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A Message From Andy Z

“Every time I get the chance to hang out with drummers and percussionists, no matter whether they are famous (yet) or not, there’s a positive energy that fills the room and our conversation. I’ve heard stories about and experienced many times, the familiarity and shared passion playing brings to us. Players recognize that no other musicians in the band, possible exception of trumpet players so be kind to them, have that kind of comradery amongst their peers.

Knowing that passion and understanding the joy of playing is one of the many parts of what makes SABIAN different. That joy is one of commonalities and part of what makes us our own tribe, no matter what type of music we each play. A passion for our own style and sound and the fact that our individual energy is projected into and from our instruments. We take that seriously, which is why we will always make cymbals by hand. The energy that our craftspeople put into each cymbal is part of what makes each of our cymbals unique. That quality helps to define your sound, your creative expression, your voice. We respect the living metal which we create, the craft that brings out its power and how that shares in creating your signature sound.

We don’t cut corners. We don’t put our ego ahead of yours. Your instrument is a part of you and it needs to contribute to your sound as much as your fingers and wrists. That’s our commitment. We will always do our part to create the best instruments to help you have Your voice. To play your way.”

– Andy Z