - André Steënkamp
I'm am very saddened to hear that Bob is no longer among us. His creativity and dedication to quality was found in the great tools he gave to all of us musicians. He will be remembered and appreciated for years to come. Thank you and rest in peace. - Eddie Zyne
My condolences to the Zildjian family and especially to Willi. Bob was a great man, and it was an honor to meet him and get to know this legendary man even a little bit. The contributions that Bob made to the music industry and specifically to drummers world-wide will not be forgotten, and his spirit of innovation and craftsman ship live on in the Sabian Brand. Rest in Peace, RZ. - Bryan Lanser
Dear Willie and family. Bob was one of the great guys in the music industry .No matter where Bob was there was action, His dynamism knew no bounds, My business as well as our personal relationships are special to me. The Bermuda visits added a dimension to our lives. I'm a better retired drummer because Bob added a special set of prototype Hihat cymbals for me to evaluate. He made a "consultant" for a day. Our deepest condolences Toddy and Gerry Martel - Gerry Martel
Our deepest condolences to Willi and the rest of Bob's family. We are very honoured we had the chance to know one the greatest persons and visionaries in the music industry. Rest in peace, RZ - F-Musiikki Oy/Finland
All of us at Modern Drummer collectively mourn the passing of RZ. He was a great man whose legacy will never be forgotten. His contributions to the drum and percussion world are only dwarfed by his greatness as a father, leader, and inspiration. - Bob Berenson
RIP RZ. Never forget that coffe spill moment with Don Johnson in the NAMM office. See you BOTH up there by and by. - John Maher
Thank you for everything you've done for the drumming community and music community at large. My condolences to the Zildjian family. - William Morse
It feels like our entire industry lost a father figure. Much love to the entire SABIAN family from the Drum Circuit family - Howard Emmons SLO Ca
Ich bin froh, dass ich Robert Zildjian kennenlernen durfte. - Michael Scharf
Condolences to the Zildjian family. Thank you for creating a wonderful company and products. ALso having read your full bio Thank you for your service to the United States. God Bless. - Kenny Frank
ll the drumming community mourns Bobs loss. The sounds he gave us will live on, though. The first cymbal I ever purchased until the last, Sabian has been my cymbals for almost 30 years, and will continue to be. RIP Bob. - Jason Vanderpool
Such sad news. Bob was a "one of a kind"… a true giant of the industry. My heartfelt condolences to the family. - Gerson Rosenbloom
So sorry to hear of Bobs passing . A great man in the music world ! - Terry Nirva
R.I.P RZ - Leslie Butts
Having worked with Sabian both as a customer and in retail sales, I can say that the company is always an absolute pleasure to work with. I hear stories from others, and there is never anything but the best feedback. I believe Robert's company reflects his character, so despite never having met the man, I'm certain he was an absolute blessing to his family, friends, and the entire music industry. Thank you, Robert! - Sam Wong
Inventiveness , progress , hard work and faith in a well done product . A constant innovation Company which had in Robert Zildjian the driven force .A man who face the huge work to create a new brand and company. The Knowledge to give life to an non living piece of metal . I just want to say THANK YOU Mr. ROBERT ZILDJIAN for all !!! - Claudio Hector Sobrales / Drummer
It is with great sadness that we read today of the passing of music industry legend Robert Zildjian. Our heartfelt condolences to the family and Sabian staff. - Larry Mansbridge/Yamaha Canada
Robert Zildjian created a legacy; a cymbal empire I believe will last forever. Always staying true to innovation and artisan craftsmanship, he will be living in the hearts of drummers and Sabian family and fans forever. Thank you for your contribution to the drumming community, RZ. Rest in Peace - Bryan Hughey
