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Kenny Livingston

COUNTRY:  United States

GROUP:  Sugarcult


You might know me as the drummer from the bands Sugarcult , Lefty and Good Man Down. Or maybe you know me as the guy that played drums on the Rock Kills Kid record or countless other projects I have been a part of over the years. I still see myself as a fortunate kid from a small town chasing a dream.

I was born in Alexandria, VA on April 28, 1967. I grew up just outside of Washington DC in the suburb towns of Springfield and Fairfax Station Virginia. KISS was really my gateway drug into Rock & Roll. Then came the usual adolescent staples: ACDC, the Stones, CCR, Zeppelin, The Who, Aerosmith, The Ramones, U2 to name a few. The grades plummeted and my interest in drummers like Bonzo and Moon skyrocketed. I played to their records relentlessly with big airplane headphones on. Fast forward to 1998. I hopped in my Subaru wagon and drove to California to chase down my lofty rock and roll dreams. I left a note on the kitchen counter for my folks. I had $700 and my drum kit with me. That was literally it. I didn’t know anyone in California. I had no job lined up and no place to live. I jumped right in the deep end and started treading water in Los Angeles. I landed some crazy jobs, started some even crazier bands and eventually found my way down to Hollywood and attended PIT. After learning that I wasn’t so good at reading drum charts but that I had solid meter, a decent feel and apparently the right shoes, I started joining and forming as many bands as I could. Lots of bands and many years went by. In 1999, while working at Side One Dummy records and recording the second album with my band Montag, I joined the band Lefty. Within three months Lefty was signed to Interscope records. We left Interscope and ended up recording two more full length records on our own(go to itunes) but we lost momentum. I was asked to join Sugarcult around that time(2003). Sugarcult has toured the world many times, sold over a million records and has been amazing.

In 2006 some great friends and I started a band called Good Man Down. We released our first full length CD(go to itunes) in 2008. Stay tuned…

Kenny Livingston’s News

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SABIAN Artist Kenny Livingston (Sugarcult/Good Man Down) is preparing to embark on his 2nd Kenny Do It journey this summer, pedaling his beach cruiser

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