19” AAX X-Treme Chinese

Catalog ID: 21986X

5.0 (2 Reviews)

19” AAX X-Treme Chinese

Catalog ID: 21986X

5.0 (2 Reviews)


Extremely fast, with a raw and ripping sound that cuts with oriental punch and focused power.






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Reviews For 19” AAX X-Treme Chinese

5.0 (2 Reviews)

Derald Solomon

5>/5 stars

February 28, 2012

"I really like this 19"" Sabian AAX X-Treme china cymbal. However, if I were to buy it over again I'd select the 17"" size. Honestly, I wanted a dark trashy crash sound, and this cymbal delivers. Loudly. It's actually a little ""too"" loud, if you can have a cymbal too loud. It overpowers my 16"" and 18"" Sabian AAX crashes. It's a great cymbal! I would have selected the 17"" size if I could buy it again only because I want the cymbal to ""blend"" in and not overpower my other brass.

It's a good cymbal, just remember that it's a huge loud cymbal and you might want to consider the 17"" size unless you mainly play 18"" and 20"" crashes.

**UPDATE** I changed my review to 5-stars. After recording my drumset for the past few months, I've noticed that this 19"" china is really a great choice. I'm glad I bought the 19"" as it has more volume. In my earlier review, I thought the larger size would make the cymbal too loud, and it was too loud to my ears. However after recording my brass w/ my drumset and a band, the larger size adds just enough ""oomph"" to power though a rock band without being drowned out. Overall, I made a good choice w/ this cymbal. Sounds great. Worth the extra $ for the 19"" size."

Kyle Ibsen

5>/5 stars

September 6, 2010

"Worth Every PENNY!
So I have been spending sooo much time trying to look for the PERFECT china. And boy did i find it. This china has a nice high crisp but strong striking punch at the same time. i bought the 17"" and am very pleased. if you want to hear a band that has this exact china go look up the band ""August Burns red"" he uses it in there album messengers. He uses the 19"" version. i am very happy with my china though. i would reccommend this to every drummer. i infact showed this china to an employee at guitar center and he fell in love and put in his order right after mine. So i would recommend this to everybody. So crisp its heavenly. so thats why i gave it 5 stars. so go look up the band i posted and listen to his china. im in love :)"


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