Rest in Peace Bob. You inspired me a lot in the last 32 years since we startet togheter with Sabian. - Jimmy Paul Schmid
We would like to express our condolences to the Zildjian family and to Sabian. Robert Zildjian was a truly wonderful man. - MES Music
What a story, What a gift. Rest in peace brother Zildjian. - Steve Kucinski
B&B Music and Sound Camden DE - Roy Voshell
Thank you for your contribution to the musicians and the music community. Our thoughts are with the family. We send good thoughts your way. - Merlin David / M Music & Musicians magazine
A true inspiration to not only drummers and percussionists, but across the scope of musicians. RIP, Mr. Zildjian. - Paul Whitmore/Solo Artist
Our deepest condolences go out to the Zildjian Family. Robert's passing is a loss to our entire industry; he was truly a giant in innovation and leader to whom we all looked up to. - Jeremy Payne- The Music People
So sad. My thoughts and prayers to you all. I love my Sabian family . Great man and the best cymbals on the planet. - David Rollins
Awesome cymbals and an awesome man the world will truly miss him. - Valentine Bauer
Sad day for all of us in the Sabian community. Bob left a great legacy in a company and an instrument that will endure and inspire for years to come. - Vince Verderame/Blue Man Group
Our heartfelt condolences on the passing of one of the great figures in the Canadian music industry. He will be missed. - Dale Kroke, Music Industries Assn. of Canada
He will be missed...RIP - John D'Aoust
A great man and music products industry legend. He will be missed. - Scott Robertson
All my condolences to the Zildjian Family and the worldwide Sabian Family . A Legend has been lost , but his Legacy will not . An Inspirational life story ! RIP , Robert Zildjian and Thank You for your unique contribution to the cymbal industry and Thank You for putting Canada on the map , for cymbal making . Kevin Sloan - Kevin Sloan
Thank you for everything you did for drumming and Music..............RIP Mr Zildjian - Butch
A great man. My prayers to his rested soul, and family. May his legacy grow stronger in future generations. - Stefan Sommer
The ways in which you have influenced the percussion world will never be fully realized. You will be sorely missed. You legacy will live on. Thank you for all that you did for the percussion community. - Eric Dodson
I love you Gramps. You've always been such an inspiration in my life. - Harrison (Zildjian) Teague
On behalf of everyone at Billdidit, we are offering our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of a giant in the music industry and the founder of a great Canadian company. - Joe Menchefski
Your influence on the drumming community will long be remembered by the timeless legacy you leave behind both in thousands of records and in the minds of many young and old drummers alike. My thoughts are with the entire biological and extended Sabian family at this time. Rest in peace. X - Oliver Barker
I am deeply touched and saddened by the message of Bob Zildjian was passing away. I will always remember him as the spirit of the Sabian Company. I will sorely miss Bob forever. My thoughts are with Zildjian family in these difficult times. - Stefan W. Alexa
Una bendicion la creatividad de este hombre, sin duda, una forma en que los platillos esten presentes en nuestras formas de Alabar a un Dios Vivo y Verdadero... Bendiciones a su Familia y Dios traiga mas creatividad como ya lo ha hecho anteriormente... Sabian, los mejores platillos que he probado. Gracias, Señor Robert Zildjian. - Isai Flores
My prayers are with Mr. Zildjians family and the Sabian family - Terrence Houston
Mr. Robert Zildjian might be gone, but he will never be forgotten RIP. And Sabian Family Stay Strong His Legacy will continue in the hearts of all of us. - Jay Matthews
RIP. I will never stop play Sabians. - Sebastian Korczy?ski
A great loss. The music world will not be same without you. Our deepest condolences to Willi, Andy, Sally, Bill and the family. Fred Theriault - Long & McQuade - We will miss you Bob.
