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Summer Vault Drops

Summer Vault Drops

SABIAN shared two new Vault Drop releases this summer, in the 22” HHX Tempest and 18” AAX Rocktagon. With their unique offerings and limited quantities, Vault Drops offer rare finds that are sure to turn heads in your set-up.

Crafted with precision and care, the 22” HHX Tempest offers exceptional dynamic range in a distinctive design. Its thin weight, combined with its aggressive HHX hammering, results in an instrument with true versatility, responding with a warm, dark undertone that adds depth and character to your sound.

“The Tempest is a multi-functional cymbal,” said Randy Ross, SABIAN Product Developer. “It can be used for orchestral work with mallets, played lightly as a ride with sticks, or crashed upon for the most violent, explosive crash cymbal you’ll probably ever experience. The Tempest has a unique, modified HHX hammer shape that’s oversized and overdone to create deep indentations in the surface of the cymbal. Its medium thin weight allows the cymbal to move and shimmer under the lightest pressure of a stick push or under the heaviest strike of a bow.”

The Tempest Vault Drop is designed to captivate with its distinct sound and striking appearance. This cymbal offers a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, providing a broad sonic palette to explore.

July, meanwhile, saw the reincarnation of SABIAN’s Rocktagon. This cymbal has old-school roots, sharing the same 8-sided shape as its predecessor from the 1980s. However, that’s where the similarities end. The 18” AAX Rocktagon is a thin crash weight cymbal with a raw, un-hammered bell and pinpoint lathing. When all of these features come together, they create a unique crash sound with quick decay.

“The Rocktagon was originally released in the 80s, and at that time it was a much thicker, heavier cymbal,” Ross said. “We’ve remastered it now to be a lighter, thinner, lightweight crash style. It’s made on the AAX platform with thin pinpoint lathing and a big heavy raw bell for great bell accents. Removing the sides off of a cymbal like the Rocktagon causes a soundwave interruption, as the sound travelling from the narrower section of the edge to the bell takes less time than the sound travelling from the wide corner section to the bell. This creates a dark, nasty, trashy crash sound and excellent effect for any drum kit.”

If you’re looking for a cymbal that combines a unique look and sound, the 18” AAX Rocktagon is definitely worth checking out. As with all SABIAN Vault Drops, though, both the 22” HHX Tempest and 18” AAX Rocktagon were available for order during a specific time period only. You can find them at your chosen musical instrument retailer, but only while supplies last.