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SABIAN artists talk STRATUS

SABIAN artists talk STRATUS

SABIAN announced the STRATUS series last November. With a full range of frequency and sonic versatility, this exciting new line of cymbals features clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread.

“I don’t think it takes a musician or a drummer to tell that these are really good sounding cymbals,” said SABIAN artist Emily Jones. “There’s that initial attack when you hit the cymbal, but it isn’t piercing. It’s pleasing to the ear, and it has this dark, warm undertone to it. I currently have HHX Legacy cymbals, [and] to any of you Legacy fans out there, STRATUS may be a great addition for you.”

Indeed, if you’re in the market for a new, fresh cymbal that blends seamlessly into your setup – something accessible but also versatile enough to complement various genres – look no further.

“I’ve incorporated a few of the STRATUS cymbals, starting with the 14″ Hi-Hats which are very dynamic,” said SABIAN artist Isaac Monts. “They’re articulate. You don’t have to play them hard, they are very responsive. I’ve also added a couple of crashes to my setup, starting with the 16” STRATUS Crash. I love the way this cymbal sits in the frequency spectrum, and I love the way it responds in a studio setting. My favorite new addition is the 18” STRATUS Zero! With the very quick attack and a short decay, it fits perfectly with some of the other cymbals I’m using, including the 19” Legacy Crash, 20″ HHX O-Zone, 20” AAX O-Zone, 18” HHX Fierce Crash and more.”

Researched and manufactured in close collaboration with our partners around the world, STRATUS continues SABIAN’s long legacy of leadership and sound innovation. Input from artists, along with customers and industry professionals, proved pivotal in the development of this landmark new series.

“They’ve collaborated with some of the most brilliant ears in the world, using some of the most amazing craftsmen in the world to develop a cymbal that will cross any genre that you want to play it in,” said SABIAN artist Haze Amaze. “Being able to have a thin cymbal that is also durable is an amazing feeling. And it makes you feel comfortable when you really gotta dig into the cymbals that they’re not going to crack. These are some of the best sounding cymbals I’ve ever played in my life. And in 2023, SABIAN continued to knock the ball out of the park with their new creations and new designs.”

STRATUS strikes the right balance between mainstream and professional performance, giving drummers of all styles and abilities the tools to “Take Your Sound to New Heights.” The series features multiple sized crashes, hats, rides, and effects, including:

  • 14” and 15” Hi-Hats Medium Light Top/Medium Bottom
  • 16”, 18”, and 20” Crashes Thin, Quick, Controlled
  • 20” and 22” Rides Articulate, Controlled, Warm
  • 18” China and 18” Zero Effects Explosive, Trashy, Stackable

“The time has come for a new line of cymbals; for warm, clear articulation compatible with a wide range of musical genres,” said SABIAN artist Jade Lindow. “Being an artist who transitions between live performance and in studio, across various genres and in multiple bands, it’s really awesome to have such versatile tones to create and to play with. I’ve found that incorporating the STRATUS line with the HHX line that I’ve been playing for over 13 years, together they make a beautiful harmony of sounds.”