Rock and roll will never die. - Alex T
Ich bin bestürzt über die Nachricht, dass einer der fähigsten cymbalmaker von uns gegangen ist. Schon in den 90er Jahren konnte ich Bekanntschaft mit ihm machen, hat er mein Sabian HM Becken doch mitverfolgt in den Anfangsjahren. Die drumwelt verliert einen der menschlichsten und kompetentesten Charaktere. Sein Schaffen wird in ewiger Erinnerung bleiben. Meine Kondolenz gilt der ganzen Familie. RIP - Holger Müller
A truly sad day to see the passing of a pillar of the drumming community. I have a Hand Hammered Raw Bell ride kindly signed by Bob himself. Without doubt the greatest cymbal I have ever played. An innovator, an artist, a genius, and a great loss to us all. Our thoughts go out to his family, but his legacy will live on. - DrumWright UK
RIP Robert - - Tim Sweeney
Sad day for the sabian lovers. My favorite cymbals of all time are SABIANS thank you very much. My condolences to the Sabian familly, all the way from Brazil. The legacy lives within each cymbal that has the sabian brand. RIP RZ. - Tomás Partiti
Rest in peace, RZ. - Patrick McGettigan
Thank You and RIP - jakob snaketree
Thanks for the great work! RIP. I love Sabians! - John Dahlstedt
Sincere and warm thoughts to the Sabian-family and particularly ! I wish you all the strenght you will need in those difficult days . Respect and warm regards from Belgium - Gregory Vanslype
A true legend in cymbal making. My condolences to the family and friends of this great man. Your legend will live forever. RIP - Rocky Caron
Condolences to the whole family and to everybody at Sabian. I feel very privileged that I have known Mr Robert Zildjian for so many years. May his story continue for many more years. I'll do my best to contribute to it. R.i.P. - Wim Tavernier - Algam Benelux
There are no words great enough to convey the love I have felt and the hurdles I have surpassed while sitting behing my drumsets and using your cymbals my entire life. Thank you so, so much. - Dan Woywitka
Mr. Zildjian was a great, honorable man. - Scott
Bob was an inspiration to me from the first time I met him. I really enjoyed any chance I had to spend some time with Bob. His classic direct approach was unforgettable and much appreciated. He built a great company that makes excellent cymbals. My deepest condolences to Willi and the Zildjian family. - Mike Klue
A true legend. Thank you Mr. Zildjian for your contribution to percussion, and music. You will not be forgotten! My sincere condolences to the entire Sabian and Zildjian families. - Dean Wannamaker
Rest in peace Robert Zildjian, thanks to your passion and leadership you have changed the sound of drums all over the world. My deepest thoughts goes out to the Zildjian family. - Marcus Nieminen
Since the mid 80's when I held, as a 12 year kid, my first Sabian catalogue in my hand, I've always been fascinated by the Sabian cymbals. 30 years later that same fascination is still alive when I see the latest innovations by Sabian. R.Z. , you kept reinventing one of the oldest, most mysterious and most power full instruments. Thanks for creating the best tools ever for my daily job. - Claude Hoffmann
great man . miss him already - amir
All my life I had the greatest respect for Bob. He was so passionate about not only making the best cymbals in the world but also about creating a successful company based on family values..honesty, integrity and providing inspiration to all of us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work , dedication and genuinely interested in our music making and ensuring support was in place for all that matters in music and forward motion in our industry. You will always be remembered for your continuous vision and proving again that good , honest hard work, integrity and compassion do translate into success both in music and business. Thank you for pushing us all , being interested and creating Sabian. It was a real pleasure to know you and learn from you . On behalf of myself, my wife, Jolan Kovacs and everyone in the KoSA family i want to offer our most sincere condolences to his wife, Andy, Billy, Sally and the rest of the great Sabian family..... when our time is up , it is up...but in the meantime, you really made a difference ! - Aldo Mazza
I will miss Robert very much but like truly great creative people he has left the world a wonderful 'cymbolic' legacy R.I.P Evelyn - Evelyn Glennie
A very saddening loss. But we are partially consoled by his excellent, enduring, and revolutionary contributions to the fascinating and mysterious craft that is cymbal making. - Anduin
Thank you for what you've done for drummers for so long. R.I.P. - Kelly Minnis
My condolences to Robert Zildjian's family and to the entire Sabian family. - Michele Melrose
When I was younger all I wanted was a set of shiny Z’s. Sabian showed me a better way – cheaper, as good (if not better) and true innovation in sound. I don’t just play my Sabians, I feel them and they are part of my sound, nothing else comes close. RIP RZ. - Dazza
