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Geneva London

  • Country: United Kingdom

  • Affiliations: Gatorade,, Blue Peter


BORN IN: Bedfordshire

LIVES IN: Bedfordshire

DRUMMING SINCE: 2016 (age 7)

BIGGEST INFLUENCES: Some of my biggest influences are my parents, Sheila E and Madame CJ Walker. My Parents are musical and help me learn new skills so I can excel. Sheila E is a percussionist, singer, author, and actress who has been performing professionally for over 40 years and inspires me to be limitless, and Madame CJ Walker is recorded as the first female self-made American millionaire in
the Guinness Book of World Records and she reminds me that I can achieve anything I put my
mind to.

FAVOURITE ALBUM YOU PLAYED ON: My favourite I’ve played on was ‘I’m A Dreamer’ by a group called Unperfect because the song was about going for your dreams and being unstoppable. I recorded some acoustic and electric parts for the song with a hybrid set and I appeared in the music video.

FAVOURITE ALBUM YOU DIDN’T PLAY ON: It would have been super cool to have played on the ‘Hamilton; An American Musical Soundtrack’ and Miss E… So Addictive. I love the theatrical Hip Hop style in Hamilton and the creativity of the production in Missy Elliott’s So Addictive Album.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: The biggest highlight of my journey so far was playing the drums in Gatorade’s Tribute commercial for Serena Williams. This was my first time featuring in an American commercial and it was narrated by Beyonce! It felt amazing to be a part of this celebration for Serena as she started playing tennis at a very young age and grew up to be a champion who changed the game. This was not only a huge highlight because it was celebrating one of my inspirations but it also felt amazing to be included as the only musician in a sports commercial as I believe drumming is like a sport. To be a great drummer you need passion, lots of practice and big energy for your

FAVOURITE SABIAN CYMBAL: Chopper, it’s short, snappy and unique.

BIO: Geneva London is a 12-year-old drum artist who uses her musical journey to show what is
possible when you play your way.
In just 5 years of drumming, Geneva has attracted an international following and captured the attention of celebrities, world-class musicians and the national press through the immense joy
and passion she expresses in each performance she delivers as she moves to her own beat.

Geneva's Highlights

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