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Edin Hadzagic- HaDzAgA



Q & A

BORN IN: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

LIVES IN: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


CURRENT BAND/PROJECTS: Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra principal percussionist, Independent drummer, Pakt 5 & Hanka Paldum, Educator

BIGGEST INFLUENCES: Dragan Djidji Jankelic, Ipe Ivandic, Boris Leiner, Garo Tavitijan, Ian Paice, John Bonham, Nick Mason, Keith Moon, Omar Hakim, Lars Urlich, Nicko McBrain, Tommy Aldrige, Vinnie Paul, Joe Morello, George Lawrence Stone…. and my mother Esma Hadzagic

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: 1992-1995 during war in Bosnia played with 5 bands at same time in sieged Sarajevo
1996 become a Dino Merlin drummer (very famous pop star from Bosnia)
1997 I had only one rehearsal before I went on tour with TIFA Band (Bosnian rock legend), there was 30 songs on play list, I jumped in to replace previous drummer 2 days before tour
1999 played with TIFA Band in front of 40.000 visitors in Sarajevo (open air)
1999 full time job as percussionist in Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra
2004 drummer on Memorial concert “Indexi” (Indexi are a legendary band from Sarajevo formed in 1962 and disbanded in 2001 when lead singer Davorin Popovic died)
2005 drummer in support band- Talent Show live on Bosnian State TV
2006 main drummer on concert of Spiritual songs in olympic hall Zetra in Sarajevo (16.000 visitors), 6 conductors, philharmonic orchestra, 300 singers, band
2007 with Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, concert in Musikverin, Wien- Austria
2011 became a SABIAN endorser

FAVORITE SABIAN CYMBAL: HHX, AAX, and VAULT – Almost all cymbals from these 3 series


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