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Old World Craftsmanship

The Crescent Series

Steeped in the heritage of Turkish craftsmanship, Crescent was renowned for producing boutique handcrafted cymbals for discerning musicians. Proud to continue our commitment to old-world excellence, SABIAN Crescent will retain a sharp focus on crafting traditional instruments with the reliability, durability and quality for which SABIAN is renowned. Introducing Crescent by SABIAN – a brand new series of cymbals that are thin, dark, complex and always musical.

Stanton Moore Collection

Crescent Stanton Moore cymbals capture the funky, earthy quality of Stanton’s trademark Crescent City sound. Traditionally lathed with warm tonal grooves on top, the bottoms are lathed with distinctive wider ridges for a sound that’s 100% Stanton Moore: raw, aggressive, always musical and extremely funky. Designed in the SABIAN Vault with Stanton Moore, these unique cymbals invoke the traditional spirit of New Orleans second line drumming, but provide all the energy and intensity you need for contemporary music.

Hammertone Collection

Designed in the SABIAN Vault with veteran jazz artist Jeff Hamilton, Hammertone cymbals deliver the uncompromising musicality of Jeff’s legendary performances. The rides offer unparalleled stick definition and warm, low undertones that never overpower. A bowed profile tapers to a paper thin edge, so they open up quickly when crashed. The china is sensitive enough for a jazz trio − but dig in and it roars. The hats are sheer perfection. The result is a flawless line of cymbals that deliver sublime tone and exceptional playability.

Elements Collection

Crescent Elements represents the pinnacle of innovation in modern cymbal making. Offering amazing versatility along with incredible power and projection, these unique cymbals never sacrifice the crisp stick definition and articulation of hand hammered cymbals. Innovative in design and unique in appearance, their raw bells and extra-thin edges deliver all the rich, complex tone and quick responses that modern players demand. Available in distressed patina or traditionally lathed models.

Elements Collection