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Low Volume Practice Cymbals

More Durable, Better Sound, Truer Feel

Quiet Tone: Practice Cymbal Series

Created specifically for low volume sessions, Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals are designed to respond and feel like traditional cymbals – right down to their clearly defined bell – so you won’t have to hit and play harder than you do during performances. This is not the case with other practice cymbals, which can sound muffled or dead – not a good quality in a practice cymbal. Drummers will appreciate their greatly reduced sonic footprint during practice sessions, drum lessons or any time they use Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals. Additionally, Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals are manufactured from a tough, durable alloy that resists denting or breaking, making them the best choice in low-volume cymbals.

Quiet Tone Cymbals
  • Solid pronounced bell sounds true to life.
  • Responds and feels like traditional cymbals.
  • Tough, durable metal alloy will look great on your kit.


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Practice Made Perfect

Our practice cymbals respond and feel like traditional cymbals – from edge to clearly defined bell – so you don’t have to change the way you play. Their greatly reduced volume is perfect for practice sessions, drum lessons, or any other time you need quiet cymbals.