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Start by positioning the OHL mic approximately 32″ (81cm) (the length of two drum sticks) above the snare. Point it straight down at the center of your snare.

Position the OHR mic on a stand approximately 8″ (20.5cm) over your right should and aim it at the kick beater.

Attach the included Calibration Cord to the kick beater. (A.)

Extend the Calibration Cord to reach the OHL mic. (B)

While holding the Calibration Cord up to the OHL mic, anchor the other end of the cord at the point where it touches snare. (C)

While keeping the Calibration Cord anchored on the snare (C), move the cord from the OHL mic (B) to the OHR mic (D). Adjust the placement of the OHR mic so that it touches the calibration point on the Calibration Cord. Now you’re ready to record!