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Quatuor Beat

COUNTRY:  France

In 2003 Quatuor Beat was officially formed.

After graduated in 2005 at Paris National Higher Conservatoire of Music (CNSMDP),they have been awarded a Chamber Music Prize summa cum laude with distinction. Laureate of the Gaetano Zinetti International Music Competition in Verona and of the Illzach International Chamber Music Contest (Spedidam Prize and Audience Prize), the Quatuor Beat is the only percussion ensemble to have succeeded in international chamber music competitions open to any ensembles. 

They also won two prizes in 2012: the Audience Prize of the Young Audience Music Awards (YAMA) in Brussels and the Special Prize of the Jury of the Berlin Junge Ohren for its “Drumblebee” show. 

Boosted by its success, the group has collaborated with famous composers, such as Thierry Deleruyelle, Marc-Olivier Dupin, Régis Campo….

Recently, Guillaume Connesson wrote a Concerto for 4 Percussions and Orchestra « Cythere » to Quatuor Beat and won the « Victoire de la Musique » for this piece.

Quatuor Beat performed Cythere all over Europe.

Besides working on creations and original material, the Quatuor Beat has broadened its repertoire by creating unique arrangements and compositions for a percussion ensemble.

Since 2007, thanks to stage director Pierre Jean Carrus, the quartet’s concerts have turned into visual shows quite unlike any other and performed their shows all over the world.

Quatuor Beat is

Gabriel Benlolo

Laurent Fraiche

Jerome Guicherd

Adrien Pineau


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