Thanks for all you've done, Bob! Drummers will not forget you n your "ammo"! - Franklin Immanuel
A sad day in the drum world.. lost a true pioneer and icon.. my condolences to the family and loved ones..R.I.P RZ - GEORGE FEKETE
The work you have done will forever live on in the music it creates! R.I.P Bob - Jerry Arnold
There are dishes in the world like that "RZ" created. They are the best! Another great man who left his mark on the history of musical instruments. In Brazil, your brand is the market leader and acceptance! Thank you Mr. "RZ"! - Pedro Henrique Rocha
I want to give my thanks and convey my deepest condolences at the passing of such a great and influential man. Robert Zildjian saw and pursued unlimited possiblities in the world of cymbals, and inspired the design of countless models now considered classics. I want to personally thank him for creating Sabian and wish his family strength, and the best of luck in all future endeavors. R.I.P - Dan Farnworth
Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. As a leader in sound innovation, I think I can speak for everyone when I say touched many lives. Your legacy will live on, in memory, in sound, and in our playing. - Nash Annan
So sorry to hear about the loss of Bob. I worked at Sabian for a few summers while going to University and saw the place light up when Bob was making his rounds. My condolences to everyone at the factory and especially Billy, Andy and Sally. He will be missed. - Daryl Graham
Sabian will forever be in my heart. Rest in peace Robert make God a holy china i'd think he'd like that. - Peter Mcleod
Generations of musicians have enjoyed your and your family's dedication to music and exceptional craftsmanship. Thank you for continuing such a magical tradition. My best wishes to all who are dear to Mr. Zildjian; I know he will be missed. - Chris Tindall
Robert Zildjian completely changed the cymbal game in my opinion. Sabian continues to make the most consistently high-quality, innovative cymbals on the market today, the kind of stuff that makes me want to play just for the feeling I get from playing, and he's the guy responsible for that. I'm a lifetime Sabian buyer and I'm sad to see him go. - Noah Horan
Rest in peace. I did not know the man but love the company. Your spirit will live on in the fantastic cymbals you've made. - Stephen Schweitzer
As a husband, father and friend Bob gave us all a lifetime of memories to share. To my extended Sabian family my heart and prayers are with you all. Our grief we will share and remember the legacy that continues to light our path. - Ken Murphy
in life we can prepare for many things, but when it comes to the loss of a loved one it becomes impossible ... This is a time when we all feel an immense sadness in losing the master "RZ" (particularly'm part of the large group of drummers, which was achieved by the work of art, created by Robert ... the SABIAN .. which I use to 11 years) ... nothing I can write will comfort the family and friends ... But I pray that God will comfort each of you ... that the peace it can take the place of longing caused by separation ... one hug his friend Jabes Azevedo # Brazil - Jabes Azevedo
Thank You for everything... - Adrian Fo?ta
My deepest condolences to all the Zildjian family and friends, and to all the drummers and musicians who got their lives enlightened by the sweet sounds of Robert's creations. Rest in peace!! - Jonatan Malpica
Thank you RZ for giving me the opportunity to participate in the evolution of SABIAN. The company’s many successes are the result of your tireless energy, inspiration and constant motivation and support of the craftsmen who propelled your dream. My deepest condolences to Willi, Sally and John, Bill and Deborah, Andy and Debbie and their families. - Anne Porter
Thank you for making gear that inspired me to play drums. May you rest in peace. - Ben Kong
Rip or your cymbals are incredible - Micah Wilgus
I had the privilege of meeting Bob on the Arbiter UK dealer trip in 2007. He inspired me to forge a career in the music industry. A sad sad day and a great loss to the world of music! RIP RZ - Ben Alldred
My deepest condolences go out to all of Mr. Zildjian's family and friends. Thank you for creating cymbals that allow drummers all over the world to add color and life to their music. - Vinny Savoia - Pop the Top
I have a 20' Sabian ride that I got from my uncle. He bought it back in the 80's and now I use it every week and it still sounds as wonderful now as it did over 20+ years now. I hope this cymbal will still be in use 100 years from now. RIP my friend. - Mark Glanemann
A great man, original, sincere and a true gentleman.. I am so grateful for all his support, encouragement and kindly advice over the past 30 years.. Thank you Bob. I will remember you for ever.. Rest in Peace. - Graham C. Johns
