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Sabian proudly declares Black Lives Matter

Sabian proudly declares

Black Lives Matter


Friends, our family is in pain. It has been in pain for years. Maybe we thought that the problems were abating—healing.

So much violence. It is never the right answer to lead with violence. Are we the most intelligent animal on the planet? Why would we not act that way?

Violence is the easy answer. The truth is violence creates problems. Violence solves no problems. Nobody wants to visit violence upon themselves, why would we bring it upon others when there are better options?

Every religion, every positive philosophy, and teaching stress this: Treat people with respect and value. We want everyone to treat us with fairness and equality. Why not do the same for all our human brothers and sisters?

The moment we treat anyone differently based upon anything other than their actions, we mistreat ourselves and degrade our civilization.

We all matter. That’s why Sabian proudly declares black lives matter.