17” XSR Monarch

Catalog ID: XSR1780M

17” XSR Monarch

Catalog ID: XSR1780M


The 17″ XSR Monarch opens the door to a greater range of pitch in the Monarch family, with way more crashable options. Thin, with straight-ahead, focused sound, the Monarch delivers vintage look and feel, and fantastic crashability, at an unbelievable value. Like that amazing cymbal you found in a garage sale, you’ll consider this a huge score. Big & Ugly is a collection of unique Ride cymbals from SABIAN. They are big, dark, loose and dynamic – but most importantly, they are huge fun to play. Crafted from pure SABIAN B20 Bronze using trickle-down technology from award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals, XSR delivers unprecedented sound and performance at a price designed to fit your cymbal budget.






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