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Ryan Stevenson


BORN IN: Montreal, Qc

LIVES IN: Montreal, Qc


BIGGEST INFLUENCES: Travis Barker, Tony Royster Jr., Matt Greiner, to name a few… so many incredible drummers out there inspiring me and motivating me everyday.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:  Performing with P.Diddy, jamming with Wyclef Jean, and performing my DJ/Drummer project in Paris, France to a Sold Out Bercy Arena. Everytime I get to perform and share my passion with others is definatly a highlight for me.


Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Ryan Stevenson is a self-taught drummer who started his career in the rock industry. After being inspired at a young age by Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, the desire then came upon him to start playing music. At the age of 14, Ryan put aside the idea of playing the guitar like his childhood idols and discovered the Drums in his high school music class. He was a member of different “pop-punk” and “hardcore” bands, which both had popular music clips aired on French and English national Television and Radio stations with two albums have been released in stores.

In 2010, after his departure from the bands, he took a different direction and started a solo career on drums creating “The Ryan Stevenson Show”, a DJ/Drummer type show, opening many new doors allowing him to fulfill his need of playing all music genres. This project, that started off as a simple nightclub show, permitted him to travel, perform, and open the eyes to numerous artists that wished to add that energetic element to their own live shows.

Ryan Stevenson has been across Canada, to the United States of America, Europe, Asia and even to South America sharing the stage with International artists such as: P.Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Wyclef Jean, The Jacksons, French Montana, Waka Flocka, Ace Hood, Mohombi, Massari, Mia Martina, K.Maro, Shy’m, Corneille, Sean Paul, T-Pain, Riggs from Rob Zombie, and many more. Ryan is also the drummer for HBO boxing champ Jean Pascal, known to deliver a high energy and visual show on Drums for the entrance of the boxer to sold out Arenas alongside boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

A true performer and a real entertainer, he’s not only succeeding in the music department. Ryan Stevenson also featured in some magazines in Quebec, Canada and in France published as a model that is known for his unique style and looks.

Ryan Stevenson gives credit to a quote he once heard in a interview by fellow SABIAN artist Chris Johnson: “ …be ready…opportunities are there, and if you’re ready when they come, they won’t pass you by…”. That is why Ryan always continues to work hard to become a better drummer and open doors to new opportunities and possibilities.

Ryan's Highlights

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