Words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel about ... - Oliver Gahmann
Rest in peace, RZ. Your cymbals have touched my life, making me strive to be a better drummer (while annoying my neighbors! ;)) I can't thank you enough for your work. My most sincere condolences to your family, to SABIAN, and to your friends. Your legacy will live on! - Allan Malloy
I'll never forget you...:( - Angelo Bordonaro
Our Condolences to Bob's family and the Sabian team of good people. This great man will be missed! RIP Bob - Terry & Liz Hawkins - Skins'n'Tins
A great man and a longtime friend. He will be missed by all. Thoughts and prayers to Willie,Sally,Bill and Andy... - Jamie Oldaker
I can't thank him enough for the world he innovated with his cymbals, new ideas and inspirations... Many many thanks to him, and all my condolences to his family... Your legacy will live on through all of us Sabian users and lovers. - João Rodil
RZ taught a generation of the music industry what honesty and integrity is all about. He had a quick wit, keen insight, and a way of expressing those that will never be matched... But above all, he showed us how to be successful in this business, and I am grateful for having known him and worked with him and the Sabian family... - Paul Damiano
Rest well, RZ. Thanks for making awesome pies, and for contributing so much. Your legacy will ring on for a long time. - Aaron Cushing
Sabian cymbals have inspired my music and I know I am not alone in that statement. Robert will be sorely missed. - Matt Schofield
Thank you Mr. Zildjian for the sound you leave to us. Descanse en Paz. - Nav
RIP RZ! Love to all at Sabian. - Phil Kirwin
RIP Mister Bob! Thanks for the inspiration, the fantastic, never ending positive drive and the extraordinary cymbals you gave us! Thanks for being part of my professional and personal life. All my thoughts go to Bob's direct family, of course, and to all Sabian lovers around the world. - Alain Bokken/Belgium
hello I've played all my life for my zildjian zildjian Mr. Robert was a visionary and innovator in the manufacture of battery dishes, my deepest condolences on the passing of Mr. Robert Zildjian, Sabian and families zildjian, peace in your tomb, Greetings from Colombia - hector robayo
This is sad news my thoughts are with the family and the Sabian family. Every time I play I will remember him. RIP RZ - Alan Davis
God Bless All the Family - Eddie Rodriguez
RIP RZ and Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the drumming world! - Mike Fasano
Rest in peace! Sabian cymbals were my first, may your legacy live on! - Mathew Swain
RIP , thanks for creating the cymbals that have gave me so much joy to use. The music we all create will ensure your vision and life's work will never be forgotten - John Greenwell
My condolences to the Sabian family and team. Your vision of what a Cymbal company could/should be has been inspirational and awe inspiring. Thank you for giving a great number of us a voice to express our ideas. Thank you, RZ. - Michael Auman
Sad day today for all drummers...sabian players or not, this guy changed the cymbal business, and started a new line of cymbals that are great. RIP Bob, thanks for all you've done. - Tim Manno
Kind, funny, friendly, and brilliant like the products bearing the SABIAN brand. It was always a pleasure encountering Bob, who would treat everyone he met as though they shared his status. The truth, however, is that very few ever will. Cheers Bob. - Andrew King
My first cymbals were the AAX they are wonderfull..! thank you.. the sabian team has brought happiness to so many people in this world..!!!! - Deivid Freire
Robert provided such amazing things to this world and helped make the cymbals that I use and love today. I wish all the best to his family and friends - Lucas Bevan
We have lost a great man and a true pioneer. He was one of my biggest heroes. I was lucky enough to have been able to call him a friend. My heart goes out to the entire Zildjian family. You will be truly missed Bob. - Chris DeLisa
Rest in Peace! Thanks for making the best cymbals that a drummer could have! I will always be grateful. - Jim Horan
Rest in peace, Mr. Zildjian. My very first cymbals were Sabian B8s, and ill never forget the day I first saw them; damn I thought they were something else. God bless your soul, Rob, and my sincere condolences go out to everyone at Sabian. - Jonathan Gui
Long live your legacy. - Anonymous
Sabian cymbals gave me a voice for many years. My thanks to Robert Zildjian for his vision and contributions to music, and my heartfelt condolences to the Sabian Family and friends. - Fred Donaldson
RIP R.Z You brought a lot to the community & your legend will live on! - Anonymous
My deepest condolences to the Sabian family. We must to remember the teachings of Robert Zildjian. R.I.P. - William D.
