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New Heights

row of stratus cymbals
Stratus Overview

Stratus is a true instrument of expression

With a full range of frequency and sonic versatility, STRATUS is a professional quality series designed for modern drummers. Featuring clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread, these cymbals strike the right balance between mainstream and professional performance in a beautiful design.

Recognizing a clear gap in the cymbal market, SABIAN's R&D team spent 24 months developing STRATUS in close collaboration with customers, artists and industry insiders. This new series continues SABIAN’s long legacy of industry leadership and sound innovation.

large view of stratus cymbal
20 and 22 inch stratus rides


The rides in 20” and 22” models are articulate with a warm undertone that build to a controlled wash and a strong clear bell. The medium light weight of these rides delivers a balanced combination of stick and a crashable undertone.


The 16”, 18” and 20” crash models are quick and controlled with a lower tone and explosive attack. These thin crash models have a quick decay with a deep tone that sits perfectly in today’s music.

16, 18 and 20 inch stratus crashes
14 and 15 in stratus hi-hats


The hats in 14” and 15” sizes deliver an articulate attack with a warm, semi-dark spread. The medium light top and medium heavy bottom are the perfect combination for crisp clear attack with a touch of airy spread.



The 18” STRATUS China model was one of the most popular models during our extensive collaboration with our dealers and distributors. It delivers a quick biting attack with fast decay, without being overbearing.

18 inch stratus china effects
18 inch stratus zero effects



The 18” STRATUS Zero is a new design capturing a mix of sonic properties combining the O-Zone darkness and added highs from the Aero design. This combination delivers a fast trashy cutting attack.

row of all stratus cymbals in the series