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Brian Frasier-Moore

COUNTRY:  United States


I grew up in Philadelphia, PA…

Started playing at 5 yrs old at Fellowship Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C…there is where I learned disciple under the direction of Alexander Ingram…

I continued on to pursue music or touring and I started to get a lot of recognition in the city of brotherly love….I was working part-time at a local publication called “The Legal Intelligencer…working as an editor didn’t really satisfy my true luv…music..

I then started to get calls for tours and artist that I respected and listened to myself….such as Aaliyah, Ginuine and Les Nubians….Les Nubians was the first Musical Director’s job…not including the millions of stage plays that I’ve been a part of…

Being a Musical Director opened my mind to music and allowed me to hear the music and not myself…

Playing with Aaliayh and Ginuine really gave me a lot of exposure…TV Shows…RadioShows… everything started to happen for me….Thank GOD…

Rest in Peace Aaliyah…

Then came Usher….that was a great experience because he really allowed me to open up and express myself…

He put out a live CD and DVD…more exposure…Thank GOD…

How would u feel if u got a chance to play with Janet Jackson???
That was the greatest experience…Janet Jackson…She was great and it was great to see her smiling face .

Now I’m back to my good friend…Christina Aguilera…we have become really tight and I’m thankful to be a part of her family….

Much Luv and Respect to all the artist mentioned…without GOD and yourself I would have not gotten this far….



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