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SABIAN, in collaboration with renowned drummer Brian Frasier-Moore, shares the brand new 22” HHX BFMWORLD Ride. The instrument features a large, clear, cutting bell and proprietary HHX Tone Control hammering that not only contribute to its stunning visual appearance but also inform its outstanding tone. A medium weight cymbal, the BFMWORLD Ride was crafted to deliver a truly unique playing experience.

“The design of my signature ride is catered to those that love a crystal-clear bell and a multi-purpose surface,” said Frasier-Moore of the new offering. “The surface is washable as well as articulate and the jumbo hammer SABIAN uses to get into the cymbal does something really special to the tone.”

The BFMWORLD Ride additionally incorporates a sound control edge, which lowers the profile of the cymbal and adds crash-ability, resulting in a ride with clear presence and attack. Despite the added crash-ability, the sound control edge actually increases control and keeps the cymbals from running away from you, allowing you to crash it and then immediately return to the ride. Frasier-Moore was inspired by the use of this feature on SABIAN’s Chester Thompson Liquid Ride, adapting that blueprint to include a raw bell and expose the HHX Tone Control hammer marks for the next generation of innovation. This nod to iconic drumming influence adds an extra layer of depth and legacy to the cymbal’s design.

“The BFMWORLD Ride is the complete ride for studio performance as well as live stage performance,” Frasier-Moore said. “I’ve noticed that it has the perfect amount of weight for crashing while having the perfect surface for the tip of your stick both in the studio and on stage. Not too thin so that it gets washed out but just enough to still have power and presence.”

The 22” HHX BFMWORLD Ride is a testament to the collaborative spirit between Brian Frasier-Moore and SABIAN, delivering a ride that not only embodies technical proficiency but also pays homage to the evolution of drumming history. With its remarkable visual aesthetic, versatility, and uncompromising performance, this cymbal is poised to elevate the playing experience for drummers across a variety of musical genres.

“Growing up in church I remember my ride cymbal always being multi-purpose,” Frasier-Moore said. “30 years later… Nothing’s changed! This ride brings me back to my roots!”