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SABIAN introduces new HHX OVERTURE hybrid hand-cymbals

hybrid hand-cymbals

SABIAN introduces its latest hand cymbal model, HHX Overture, which is the result of an extensive collaboration between SABIAN endorser, Paul Rennick, and Mark Love, SABIAN’s Head of Research & Development.

SABIAN’s HHX Overture pairs are a new generation of hybrid hand-cymbals designed for today’s modern musical requirements and are made to be suitable for all musical situations – professional orchestras, collegiate marching bands, drum corps, WGI ensembles, high school concert bands and orchestras.

HHX Overture hand-cymbals have a medium-heavy weight and are available in 18”, 19”, and 20” sizes. With a long sustain they have a clear articulation and high levels of projection and warmth yet without any harshness.

“I knew I was asking a lot from Mark Love, but he’s definitely managed to pack in all the musical qualities I was looking for in these hand-cymbals,”says Paul, “These cymbals make me even more excited for further collaborations with SABIAN in the future.”

“Apart from the sonic qualities of the HHX Overture pairs, these cymbals are easy to play,” says SABIAN’s Mark Reynolds, National Sales Director/School Music Division. “So this brings our famous HHX sound to players of all abilities in all types of ensembles. You couldn’t wish to buy a more versatile yet nuanced pair of cymbals.”

Widely renowned, Paul Rennick is an Associate Professor of Percussion at the University of North Texas and the Music Coordinator and Director of Percussion at the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps. Working with SABIAN’s Mark Love, Paul sought to create a pair of cymbals that would be desired by everybody, bringing his extensive experience and musical knowledge to focus throughout the development process.

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