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Buying With Confidence

North American Warranty


All SABIAN cymbals are protected by a 2-year warranty from date of purchase.  Crotales, Triangles, Gongs, Choppers and Alu Bells are also protected by the 2-year warranty.


Cymbal Bags, Stick Bags, Cases and all other SABIAN Accessories are protected by a 1-year warranty.

International Warranty

Warranty laws vary from country to country and are subject to the law of the land. Please check with your local SABIAN retailer for warranty coverage in regions outside of North America.

Warranty Eligibility

Only instruments and products purchased as new from an authorized SABIAN dealer are covered by warranty. SABIAN will replace any instrument proven defective under normal use during the terms of this warranty, subject to appropriate inspection. However, damage resulting from accident, abuse or misuse is not covered by this warranty. Please use the following examples as a guide to cymbals NOT eligible for warranty replacement. Cymbals purchased for rental, backline, rehearsal or recording studio use are not eligible for warranty. If you are unsure whether your instrument qualifies for warranty replacement, please send a photograph to [email protected].

Examples Of Damage Not Eligible For Warranty Replacement

Broken around the center of the cymbal or small cracks around the center hole: caused by the cymbal being tightened down too hard on the cymbal stand.

Missing chunks from around the edge of the cymbal: SABIAN is unable to identify the cause of this type of damage.

Damage or warped outer edge: shows that a cymbal was dropped or fell over while on stand, and has been damaged by means other than playing.

Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service in Canada or the USA, please call 1-800-817-2242 to request a return authorization number (RMA).  You can also email us at [email protected].  We will need to know the exact size and model of the cymbal, whether it is brilliant or natural finish, date and location of purchase, and your complete shipping address. Please note that normal turnaround time for warranty service is 6 to 8 weeks.