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SABIAN Cymbals – a Drumeo documentary

SABIAN Cymbals - a Drumeo documentary

In early 2023, Jared Falk and the Drumeo team embarked on a journey to explore the inner workings of SABIAN’s Factory in Meductic, New Brunswick. The result of their week spent in the province, SABIAN Cymbals: A Drumeo Documentary offers a behind-the-scenes exploration of the unique family traditions, intricate manufacturing process, and the hands-on experience of crafting SABIAN instruments.

Joining Falk is Todd Sucherman, one of the world’s most in demand drummers and educators. While recording and touring the world with the multi-platinum rock band STYX for the last twenty-four years, Sucherman has balanced a schedule of recording sessions, masterclasses, and clinics. He’s also worked with Drumeo on several dynamic projects, including the enormously successful “Rock Drumming Masterclass.” Reunited once again in New Brunswick, the documentary sees Sucherman and the Drumeo team diving into the history of innovation and commitment to quality that define SABIAN Cymbals.

From the selection of raw materials to meticulous handcrafting techniques, SABIAN Cymbals: A Drumeo Documentary provides an exclusive glimpse into the intricate manufacturing process that defines the creation of each and every SABIAN cymbal. This legacy of craftsmanship has been passed down through generations and reflects a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the centuries-old art of cymbal making. From shaping and lathing to hammering and finishing, each individual step of manufacturing journey is unveiled, offering a newfound appreciation for the precision and artistry involved.

At the heart of “SABIAN Cymbals: A Drumeo Documentary” is the unwavering passion for creating cymbals that resonate with drummers on a global scale. The film captures the emotional connection between the skilled artisans at SABIAN’s Factory and musicians like Sucherman and Falk. It also shares a captivating collaboration between Sucherman and the Wolastoqey, for whom drumming has been a sacred tradition throughout their history along the same river on which SABIAN’s Factory is located.

Through this immersive documentary, audiences gain a deeper understanding of the rich heritage, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering pursuit of excellence that distinguish SABIAN in the world of cymbals. Experience SABIAN Cymbals: A Drumeo Documentary and explore the time-honored traditions that have shaped SABIAN Cymbals over the past forty years.