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Paul Niedermier



Paul grew up In San Jose, Ca. and at age 12, Green Day’s “Dookie” album put Paul over the edge and instantly, drums were what he “wanted/HAD” to do. Mom and Dad’s rules were 6 months of practicing on pillows and pads and then and only then, would a drum kit become a possibility. The drum kit came and garage band jam sessions with friends started instantly.

In Santa Barbara, Paul joined Thriving Ivory at the age of 18 in the summer of 2002. The band started off playing house parties and backyard keggers and eventually started traveling to Los Angeles and San Francisco for gigs. Being at such a young age and under 21, he remembers having to wait outside clubs and venues until his set time started and then promptly escorted out after the last song. Although embarrassing at times, he was happy to be excused from breaking down and load out. Before being signed to WindUp Records, he was forced to put school on hold and was finally given the opportunity to travel full time while balancing a job as a cook on the side. The band has more or less been on tour the last five years and have since released two singles (Angles on the Moon/Hey Lady) and two music videos off their self titled debut album. “…I love touring and love my job. Im very grateful to have been given the opportunity to do this.”


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