Thank you for all you gave to us!! R.I.P. Sir! - JD Shoemaker
RIP R.Z Thank you for all you have done and every bit of joy that you brought to all the musicians and players. - Danny.K
Thanks for believe in me ! And thank you for your support God bless his family - Alberto Vargas
I loved RZ. He was a straight-shooter, but well-respected. And a hilarious guy. He made such a difference in the MI industry. I will truly miss him. - Bob Saydlowski
R.I.P Mister Zildjian and thank you for your contribution to the music - Benoît Domingo
RIP Robert Zildjian, you will be missed by drummers from all around. Thank you for the work that you've done! - JN
Condolences to the family of Robert Zildjian. May you rest in peace. - Joe Clements
May he rest in peace. My thoughts tonight go out to Roberts personal family and the family at Sabian. The legacy of him will live on in the hearts and minds of drummers across the world. Much respect from Sweden. - Albin Nilsson
R.I.P. Robert Zildjian, thoughts and prayers off to your family, and thanks for the grade-A cymbals and memories for percussionists all around! - Brett Kartinen
Amazing contribution to drumming community and the cymbal world as a whole. - Mark R
Tonight I shall rock to his memory! Thank you! - Ilkka Kuosmanen
RIP RZ. You will be sorely missed by all drummers. - Eamonn Buckley
RIP R.Z - Sj
A true gentleman and friend to drummers everywhere. I hope the fishing is good, Bob! RIP - Ted Rice
R.I.P. Robert Zildjian, thoughts and prayers off to your family, and thanks for the grade-A cymbals and memories for percussionists all around! - Brett Kartinen
It’s hard to find the words that do RZ justice – there are just too many that should be used to describe the seemingly endless figure of energy and spirit that was RZ. He will be sorely missed. I will miss him yet be very proud in the fact that I knew him and became a small part of his family. RIP. - Bruce Parry
yo toque los plato sabian desde q tengo uso de razon gracias robert x tu magnifica idea... x tu ingenio.!!!!! eres u grosoooo un capo...... lo mas ..... descanza en paz q tu legado estara siempre en nuestros corazones y oidos.!!! - isaac
Thank you so much for all you have done. You truly created something that everyone will use and remember. Your cymbals are the best in the industry! I hope that your legacy will live one forever! - Luis Campos
So sad to hear of the passing of an absolute legend of the percussion game, today - and such a genuine, warm and welcoming person who I had the pleasure of spending only too short a time with. Rest peacefully, Robert - and thank you for your vision and dedication to bringing the World's best cymbal brand to life. - Damien Petrilli
May you rest in peace and may your family know peace & comfort during this difficult time. Thank you for your contributions to our world of music. - Chris O'Hare
RIP Bob, My thoughts and prayers are with your family. - Danny Aday
It's a great loss! R.I.P. Maestro! - Giovanni Lodde Ds Drum Italy
We will miss you RZ!!! - Harry Martin
The world has lost a great entrepreneur. Bob will live on through his legacy of the people he helped shape, and a company that many can be proud of. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and everyone at SABIAN. - Doug Webber
A great spirit! I will always remember his smile and great sense of humor. - Steph
RIP Robert. Thank you for your contributions to the music industry and to the Province of New Brunswick. Perhaps a moment of everyone playing their Sabians in your honor would be more appropriate than a moment of silence? - Clayton Morrissey
Robert will be missed, but he spirit will carry on every cymbal we play. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. - Germán Quiroga
Bob,, you were like a second father to me,, thanks so much for your friendship, wisdom, laughs, and knowledge. I will miss you terribly. I will carry the "Sabian Torch" wherever I go. My love to the family. - Bob Rupp
It is very sad when such a genius must leave. You will be remembered forever. - Jonatan Ersarp
Bob you will be sorely missed. He was truly a great man and a giant in our industry. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and everyone at the SABIAN family. - Tracy Hoeft