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side view of anthology image side view of anthology image

Transcend Labels

HHX Anthology is designed to unfold the full spectrum of ride and crash in each cymbal, without compromising sound or feel. Anthology allows YOU to designate the purpose of the cymbal and explore new terrain to play your way.

An innovation that underscores instinct over orders, and creativity over categorization.

close up of anthology logo on cymbal
close up of hand hammer on cymbal
close up of hhx logo on cymbal
jojo maye holding hhx anthology cymbal

Anthology is a return to essence. A re-orientation towards new possibilities and thinking.

An instrument that transcends labels and inspires individual expression.

— Jojo mayer


Fast Response

The player stays in control. When riding the cymbal, stick definition never gets lost or washed out by the spread of the cymbal. Quick accents to the cymbal open up and immediately return.

The crashing properties range from sensitive rolls with fingertips or mallets, to explosive crashes that will punch through the loudest musical passages. The bell tones are balanced and clear at all dynamic levels.

The Sound

Warm, vintage tones spiced up to serve today's music.

The feel

Buttery feel and looseness that is traditionally only found in thinner cymbals comes with the projection of heavier weights.

The Weights

Each cymbal's specific weight is measured and inscribed inside the bell by the cymbal smith.

The Look

The philosophy of transcending labels is reflected with minimized branding and logos on all Anthology cymbals


Watch & Explore Anthology
With Jojo Mayer


Breakthrough manufacturing techniques in lathing and hammering expand the sonic range of Anthology beyond common cymbals.

graphic showing anthology being a mix of crash and ride cymbals


* Anthology cymbals are carefully hand crafted with variations in weight creating an instrument as unique as the player.

Products Weight(gr)
14" Anthology tops 900g — 1090g
14" Anthology bottoms 1250g — 1500g
18" Anthology 1360g — 1550g
22" Anthology 2460g — 2720g
*All weights shown here are approximate.

anthology comes in two versions

low bell

The Low Bell adds more control to the cymbal, which leans towards a traditional, sensitive and elegant sound.

high bell

The High Bell boosts the amplitude of a cymbal which leans to a contemporary, bold and projecting sound.


High Bell 14"


High BELL 18”


High BELL 22”

Bell Height Comparison

22 inch anthology bell

22" Bell Comparison

18 inch anthology bell

18" Bell Comparison

14 inch anthology bell

14" Bell Comparison

steve hass steve hass

Anthology is a bridge between tradition and innovation. These cymbals cover all genres making them the only set of cymbals you’ll need for any gig. The Low Bell Hi-Hats for me are pure magic!

John Scofield, Patti Austin
Karah James Karah James

The 22” High Bell’s tone is full and even with no harsh spikes in frequency. With a little exploration I’ve found so much utility and tone!

Karah James
Bruno Valverde Bruno Valverde

You can definitely put them on the drumset and you're ready to go. The critical frequencies are so balanced, especially the mid ones that the ride/crash combo is totally where without losing the purpose of crashing or riding in just one unique cymbal.

Bruno Valverde
Smith/Kotzen, Angra
Josiah Maddox Josiah Maddox

My band couldn't believe that I was only working one cymbal, the 22" Low Bell. Pulling all these sounds out of one instrument is something extremely special.

Josiah Maddox
Baard Kolstad Baard Kolstad

The anthology series immediately triggered my inspiration. The crispness in the hats and the immediate cutting response when choking the hats made me wanna play it all day long. Especially the 22"s have been types of cymbals I've been searching for a lifetime: A nice warm crashing sound, not too high frequencies, and still have a clear bell sound (even the low bell one).

Baard Kolstad
Raghav Mehrotra Raghav Mehrotra

The 22" High Bell is one of - if not my favorite - cymbal that I've played, like, ever. I really really love that 22" cymbal. And they work really well with different SABIAN series.

Raghav Mehrotra