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Take Your Sound to New Heights with STRATUS

Take Your Sound to New Heights with STRATUS

November saw the launch of STRATUS, a professional quality series designed for modern drummers. The product of two years of intensive research and development with customers, artists, and industry insiders, STRATUS introduces a new sound to SABIAN’s product offering—one that will surely help drummers around the world to take their sound to new heights.

“At its heart, STRATUS is a professional-quality series that strikes the right balance between mainstream and professional performance in a beautiful design,” said Mark Love, SABIAN’s Director of Research and Development. “It’s set apart by its use of B20 Bronze with STRATUS high-impact hammering. We’ve incorporated a proprietary hammer peen, hammering techniques and hammering patterns to deliver what we think is a very unique cymbal series.”

STRATUS captures the quality of darker, more complex cymbals, but still incorporates a hint of shimmering brightness, which makes for the perfect tone. This new series includes:

  • STRATUS rides in 22” and 20”, with good stick articulation, a warm wash and a strong bell
  • STRATUS crashes in 16”, 18” and 20″, featuring hints of complex darkness and high-end shimmer
  • STRATUS hi-hats in 14” and 15” pairs, featuring a medium-light top and a medium-heavy bottom
  • STRATUS effects cymbals, including the 18” Chinese cymbal with its fast decay and quick attack, as well as the 18” Zero, which fuses O-Zone and Aero technologies

The STRATUS series boasts a range of cymbals to cater to diverse sound preferences and needs. “But we didn’t stop at sound alone,” Love is quick to point out. “STRATUS is about capturing the entire sensory experience, and these cymbals feel as good as they sound. Best of all, STRATUS is backed by SABIAN’s quality, consistency and customer service. After extensive research and development, we are very happy where we ended up on STRATUS.”

As a company, SABIAN has always challenged the status quo to create products that redefine what is possible for all drummers, from those playing on the biggest stages in the world to those jamming in their basements. This new series is no different. With a full range of frequency and sonic versatility, the series features clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread. A true instrument of expression, STRATUS pairs innovation with tradition, sound with art, and precision with creativity.

Be sure to Take Your Sound to New Heights with the STRATUS series, now available worldwide!