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New to Stratus

New to Stratus

This November, SABIAN invited drummers to take their sounds to new heights with the launch of its STRATUS series. Featuring clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread, these cymbals strike the right balance between mainstream and professional performance in a beautiful design. Building on the success of the series launch, SABIAN has introduced two new STRATUS models and the first STRATUS Promotional Pack.

Crafted from B20 bronze and featuring STRATUS high impact hammering, the brand new 10″ STRATUS Splash features a thin profile that is engineered to move quickly in and out of the mix.

“The 10” STRATUS Splash has a rather large bell for a splash cymbal,” said Randy Ross of SABIAN’s Research and Development team. “We utilized our high impact STRATUS hammering and made the cymbal rather thin. This gives it a fast attack and quick decay.”

The new 12″ STRATUS Cirro Stax, meanwhile, features a top that is raw on the front and lathed on the back, which reduces tension and contributes to a loose, wavy, and flexible design. Pairing that top with the raw, flat bottom cymbal creates a structure that can be tightened to shorten attack or left loose for a sizzle effect.

“Comprising two 12” cymbals, the STRATUS Cirro Stax creates a sharp, staccato sound reminiscent of digital samples used in the 80s and 90s,” Ross said. “Tension can be added or removed from the top to create different lengths of tone.”

This release also includes the first ever STRATUS Pack, which features the 14” hi-hats, 16” crash, 18” crash, and 20” ride models from the STRATUS series.

The 14” STRATUS hi-hats deliver an articulate attack with a warm, semi dark spread. The medium light top and medium heavy bottom are the perfect combination for crisp, clear attack. The 16” and 18” STRATUS crash models are quick and controlled with a lower tone and explosive attack. Their thin weight produces a quick decay with a deep tone that sits perfectly in today’s music. The 20” STRATUS ride is articulate with a warm undertone that builds to a controlled wash and a strong clear bell.

A true instrument of expression, STRATUS captures the quality of darker, more complex cymbals, while still incorporating a hint of shimmering brightness, which makes for the perfect tone. With a full range of frequency and sonic versatility, STRATUS is a professional quality series designed for modern drummers.

Be sure to Take Your Sound to New Heights with the STRATUS series, now available worldwide!