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SABIAN adds HHX Complex models to its B&O range

SABIAN adds HHX Complex models to its B&O range

Following the exceptional success of HHX Complex drumset models, SABIAN has now brought the  HHX Complex design to Band & Orchestral cymbals. The new cymbals are a 17” and 19” suspended model and a 18”, 19”, and 20” hand-cymbal model, appropriately named “Espressivo”.

The new HHX Complex Band & Orchestral cymbals use trickle down technology gleaned from years of developing some of the world’s top selling cymbal lines like HHX Synergy and Artisan orchestral hand cymbals.

“I am simply in love with the new HHX Complex Espressivo hand cymbals and HHX Complex Suspended cymbals! Mark Love is a true genius. He took all of the input from our top artists to craft the richest sounding and most versatile cymbal on the market today. The dark overtones combined with a controlled fundamental pitch is incredibly unique and something today’s artists are needing on the stage. Compositions are evolving, musicians are more developed than ever before, and we needed to create an instrument for todays percussionist.” says Mark Reynolds, SABIAN’s National Director of Sales School Music Division, adding further, “You have to hear the difference to believe what SABIAN has created for todays wind ensemble, percussion ensemble, or orchestra.”

SABIAN is the leader for Band and Orchestral cymbals, offering more choices of sound and price than any other brand in the market.

For more information on the HHX Complex Suspended please visit here

For more information on the HHX Complex Espressivo hand cymbals please visit here