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SABIAN is located alongside the St. John River, in the forests of New Brunswick, eastern Canada. This is a very wild and green area, so it is only natural that we not only take pride in our cymbal making, but also our record for recycling and ensuring our presence has an absolutely minimal impact on our surroundings.

The various stages of cymbal making can result in the need for environmental management. Here are some of the steps we have in place:

  • We create our own bronze, to ensure it is not only the most musical, but also the most durable, so it will last a lifetime. If a cymbal does break, that metal is fully recyclable.
  • We recycle metal created in the sizing, lathing, edging and other cymbal making steps.
  • Cymbals that do not pass the quality test in the Vault are melted down and recycled.
  • Metal not produced by SABIAN (brass, for example) is returned to the supplier for recycling.
  • Water used in cymbal making is contained in an enclosed loop, where it is filtered to remove any impurities before being reused.
  • Office materials including printer cartridges, etc. are recycled, while paper is shredded and used for packing.
  • We make and repair many of our cymbal making tools by recycling parts.
  • When printing catalogs we seek to work with FSC approved printing firms.
  • Shipping materials including cardboard packing is bailed monthly and sent for recycling.
  • Office kitchens have dishes and plates so there are no disposables.
  • Lunchroom items including bottles, tins and cartons are recycled.
  • Inks and solvents from our cymbal logo printing process are recycled.
  • To conserve energy, heat from our cymbal ovens is used to heat the buildings during our long Canadian winters.
  • Like you, SABIAN is committed to preserving and improving the environment, and as we continue to explore and innovate in cymbal making, we shall continue to explore new opportunities and possibilities as we pursue the ‘green’ way of life.


Music is all about giving, about making people happy. At SABIAN we strive to please on many levels by being involved in activities and events that are meaningful to us and others.


The SABIAN/PASIC Scholarship is your opportunity to win a trip of a lifetime to the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC). There you will see the latest in percussion products, experience performances by great players from around the world, meet new friends and make new contacts.


The late great session drummer Larrie Londin was a man who liked to share with others. That sharing continues through the PAS/SABIAN Larrie Londin Memorial Scholarship.

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