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Ash Pearson

COUNTRY:  Canada

GROUP:  3 Inches of Blood, Two Slackers

BORN IN: Saskatoon, SK

LIVES IN: Vancouver, BC


BIGGEST INFLUENCES: Neil Peart, Tomas Haake, Gene Hoglan, Dave Witte, Ringo, Bonham, Billy Rymer, James Brown and his drummers, Danny Carey, Matt Cameron, John Zorn, Zappa and his drummers, Mom, Dad, Brother Dylan.

FAVORITE ALBUM PLAYED ON: “Anthems for the Victorious”, 3IoB

FAVORITE ALBUM DIDN’T PLAY ON: “Birds of Fire”, Mahavishnu Orchestra

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Loud Park Japan 2010, Wacken 2008, Opening Slots for Slipknot, Auditioning for the Dillinger Escape Plan, Filling Gene Hoglan’s drumming seat in Just Cause.

FAVORITE SABIAN CYMBAL: 21″ HHX Legacy Ride, All the Paragon cymbals


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