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Ignacio Berroa



Ignacio Berroa has been recognized by many as one of the greatest drummers of our times. His numerous contributions to the American music scene have earned him a place among a very selective group of artists known to have set new musical trends for the 20th century. Jazz Legend Dizzy Gillespie best defined Ignacio as “the only Latin drummer in the world, in the history of American music that intimately knows both worlds; his native Afro-Cuban music as well as Jazz.” Highly respected among his peers, Ignacio’s musicianship and versatility have enabled him to build a successful career by gaining the recognition of some of the most important artists in the business.

Q & A

BORN IN: Havana, Cuba

LIVES IN: Cliffside Park, NJ


CURRENT BAND/PROJECT: Ignacio Berroa Quartet

BIGGEST INFLUENCE(S): Gene Krupa, Max Roach, Tony Williams, Roy Hynes, Jack DeJohnnette


FAVORITE ALBUM DIDN’T PLAY ON: “Four & More”, Miles Davis

CAREER HIGHLIGHT(S): Being Dizzy Gillespie’s drummer for 10 years


Ignacio Berroa’s News

A Half-dozen With Ignacio Berroa

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Jazz Great Ignacio Berroa Offers Private Instruction, Workshops And Monthly Concerts At New Jersey School Of Percussion

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1953, Ignacio Berroa is widely recognized as one of the great Jazz and Latin Jazz drummers of our time. His contributions to t

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Ignacio Berroa Masterclasses In California And Florida

Watch for Sabian endorser Ignacio Berroa if you’re in California or Florida this month. Here’s his schedule. For more information, visit

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