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SABIAN introduce 10″ XSR Mini-hats

SABIAN introduce 10″ XSR Mini-hats

SABIAN has released the 10” XSR Mini-hats in direct response to the needs of marching ensembles that score for snare and tenor players to play “hats”. Previously this was facilitated with cymbal players holding their instruments for the snare and tenor players to use. Traditionally, marching ensembles have struggled to have mini-hats heard on the field – the 10″ XSR Mini-hats solve that problem:  these mini-hats produce clarity while projecting through any size ensemble.

“Marching ensembles have struggled for years to find mini-hats that sound amazing but have a manageable weight for the player. I reached out to a number of our top educators to help us solve this problem.” says SABIAN’s Mark Reynolds, National Director of Sales – School Music Division, adding further, “Mark Love has made these 10″ XSR Mini-Hats with a medium-heavy bottom and a slightly lighter top which means they have clarity, amazing articulation, and can cut over the top of a marching ensemble, whether on the field or indoors.”

More than any other cymbal brand, SABIAN has always met the needs of the marching and education community, offering an unmatched array of sounds across all price points.

For more information about the 10″ XSR Mini-hats please visit here