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The SABIAN Story

For Drummers Who Don't Follow the Crowd.

What We Mean By "UNBOUND"

UNBOUND isn’t a tagline, it’s an attitude. It’s the the rebellious, break the mold approach that drummers take to their entire life. For SABIAN, it’s the attitude that brought cymbals like the Holy China, and Omni into the world. UNBOUND is the way we approach cymbal craft everyday, and while it defies definition, here’s what we promise:


  • To never compromise
  • To make cymbals that are unique
  • To treat our cymbals as living things
  • To age our cymbals because they mature
  • To always remember you make the music
  • To always look out for the next
  • Never ask for permission
  • To place greater value on our scarcity
  • To always celebrate dissonance


Chris Turner - UNBOUND


Dave Elitch - UNBOUND

For Those Who Get It.

There are plenty of cymbal makers for drummers. We make cymbals for the drummers who put their creative stamp on everything they play. Just like them, no two of our cymbals are the same. Not everyone gets it, but what’s popular can’t mean what’s best. Our commitment to never compromise in our craft means that love us or hate us, we’re fueled by the feedback we get from the drumming community.

Love my SABIANcymbals, they are so musical. I use most of their lines on my two kits (HHX, AA, AAX & Paragon).

Jono F.

I’ve been a SABIAN user for almost 10 years since I started playing, I’m excited for what’s to come.

Jake S.

I grew up with Zildjian’s and never thought I’d ever change. But as time evolved, I did. Warmer tones, longer life-span, slightly less expensive. I’ve been buying SABIAN exclusive for the past 15-18 years.

Steve K.

Innovating Cymbal Craft for Innovative Drummers

SABIAN was founded in 1981, when Robert Zildjian – one of the world’s great names in cymbal making came to the conclusion that drummers needed a better choice of cymbals. Unsatisfied with the quality, the sound, and the very relevance of the cymbals being manufactured at the time, he opened SABIAN in the small eastern Canadian village of Meductic, New Brunswick.

Since that time the SABIAN Vault has become a global center for cymbal and sound innovation. And that same SABIAN innovation has resulted in an unprecedented level of choice from the most diverse offering of cymbal design ever available. As a result, modern drummers and percussionists can choose from models that range from vintage to modern, from dark to bright, from traditional to downright eclectic.

Today, with offices and depots around the globe, and distribution into approximately 120 countries, SABIAN is exactly what Bob Zildjian and his family envisioned back in 1981. But it’s really only the beginning. As musical styles and tastes are continually evolving, so is the art of cymbal making. And no company is better positioned to meet the demand for innovative sounds from artists around the globe. Ask any employee why SABIAN exists, the answer is obvious: “Because Sound Matters!”

Cutting Edge, Not Classic

We believe the drummer defines the cymbal, not the other way around. The reason we constantly forge the future of cymbal craft is to give you the best starting point to create your sound.  Looking to get familiar with SABIAN? Check out the cymbals that have earned a reputation for being creative catalysts for drummers around the world.


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