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James Fisher

COUNTRY:  United Kingdom

GROUP:  Basement

Born in: Suffolk, UK

Lives in: Brighton, UK

Drumming since: 2007

Current band: Basement

Biggest influences: William goldsmith, Ilan Rubin, Taylor Hawkins, Abe Cunningham

Favourite album you played on: Either colourmeinkindness or promise everything

Favourite album you didn’t play on: Queens of the Stone Age – songs for the deaf

Career highlight: I’ll always remember Pomona, CA at Aladdin jrs. It was the first time I felt people truly cared about our band. It was our first USA tour and a very small show, but it’ll always be special to me.

Favourite SABIAN cymbal: 21″ HHX Legacy Ride

James Fisher plays drums for UK alternative rock band Basement.

Basement grew up together in and around the small town of Ipswich, Suffolk. James was only playing a short while before the band was formed and during early practise sessions he had no choice but to play a DD-55 electronic ‘drum kit’ (look it up, its hilarious).

Since then, Basement toured extensively, took a break, came back, toured some more, all before signing to major label Fueled By Ramen where they will release their 4th studio album.’


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