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Philippe Limoge

COUNTRY:  France


Philippe Limoge studied at the Music Conservatory of Troyes, then finished his learning at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de musique in Paris (with Jacques Delécluse). He was the 1999 prize winner at the International Vibe Competition in Clermont-Ferrand and the Gaudeamus Competition in Rotterdam.

After spending several years performing in orchestras in Paris (Orchestre de Paris, Orchestres de Radio France, Opéra de Paris, Ensemble Intercontemporain), Philippe chose to concentrate on developing a repertoire of solos, chamber music and orchestral concertos.

Philippe currently teaches at the National Conservatory of Music in Montpellier and organizes the annual Epsival summer academy in Limousin, which attracts students from around the world.


As the Président of the French Association of Percussion from 2004 – 2009, he was also in charge of the Latinus Brass Band.


Discographies :

– “Acousticks”, Percuduo (2010)

– “Octobone 2”, Michel Becquet (2007)

– “Octobone 1”, Michel Becquet (2005)

– “Magic Vibes”, Philippe Limoge (2005)

– “En brass en tout”, Latinus Brass Band with Musical Direction by Philippe Limoge (2005)

– “JAWS”, Duo Gakou (2002)

– “El bobo”, Jean- Pierre Llabador (2000)


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