22” HHX Complex Medium Ride

Catalog ID: 12212xcn

5.0 (2 Reviews)

22” HHX Complex Medium Ride

Catalog ID: 12212xcn

5.0 (2 Reviews)


Using trickle down technology gleaned from years of developing some of the world’s top selling cymbals lines like Evolution, Legacy, and even Artisan, SABIAN introduces HHX Complex, a new line of exquisitely dark Ride cymbals. The 22” Complex Medium Ride employs a combination of HH and HHX hammering, a raw hammered bell, and a number of the aforementioned proprietary techniques – resulting in one of the richest, sweetest Ride cymbals SABIAN has ever produced. The 22” Complex Medium is is big, thin and dark – with a medium-size hand-hammered raw bell – a combination that brings out the lows and complexities of this cymbal’s tone. The versatility to easily cross musical styles has always been a hallmark of the HHX line, and the 22” HHX Complex Medium Ride is no exception.




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Reviews For 22” HHX Complex Medium Ride

5.0 (2 Reviews)

Jan Patrick Lucas

5>/5 stars

October 31, 2019

Move over Meinl Byzance and Zildjian K's! No offence to those other two (and the many variations of each), they're great cymbals BUT This is "The One"! I just received mine from Long and McQuade delivered to me here in Thunder Bay, and I couldn't be more pleased! Sabian - you folks nailed it! This is going to be a "hit" guaranteed! Thanks - you made my day!

Mel Watts

5>/5 stars

October 27, 2019

Exactly what I’m looking for I’m gonna have to have one


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Review For 22” HHX Complex Medium Ride – Mel Watts

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